Thread: Brand new 2.4ghz/2gb/250gb MacBook Pro

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    Default Brand new 2.4ghz/2gb/250gb MacBook Pro

    Brand new in box, unwanted. Well, no - I want it, but can't justify having two nearly identical laptops!

    Free pickup in Melbourne area. Shipping you would need to sort out yourself.

    $2800 AUD ono. Drum Mixing Tutorial: The best way of course is an oscilloscope... but, we don't have that, we don't have that here, so we have to use our ears...
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    Default Re: Brand new 2.4ghz/2gb/250gb MacBook Pro




    Don't forget, we are all engaged in a battle to the death against mediocrity.

    The best radio mic system that money can buy is ALMOST as good as a $20 cable.

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