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    Default MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Ahum ... attention attention !!!! ... MiX iT! #4 is now ready to move in to it's final phase.

    Apologies to everyone for - let's call it what it is - the complete organizational disaster this cycle has turned in to.

    Me Culpa ... hope you still like me regardless ...

    This thread is ONLY for posting a description of what you did, and attaching your mix + project/session files, or hardware settings jpgs. Please do not discuss the mixes further here.

    If you have tech problems posting your files, please post questions in the MiX iT! #4 : ReMiX the MMRS theme : Q&A thread. Thx!

    MiX iT! #4 - Post It

    Sponsored by Kagi Media and Auraleo Advanced Learning

    For the final phase of MiX iT! #4 - Remix the MMRS we need your MIXES. In this thread we want you to upload your mixes, as well as your project/session files +/or jpgs of outboard/hardware settings. Please read the notes/instructions below very carefully before posting.


    Well ... let's say for this cycle there isn't one.

    What You Should Post
    1. Tell us about your mix

      Please give us the basics about your mix. Why you made the choices you made + some of the basics of how you did it.

    2. Tell us your Platform

      Please let us know the basics of the platform you mixed the song on.

    3. Attach your MIX

      You must attach your mix of The Mixerman Radio Show to your post. Please do not imbed it in the post.

      Please provide us with a stereo mix in one of the following formats: MP4 or M4A (aka AAC) @ 192 kbps. (See below for more info on AAC files.)

      The mix should NOT be mastered (i.e. uncrushed). IOW, please NO heavy brickwall limiting. This is not a mastering event. This is a mixing event. The loudest mix will NOT be considered the best sounding. We are all smarter than that.

      We suggest submitting your mix with an approximate Average RMS of no more than -11 dB. (See this thread for more info.)

    4. Attach your session INFO

      Please provide us with a zipped version of your project/session file (if mixed with DAW), or jpgs of hardware settings (if mixed on console + OBG).

    File Labeling

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that you prepare your attachments before uploading them to this thread. Please make sure you name them correctly. We all know by now the name of the song you mixed. But what we need to know now is WHO mixed it, so for convenience sake for everybody participating (180+ participants possibly submitting a mix !!!!) we want you to name your files by your screen name followed by -MIX or -INFO.

    We also want to know which MiX iT! event you did this mix (Like MiX iT! 1, 2 or 3, etc...) so in the future we can tell them apart.

    So, if your name is 'Mixerwoman' for example we want you to name your attachments like this:
    MiXiT4_Mixerwoman-MIX.m4a for your Mix

    and for your zipped info files
    This way we can all easily find the relevant mixes once the discussions start.

    AAC Files (aka MP4 or M4A)

    We prefer AAC (aka MP4) files to MP3. They sound better, use more efficient data compression, + are much better @ handling audio frequencies above 16 kHz. If you care about sound, you should be using AAC files instead of MP3. You can read more about them here.

    AAC Encoding Applications:

    We want ONE post per participant. This post should contain 2 attachments (your mix & your zipped session info... see above).

    In the Advanced Text editor in 'reply' mode, you will see a section called Additional Options and within this section you will find a Manage Attachments button. When you push this button a pop up opens in which you can manage your uploads. Please make sure that all uploads are finished before you submit your post to this thread.

    Discuss It: General + Featured

    We're always trying to make MiX iT! as rich a learning experience as possible. We feel previous rounds have been educational, but we believe there is room for improvement.

    Similar to last time, we have 3 basic threads in this phase:

    Post It (this thread)

    Discuss It: General

    Discuss It: Featured (coming soon)

    But this time around we will move to the featured mixes discussion almost immediately, while the general discussion will continue @ the same time. Instead of being sequential, the discussion threads will run in parallel.

    This will allow everyone to discuss their mixes in the general thread + allow everyone to also participate in the discussion of the mixes highlighted (TBA) in the featured thread – where we will choose 2 or 3 mixes to focus on, and dissect + discuss them in much greater detail.

    Since there are potentially a LOT of different mixes for us to discuss, please only post your mix + info (see above) in this thread. And please move all additional conversation to this thread:

    Discuss It

    We look forward to hearing all your mixes, reading about how you mixed them, + the discussion that will follow.

    Charles + Chris
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    I bought an MBox Micro about the time the files were posted so I chose to attempt it using the Micro, PT 8 LE, and whatever plugs come bundled with it. (I'm used to a different DAW and sometimes mix thru a Toft ATB and an odd little collection of outboard).

