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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    thank thuck i found a place to hang out...


    Jim, 30, london... trying to get better at recording wanky rich kid bands from london...

    been reading mixerman diary and now i realize...

    love the banter, and hope i can contribute.

    much love..

    James sollis
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    Hi, my name is Jesse.

    I'm 36, married, no kids.

    I was born in Hamilton Ontario. I still live in Hamilton Ontario... I didn't hear "Born to Run" until it was too late apparently.

    I've played guitar since about 10 yrs. of age.

    I also play bass, piano and drums with varying degrees of success.

    In my first band(a 50's cover band called Wildfire), at age 11, I played bass. This happened because my best friend at the time could play Johnny B. Goode just like the recording. In other words, he was much better than me on guitar. Also, his dad was an accomplished player in his own right and gave him a sunburst Strat and vintage Fender amplifier; there was no way I could compete with all that...

    Many years later, in a band called The Escapegoats, I played drums.

    This happened because of the four members of the band, I was the least crap on the drums... plus I like playing the drums sometimes.

    Along the way I've played guitar in a variety of bands.

    When I was about 19, I took a year of jazz guitar training at a local college.

    Ultimately, although I could read sheet music readily and could also lift tunes with ease, jazz wasn't my thing so I quit.

    at one time(highschool), I was pretty decent on the saxaphone as well but I forget all that now...

    In 2010 I recorded a solo EP of acoustic tunes.

    It was not a vanity album(at least not intentionally)

    I've been writing and recording for as long as I've played an instrument. Actually, my interest in
    recording predates my interest in musicianship if you count the comedy shows/recordings of our
    home toilet flushing(the transients, oh the transients...) made on whatever cassette recorder was available at the time.
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    The Escapegoats.

    now, THAT'S a fun band name!
    "...but ma, audio engineering IS gainful employment!..."

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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    Been away.
    Back now.
    Some Capes under my belt.
    I want to reconnect.

    "Happy accidents are where the magic often lies."
    (Bob Olhsson)
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    A late introduction:

    I'm Danny. I'm 28 years old, been playing guitar for about 20 years. Self taught mostly.

    After high school I studied music theory and ear training at my local community college, then went to a recording arts school, which I graduated from in 2009. That's when I got serious about recording. I recently decided to go back to school, and I'm currently at a university studying math and physics.

    I played in a band with friends during high school, mostly doing covers. In 2003 I started an acoustic duo called Flipside of Overdrive with a friend of mine. We've played on and off, and had a decent local following for a little while. We never recorded an album.

    When I was 19 I joined a band that was far more professional in their approach, called Parkton. We played some cool shows, and recorded an album with Paul Leavitt, who engineered and produced the early All Time Low stuff. After a few years of that, my acoustic project began getting some momentum, and I wanted to focus on writing my own songs so I quit. I still collaborate with those guys some though.

    Some bands/acts I've played with: Gary Jules, Strike Anywhere, Circa Survive, Bigwig, Say Anything, The Receiving End of Sirens, Tsunami Bomb, The Queers, The Loved Ones, All Time Low, Peter Adams, ...and lots more you've probably never heard of.

    That is the band Parkton I was in, though purevolume doesn't work on my old G5 so I dont know if those songs play. Flipside of Overdrive doesn't really have proper recordings of any sort.

    Anyway, where I'm at now is not taking direction from anyone and doing things my own way. I have released two solo EPs under the name Sage and Stone, and plan to do an album this summer. You can check out some of my older, underwhelming recordings at:

    Aside from guitar, I also play bass and it is slowly becoming my main instrument. I have a diverse collection of instruments - ranging from cheap student models, to fairly professional [but mostly cheap] - that includes electric/acoustic/nylon guitar, electric bass, cello, viola, puerto rican cuatro, harmonium, ukulele, keyboard, cornet, various forms of percussion, etc.. My ability to play each one is equally diverse.

    Last but not least, I can sometimes come off as sarcastic, or a smart ass, but I honestly mean no harm. I understand the calibre of people who hang out here, and it's a refreshing change of pace from some other forums that make me want to bang my head against a wall every five minutes. I think that's all for now.
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    Clown Re: Time for re-introduction

    Hello there.
    My name is Dave, I turn 40 in two weeks, and I live near Palm Beach FL with my wife and two year old daughter.

    My folks got me a set of pretuned Rogers drums for Xmas '82, and I sat in the basement playing along with BOC and Sabbath 8 tracks for awhile. Then I got a real piece of shit red burst "holiday" electric, finally settling on bass years later.
    Pops started a guitar shop in our small hometown (Winona,MN) in '85 so that was a pretty cool thing. Always listening to music in the shop- Zappa, Sabbath, Dire Straits, Clapton, Zeppelin etc etc.

    At about the same time I was buying tapes by the likes of Run DMC, Fat Boys, Whodini as well as the Hard Ons, Ramones, Descendants, exploited, DK's and on and on.. I was also into the god damned hair metal of the day.

