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    Default fs: recorders and synths

    studio cleanup sale, the following needs to be sold.

    1 - panasonic 3700 DAT deck with rack ears, manual, and remote. good condition, some rack rash. seems to be playing tapes just fine. $100

    2 - alesis LX20 20 bit ADAT deck, super low hours. only used on about two projects. super clean like new shape. as wired remote and manual. $125

    3 - ensoniq asr-10 rack. has the eight outputs and such. comes with zip drive and cdrom drive, extra samples, manuals. excellent condition. super clean, works perfectly. $ 300

    4 - emu procussion. multiple output percussion module, sounds great, lcd flickers, looks and works fine. $125

    5 - kawai K1R. single space rack mount module. has some cool third party sounds in it, much better than the factory sounds. looks and works perfectly. $100

    6 - crumar bit one. cool old synth, rougher shape than the other stuff here, has had a new battery put in, had the factory sounds reloaded. cranky, but worth it. fun synth for people willing to mess around with the synth and babysit. $150

    7 - korg dw8000. one of the first synths i got. has numerous third party sounds in it. looks, sounds, and works fine. $125

    8 - yamaha cs2x. newest synth on this list. seems new. looks and works perfectly. dance/electronic oriented sounds. $225

    9 - ampex 440c reel to reel deck. stereo, 1/4, 7 1/2 and 15 ips speeds. looks great and works fine. comes with numerous extra reel to reel tapes, most unused. this is a beauty and will be a big win for someone who appreciates a quality good sounding piece of recording kit. $350

    you can see or hear these in columbus ohio or buyer pays shipping (on everything but the ampex which is too big and heavy for me to ship). i can supply some pics, or have you see the gear in it's current home at my website. descriptions above are accurate. i'm not using it enough to keep it and need to trim my studio space down a bit. prices seem to be in line with recent completed ebay auctions, so i think they are competitive. email if interested. i can do paypal.

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    Default Re: fs: recorders and synths


    I'm trying to sell my hd24, do you mind?

    Actually, it's (hd24) is on ebay right now. So you don't have to bump my thread. Unless you want to. You should have pictures of everything you're selling, and then have an accompanying sample for each. Then we could rock out.


    We should make a keyboard/sequencer one can doink around with online here on the site (ya know, play with the computer keyboard). We need plugins and web 2.0 apps!

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    Default Re: fs: recorders and synths

    i'll update this list at the end of the weekend. if the folks who have called and emailed are to be believed, most of this will be sold and gone in the next two days. some already is.
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    Default Re: fs: recorders and synths

    so, here's what is left

    yamaha cs2x - i bought it new. it still looks new. works perfectly. sounds great. has manual and power cord. $200

    portable 120 gig hard drive in usb 2.0 enclosure. usb powered. was recently zeroed out, works great and is quite fast. $40

    emu procussion. looks and works great. has power cord and manual. lots of drum and percussion sounds, multiple outs. the lcd flickers. $100

    panasonic 3700 dat machine. has remote, manual, rack ears, power cord. looks quite decent and just hasn't been used in ages. $75

    or how about this whole bunch for $350

    if you are near columbus ohio you can see them in person. they come from a project studio operated by one person only, non smoking, and well cared for. so the prices are lower, i'm just ready to be done with the studio cleanup so i can get focused on new work. thanks. oh, i can take paypal and all of that.

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