    Given the track limitations, I sort of went for a less is more approach. Did not add the missing vocal when it was posted, either. (Would've rather had the second rock guitar - maybe I just missed that?).

    I did crank up the volume on this after I bounced it down, but did not use a brickwall limiter plug.

    Will have to upload the mix session file later tonight... it's on a different machine.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Hi, so here is my remix.

    Mixed on a vintage Siemens C4 console and Logic.
    Mixing-monitors NS10s.

    The tracks sounded fine, so I didn't eq that much. A little shaping here and there, some light presence boost, toms got some highpass and lowmid cuts, overheads a lowpass filter at 10kHz, etc... some instruments I had to tweak a bit more though:

    I cut out 10dB at 1K and boosted a lot of uppermids and highs also lowmids around 200Hz. Plus a strong lowshelf boost at 80Hz and highshelf boost at 12k on my C4 board. I also used Logics Enveloper, a kind of transient designer, to push the punch.

    10dB lowshelf cut at 150Hz Q 1.10
    8.5dB cut at 520Hz Q 3.10
    12dB boost at 3800Hz Q 0.71 with the Logic channel EQ.

    Rock bass...
    5dB lowshelf cut at 160Hz Q 2
    4dB bell boost at 250Hz
    around 2 or 3 dB boost at 500Hz and 2K

    Guitar Riff dbl...
    7dB cut at 2500Hz Q 5.6
    3dB bell boost at 100Hz
    1.5dB bell boost at 1180Hz
    Lowpass 6dB/Oct at 7400Hz all with the Logic channel EQ.
    10dB boost at 8kHz with the AbbeyRoad RS135 EQ.
    Logics Enveloper to push the punch.

    Compressors in the mix...
    Urei 1178 all button mode on overheads and a DIY SSL on stereo-bus.

    FX Reverbs...
    EMT 245, decay 0.6sec, pre delay 38ms, early refelctions max.
    Logic space designer, IR "4.0s_On The Field Short"
    Logic space designer, IR "0.5s_Tight Chamber"
    Logic space designer, IR "0.8s_Bass Booth"
    Logic Flanger
    Logic Tape delay
    Soundtoys Echoboy
    Soundtoys Tremolator

    Stereo buss...
    DIY SSL compressor -> URS Saturation -> Sonnox Inflator

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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Seeing this is a Radio show theme I decided to mix it to a length of a minute. (missed it my that much) After listening to the current theme and the tracks provided I took the parts I liked and put this together. I worked to have a crescendo in the beginning build up to the rock part. I really couldn't get it to sound like I heard in my head but I got the basic idea. I focused on an up front vocal to get the message across quickly and then on to the show.

    I used Protools 8 LE with a Digi002 interface and a UAD-1 card. It the 12th hour the dang session froze and would no longer load so I finished on a mbox mini rig without the UAD-1 plugs.

    Used Oxford, McDSP, Wave, URS, Api and Digi plugins.

    Pretty much just used EQ on most tracks and a little compression here and there. Used Aplitube on a couple Gtr tracks and ran the bass through SansAmp and Amplitube AmpegSVX. Didn't have the Verb I was using on the 002 when I switched to the mini but I liked the tracks dry so I left if out. (I wasn't hitting it very hard anyway)

    Best thing I can say about this mix is it doesn't take very long to listen to it.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Well, here's my mix. Gotta say that I finished my basic mix kinda like month and half ago, so I pretty much forgot the details)))
    I went back to this mix couple of days ago after trying free Bricasti M7 impulses on some other project and used these instead of reverbs I've used before.
    The mix was done on Reaper using only free or built-in plugins except for Cytomix Glue compressor I've bought (it's kinda still in beta but you can buy unlimited version or get demo of it), so you can just install Reaper, grab plugins I used and tweak my mix on your PC.
    What else?
    Mixing this was fun, at first it was difficult not to try to emulate RadioShow version and the number of tracks and ideas was overwhelming, but after a while I found some stuff I liked which I didn't hear much in original version and that I've tried to enhance.
    I had to mute some of the stuff and somehow it was Fulcrum who suffered the most, but some of his stuff was essential for my mix.
    And huge respect for EVERYONE who contributed tracks on this project! The performance, the sound - all top-notch. It was never the case of fighting the tracks to get them work - I felt that I could use my processing to shape the sound and not like polishing the turd....
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Well Finally we got to this point! :^D

    So what did I do... not sure really just did it.... hehe joking.

