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May 25th, 2008, 05:53 PM
I am recommending a recording installation at a music school. Currently, I record their monthly live Jazz concerts with a mobile digital system which is a dedicated system (an upgraded Roland VS2000CD - an 8 simultaneous channel recording system, waveform editing, multi-band compressors, mastering plug-ins). I set up various mics for the stage and instruments for each show, run the live sound, and record the tracks. Take the tracks back to my place and work the tracking, mixing, mastering, CD labeling, etc. to produce CDs of the sessions, etc.

1) The school wants to purchase their own Apple/Mac to record. They want an iMac and Garageband (which is their choice, not mine). I have advised they should consider "Logic", or at least "Logic Express".

I am trying to figure out the ability to export/import the tracks from the Mac (“GB”, “Logic-exp”, or “Logic”). Any specific insights from someone actually (a) using/ comparing live/recording, (b) I/O capabilities or limits of these programs, and (c) file import/export of "GB" versus "LE" or LE" versus "Logic", would be helpful.

2) I have advised they need to obtain a functional interface to accommodate the live session and recording the tracks. My thought is to recommend a Firewire mixer/audio interface to them. I believe a true 8-bus/subs is the minimum to consider. My first thought is a desktop mixer style for the live session/routing, etc. and the mixing/mastering can remain in the Mac
(a) are there any Mac/PC software programs that can send say 8 recorded tracks out?

I am suggesting instead of purchasing the Mac, they use their funds on the mixer/channel interface to handle the live session and "support" the recording rig versus purchase the Mac (opt for GarageBand) and have less cash for the interface/mixer. The mixer/interface configuration I envision is to accommodate the live sessions and recording rigs of several configurations such as PCs, Macs and systems such as m VS-2000 system. Insight on a live + recording mixer/interface would be helpful.
(b) Suggestions on a good mixer for the live and recording functions are appreciated.

Thanks for your insights.