View Full Version : Womb Unsigned Artist Madness Signups!!!!!! Contest #2

April 15th, 2007, 12:08 AM

Womb Unsigned Artist Madness is Here!!!!!!

Part II

That's right boys and girls.

The Madness is Back.
Right here at our Womb.

For those of you not familiar with the Basketball tournaments,
I will explain how this contest works.

• The first 32 Artists/Bands submitted for the contest will be pitted
against each other for the chance of becoming "Womb Artist of the Month".

• Artist/Bands must not be signed to a major label or have major label distribution.
Only unsigned artists/bands are eligble. In other words, if you own your label,
you are not signed. If someone else does, you are

• Entries must be one song (specified) from a myspace (or similar) type link.

• Please use a MySpace page this time. Makes it easier.

• No uploaded songs at The Womb will be accepted. Sorry.

• Anyone can submit an Artist. It doesn't have to be you.

• The Womb staff will put together a random order
for 16 separate contests. 2 Artist/Bands per contest.

• A poll will be made for Round 1 and the voting begins.
At the end of seven days, one Artist/Band will be
eliminated (popular vote) from each poll until we have 16 winners.

• Then those 16 winners will go head to head
in 8 more contests for Round 2.

• Then those Elite 8 winners will go head to head
in 4 more contests in Round 3.

• Then those Final 4 winners will go head to head
in 2 more contests in Round 4.

• Then the Final 2 go head to head for the title.
This will also be multi-day.

• The winner receives a Free Sticky on The Womb
console for a full month. Featured Artist of the Month.

That's it.

First 32 entries will be in the first contest.
Anything posted afterwards will have to be
in our next contest.

One submission per forum member. No multiple submissions for any one artist. Please.

Oh, and you can only win "Featured Artist of the Month" once. Sorry.

Submit on this thread only.





Due to scheduling issues, I will be running the contest for Kenny this time around.

Go easy on me.

Sign Up Here (http://womb.mixerman.net/showthread.php?t=2764)