    First listen got me actually laughing out loud!, when i heard the tracks very funny feel to it.
    So that was 1 of the things I went for in the mix, the second was there seemed to be kind of a journey in the song. Starting out in asia going through the west(rock and rap) then ending in GOA!?.
    So I started at the beginning litterally with the journey, and mixed from start to end.

    Mixed in PT8 HD2
    Monitors Event ASP8, NS10m and creative 2.1 PC speakers.

    I wanted to acsentuate the "lol" feeling I got when I heard it the first time, so I put on some big verbs in the "asian" peace and tryed to get a sence of not too pruduced sounds, but kinda loose to get the "lol" vibe going. Lots of L/R panning. And verbs to get a sence of depth.
    I used digis D-verb for Traz mando and twang and fulcrum viola, with the church setting tweaked to taste with 8.7 decay and 121ms of pre dealy.
    For Lead vocal I used the Massey TD5 delay with 223.7 ms, digis D-verb again with Church setting and the I want my setting from the weird west aswell.
    I know Slippy did a lot of drums, toms and stuff to get into the "west"(rock) but I didnt use them, I just used the Hi Hat to start it and the Ardvark loop. Cause it had a bigger impact to the rock part I think!, starting it that way.
    Mixed ITB.

    So on to the western part!, the big rock part.
    I mixed that to be more focused then the Asian part, very compressed and in your face.
    I used a hybrid setup for this part using my ntp 179-400 limiters into my 179-160 comps on snare and kick. And I allso prl compressed the drums in this part. Using the Metric Halo Plug in for that. And I used my ureis 565 on Traz grt muted and scream.
    I used TL space, a gated verb and a plate, for drum verbs.
    Mixed Hybrid I/OTB.

    The weird West:
    This part, after the rock part is what I called, the weird West/60s part cause it was really odd to me but still had the "lol" feel to it.
    Which features the Fulcrum Floyd.
    I used the rap part cause as I saw this peace of music as a journey the rap had to be used to complete the journey.
    The "I Want my verb" is digis D-verb with Large hall setting tweaked to taste. 12.2 decay, 124ms pre delay.
    Mixed ITB.

    Now this Really had me puzzled!. The outro or ending of this song, was like a mystery to me, cause there is so much going on!.
    So after a good while(more precisely a week) after ponding what to do with the ending. I got inspired by Malice solo fuzz and loop bas to get a rave/goa kinda vibe going in the end and outro. Thats what I ended with in the end.
    I mixed Slippys drums down to a mono track and panned them hard right LOTS of processing on them to get a kinda Break beat sound. Together with Ardvarks loop panned hard left. Malice Solo fuzz panned left, Malice Loop Bas panned Right and Malice filter bas in the middle to give the Sub bas, as the main ingridients for the outro.
    Mixed ITB.

    Well thats my Journey/mix of the Mixerman Radio Show Theme.
    Of coure theres A LOT MORE to the mix than this!, But these where the 3-4 main points of focus for me when I did the mix.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Hey guys,

    so, here's my mix. I took that remix-topic into account and have been searching for elements in the provided files which would fit in another context.

    Mixed in Cubase VST/32.

    The arrangement is completely different from Mixerman's mix - it was a lot of editing but fun as well.

    A brief summary:

    The pad-like intro are Fulcrum's Tanpur + Viola tracks, run through a modified Guitar-Rig preset, which basically consists of a reverse delay with lots of feedback run into another delay and from there into a reverb and then being eq'd. I added some feedback-parts of Malice's Fuzz-Bass to that section, some of them reversed.

    I took parts of Malice's Loop-Bass and applied some ping-pong delay (Classic Delay plugin) to it and added that to the intro. Trazan's Mandoline comes next, with a fair amount of reverb applied to it.

    I wanted that rap-part to be part of the mix. I've edited the kicks and snares out of Aardvark's drumloop, searching for some TR - 808/909 kinda drum sound. Kick and snare are running through a subBass-plugin in order to achieve that, both eq'd differently.

    The weird sounds before the deep bass sets in, is a part of Aardvark's Handdrum-track run through the Classic Auto-Filter plug + the Classic Delay. The deep bass sound is Malice's Filter Bass with some eq applied to it.

