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April 1st, 2011, 06:47 PM
I still vividly remember staying with my brother Barry for a couple weeks In Forks Washington for summer vacation in '77.

And his friend had a really sweet Enjoyably Listening System.

I remember it had a Teak wood roll-top turntable
and high end Marantz receiver and Speakers.
I'd sit on that couch and just listen.
Seals and Croft records sounded so clean.
Introduction to pot might have made it better than it really was.
But man I still think about that system.

I still have only been in the presence of a system that had the
wonderful E.L.S. Aura a few times in my life.
The $40,000 Linns speakers at Definitive Audio.
last decade were nice.

Bob Langs Personal Tube Macintosh and Westlake's two decade ago were nice.

Heard some JBL L7's with a nice amp that was good.

Had an AR amp that lasted about 15 minutes before it blew,
that I thought might of had some voodoo had I got it to better speakers.

So my good friends knowledgeable in all things audio.

What fun/good/enjoyable listening rig should I get for
me NOT in the studio.

A good one for the house, for all those hundreds and hundreds of records we have.

I don't like to spend money.
I can.
I just don't like too :)

binaural turbine
April 1st, 2011, 08:52 PM
I don't know how high end you want to go, but I see a plethora of vintage stereo components on ebay. I even bought a nice old kenwood receiver a couple years ago. The kind that has real metal aka heavy transformers. Not corksniffer material, but I got it for 39.96 shipped. Would have been a 4-5 hundred dollar unit back in the day. I hooked it up once to make sure it worked. Now I just need the man cave space to set it up. The KLH speakers I have for it need to be reconed, though. The woofers lasted exactly one excursion before dissipating in a cloud of dust.

If I had unlimited capital, I would open a used stereo store and have a brick and mortar site for people to try them before they buy them. I of course would be willing to ship to anywhere. The difference being I would personally check out each piece, and identify issues so the buyer can be informed of what they are getting.