Hi everyone,

Through a series of unexpected events, we have unfortunately run into a delay which has prevented us from providing you all with the files for the MiX iT #4 Event.

I won't go into too much detail but it seems like the Shipment code, by which the courier company decides how they ship these files was wrong. The intention was to have these delivered through high priority express. Turns out that the person handling these codes read it wrong and has classified it as 'pony express'.

Now, the problem is that it is very hard to find coach and horseback mounted couriers these days so the company had to put up a vacancy for both the horses and the riders. They are currently writing out the appropriate exams for the candidates. These had to be rewritten as well because they were outdated.
As soon as these exams have passed the all the administrative stages for approval, they will set a date for the actual exam and once they have the results of those ... the final 5 candidates will be submitted to a practical test which includes deliveries of packages over all 5 continents.

We are currently in the process of submitting a demand to have our Files be a part of that practical test in order to speed up delivery as much as possible.

All this to say .... please be patient ... you will have access to the files soon.

(should be a matter of months now )

In the meantime we humbly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

for the MiX iT #4 board of administration :

Chris Lambrechts