View Full Version : Last weekend in my studio, funny shit

David Aurora
April 29th, 2007, 12:56 AM
Ive got 10 mins til my sunday session (double sessions tomorrow then the studio demolition starts tuesday :grin: )

this band is nice but theyre testing my fucking patience as usual (3rd time ive worked with them). but its fun mostly. anyways i was kind of bummed about some of the sounds. i know ive done the best i could on them (as an example, the drummers snare skin was split and he couldnt understand why the sound through the speakers wasnt amazing), but i was still thinking "fuck.....maybe i could have found another way to record it or called some drummers to borrow one or something" and etc with guitar rigs and shit.

then my brother rang me this morning. while i was busting my ass here yesterday on shitty gear, he was down at 301 byron bay surrounded by shit hot gear.

and an engineer that wanted to d.i his fucking bass.

the same guy who then tried to mike his lap steel (hand built himself) running through some fender reissue thingy with a behringer condenser (and who was promptly told to fuck right off). theres neumanns and god knows what else there, but this sae student ran to his room to grab his behringer.

then, my brother had to teach him how to edit in pro tools, and how when no sound comes out the speakers its cause you need the mutes off in pro tools AND on the desk. and my bro aint an engineer, nor has he used pro tools, all he knows is from watching me set up pro tools when we record.

and that studio is what, $900 a day? ahh aint life grand!

(and no, as far as i know it wasnt my brothers idea to be there and i dont think any of it was his money)