    Got my first four track in '89, a vesta fire pos that I barely learned to use. Recorded friends, my baby brother, and the death metal band I was in at the time. Went to college, drank an ocean of beer, and didn't really do anything of any significance musically for a while...

    In '98 I started with some shareware software doing some simple editing of the mountains of 4trk cassettes I drug around with me.
    I had a very basic hardware based sampling studio and tried to make hiphop beats, but they sucked.
    After that I took on many (no) budget recording and mixing projects with bands, rappers and dj's....
    After many years and not a whole lot of results worth mentioning , I've recently been able to get myself an adequately powerful enough computer (Mac Pro 8 core 2.66) running ProTools 10 (been on Alsi for 10 yrs now). for the last 5 years I've been really trying to focus on mixing more than anything.

    Ironically, since our daughter was born, I've made huge strides in my skills. I am a stay at home dad (a true luxury in this era) so I've only got a small amount of time each day to be in my studio, but I've found that I use my time MUCH better these days.

    Thanks for having me!

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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    Was not sure if this is the right one for introductions, pretty sure I haven't posted anything here since signing up, so here we go:

    AT THE MOMENT, i'm on an amtrak heading towards NYC, the big one I keep hearing, my mind fuckin' wild with what's gonna happen there. It's my first time the U.S.A., been here for a week now, and absolutely must get a lot of shit done during my stay on manhattan - which will be the next 5 days pretty much.

    SO, if anyone can hook me up with a visit to an american professional recording facility, that shit would be greatly appreciated. I come bearing gifts, I can promise you that. So pm me the details I need to give the taxi driver and I'll show up like a motherfucker, just tell me when would be a good time. aaaaand

    the introduction,
    A finnish unemployed bass player, meaning I have no job, and makin' no money from music, BUT ready to take the opportunity presented to me, by the people who decided to lay me off, FUCKIN SERIOUSLY.

    So gotta start gettin ready to get off soon, don't know when I get wifi again next time, great to get started with this forum, you guys do a nice job. A nice job.

    T from the F
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    Welcome to the USA, hope you have a great time. I'm on the wrong side of the country to help with your request though.

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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    In addition to being a bass player, been fiddling with recording stuff on my computer for over ten years now, if that is of interest to y'alls
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    Rangers Re: Time for re-introduction

    Welcome to the USA, hope you have a great time. I'm on the wrong side of the country to help with your request though.
    Thanks dude, I've been welcomed very well everywhere I go, so gotta love this place.

    Still waiting for a pm. Maybe everybodys busy making platinum records. Wouldn't want to go and mess that up.
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    Brit marooned in Frankfurt - how the hell did that happen?

    Singer, guitarist, bassist, engineer, mixer, retail, blah blah usual stuff.

    Charted a few times, nothing to write home about.

    Nevertheless, always looking to spruce up my chops, so I like it here because (a) funny people talk crap and (b) sometimes I learn stuff. So I will endeavour to be less annoying than in real life...
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    Time to out myself. I'm a 42-year-old, lanky, ginger, Australian-Canadian currently living in a tiny town outside Vancouver, BC. I've been playing music since my teens and obsessed with recording since shortly after that (take that, grammar!).

    I've played in a few semi-successful bands on the east and west coast and have had more than my share of fun with music, and can't seem to stop. A few projects I've tracked/mixed have made it onto national radio which was a huge thrill for me each time.

    Now that I'm firmly planted in middle-age, I'm more interested in writing/recording some of my own stuff so I'm back in the bedroom (treated, at least) with a meager setup, making some simple retro-rock.

    Oh, and my name's Martin. Pleased to meet you!
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    I guess I'll play...

    Was here for quite a while, quite a while ago. Did some CaPEs and met some people.

    Got sick, got institutionalized, got better (they tell me), and got out. Heavily medicated for your protection and all that jazz.

    I'm 40, have 2 wonderful daughters, an amazing wife, and I can't stop making music, even if I wanted to. Either side of the glass, or both, it's all good to me.

    Hello again to old friends, and pleased to meet you to the new ones.


    Cancel my subscription to the resurrection.
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    I realize I haven't read up for a while. I like reading other people's stories. Welcome - it's a bit empty here at times but the vide is truly awesome.
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    I guess I'll play...

    Was here for quite a while, quite a while ago. Did some CaPEs and met some people.
    Welcome back, Dave.

    It's good to see your spiffy Celtic avatar 'round here again.

    Look for the sunlight where it's shinin'.
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    Default Re: Time for re-introduction

    Well, LOL now I feel old.
    on the up side John Eppstein as to be at least or close to my age: )
    Been beating a guitar for as long as I could hold one.
    Done front of house run monitors set up and sold sound systems.
    Worked in hung in own and run a studio.
    Track, mix and love song writing.
    gear junkie, guitar junkie mic junkie.
    Gear designer, multiple designs that have done and still do well.
    Enjoy interviewing other gear designers and manufactures.
    Hobby's include music or music related, playing in my machine shop old tractors, Harley's and gardening.

    BLAST PAD Inventor just one invention among others.
    it is easy to sound as though one was endowed with great intelligence, whilst speaking amongst a crowd of total morons
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