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April 20th, 2007, 05:59 PM
So my dad is 87, suffers from early Alzheimers and a host of other health problems the Government has finally admitted to causing as they stem from when they sent him into Nagasaki to scout for one of the first US patrols to look for hostiles on land after the bomb was dropped. (I've got some of his letters from the USS Wichita...he describes the city...pretty spooky stuff).

Anyway, everytime I go to his house in 100 Miles From, Illinois (next county over from The Middle of Nowhere), he bugs me till I take shit out of his garage and stick it in my barn. This time it was my cousins ammo box that he'd humped back from Vietnam for who know's what reason. As I'm leaving, dad insists I fill it up with records that he has no use for. I gudgingly say OK (I hate throwing out stuff too, so I hat getting more stuff) and without looking, stuff this box full of a 100 or so LP's. Lot's of musical soundtracks from the 60's - My Fair Lady, West Side Story; some white boy spritual stuff, some obscure 50's big band, and the smattering of bluegrass and country, and of course, his favorite, Nat King Cole's 'Unforgettable', the only record of his, besides Errol Garner, that i ever wanted.

What wasn't expected? Some late 60's Temptations (on the Gordy Label - division of Motown, I guess), Chamber Brothers, 78's of Frank Sinatra from the 40's plus a pile of other 78's I'm not familair with, Mills Brothers, early Ray Charles, the Carpenters record with the original letter fold on it, a screaming early 70's Vassar Clements, Hootenanny At The Limelight, Serendipitty Singers (with my friend Jason's dad Jon Arbenz!), Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughn, and 3 (yes 3!) Herman's Hermits LP's.

Fucking weird and mighty tasty!

Sorry dad, for now on I'll just shove the shit in the van.

April 20th, 2007, 07:50 PM
No your not bad...

My parent's collection is very similar and someday I know I'll doing the same ole' thing.

The cool thing is that years from now you'll be able to play those old records and it will give you a nice feeling about your Dad.

Consider yourself the Family's Music collection curator..

April 22nd, 2007, 01:33 PM
Very cool, Swaffie. It's an amazing connection to listen to your parent's music, and you'll appreciate it, being a musician and all. I've seen some great record collections get dumped or sold at garage sales by kids who didn't get it.
When I was younger, I couldn't figure out why old people kept requesting the same old songs...... but when we played 'em, suddenly blue-haired old ladies who hobbled around with a walker would get up and float across the dance floor, smiling like the prom queen. As I get older, I'm starting to realize that those songs actually take them back to when they first heard those songs. The first kiss, a sunday afternoon drive, a barn dance, an old flame. All the emotions and innocence comes flooding back.
Many songs, and books, do the same thing to me these days. I'm starting to look at music not as an art form, but as a time machine, able to give me back my hair, my virginity, and my optimism.
Going through your Dad's record collection is just one small step away from reading your Dad's diary.... I think those records may be a family heirloom that you pass on to your kids one day. Your Dad will be proud.

Is this too maudlin for a Sunday morning? I'm still kinda groggy from last night's gig (4 bachelorette parties!).

Anyway, very cool thing, there, Swafford. Priceless, in a way.


April 22nd, 2007, 05:49 PM
Right on Swaff, yer right when ya say it simply takes time to come to the appreciation of so many things about our "folks", and older people in general...with me, it was those saturday nights, when Mom was cookin' something that Daddy liked, and he would come in, sweep my mother into his arms, and start a Charelston whirl.

Of course, I hollered for them to stop, quit acting foolish...now I know!