    The rap itself was run through the Classic-Chorus plug, panned hard left/right and eq'd. Slipperman's drums were taken from another part of the original mix.

    The opera-like, kinda 'Heeeaoz' sounding part, is from Aardvark's Vox. It has been pitched + autotuned and I've applied some reverb to it.

    The chorus is basically the same as in Mixerman's mix, except for some little parts which were moved around. The bass-sound in the 2nd 'verse' is Malice's Jaco-Bass + partly a layer of a filtered/compressed and eq'd part of it on top for bringing a bit more 'funkiness' to that track.

    I've mixed through a compressor and Tritone's Color-Tone free. No outboard, most applied dynamics/eq are the Cubase-stock ones, except for the kick (Antress V66-ME eq) and Malice's Jaco-Bass tracks (Blockfish channel compressor).

    The provided tracks are great, great performance by everyone involved!! Thanks to Chris, Charles + Mixerman for bringing this up. Was a lot of fun.


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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Hi gents,

    Thank you for this beauty tracks.

    The basics of this mix

    To me there's two bands in this mix, an oriental and an western one (and of course, the famous guy from Belgium). My goal was to allow this musicians to make music together.
    The challenge, to me, was to not "cut" or "replace" anything.

    Another objective was to return to Aardvark the place which it deserves in the radio show theme.

    At first I started with volumes , then pans.
    After that, I Eq(ed) (not much) here and here to accentuate the decisions taken before.

    The platform

    Some traps in my small room, a pair of PMCs, Hundreds of liters of water, PT LE.
    Have to buy a lavalamp.

    So, here's my mix
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    Montreal Canadiens Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Hee guys,

    After having a go at the first five mixes, here`s a chance to revenge youreselves.

    I`ll be editing and explaining myself later on.

    Be nice to me?!?

    Here we go!
    I started with alligning alle sounds and devide them into a few sections. I used Cubase SX5, but my PC is a bit old, so because of all the tracks I had to chop up the different parts and groups. I think that`s why it took me a long time.

    Anyway, I made a first Static mix with all the tracks switched on, no FX or anything switched on, just the tracks. Listened to what I wanted or not wanted to hear.

    Then I started on the drums. I made a static mix of those parts. Added some compression and EQ`s, balance and exported it as a stereofile. Saved that part of the project.
    Did the same with the percussion, bass, and so on, until I thought that all groups had their basic sounds right.
    In total I had:
    Drum group
    Percussion group
    Bass group
    Guitar group
    Keys group
    Second guitar group
    Vocals group
    Second vocals group

    After that I made an overall group mix, with witch I made another static mix and listened to the different parts. When I thought some of the instruments on the groups sounded out of place, I adjusted it in the group projects en bounced it`s result back in the overall static mix until I was satisfied with the overall result I was looking for. I also started using reverb, delay and other stuff in the group mixes.

    After having done that, I started on a automated mix off the total groupmixes and did some cutting and pasting on some vocals. I only left out some parts of instruments, cause I found them useless in the mix. I`m not sure witch one`s, but there were not to many.

    So, there you have it. My worksheet on how I made this mix. I`m not gonna post JPG`s off my projects, cause it`s to much work and probably no help for you, too what I did. I almost can`t find the route myself.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    ...The opera-like, kinda 'Heeeaoz' sounding part, is from Aardvark's Vox. It has been pitched + autotuned...

    You WHAT???????


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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    About the mix
    I wanted to do a different mix than the original. I found that the original was very true to the genre, but show tunes like this reminds me a bit of going to the big warehouses, where you buy electric drills and plywood and such. It is just my personal association. I wanted to see, if I could take this somewhere else. This one is almost instrumental. I tried to make it a little journey with both a bit of mystery and some humor to it.

    I cut out the intro, and I think I flew a few things around too. I removed a lot of tracks. I loved working with the drums, and they became the core element of most of this version. There was a drum transition, that didn't work for me, so I made a fade in and a fade out with a little pause in between.

    I used a bit of transient designer on the drums and a slight bit of compression. I also used some gates. The snare got some reverb. The clean bass went into a guitar amp thing. I used a pitch shifter on the guitar to stack it with itself with only slight shifts.

    I used a bit of eq on the master buss. I also used some reverb, but later I didn't like it, so this one is without an over all reverb and a bit too dry as such. I think Fulcrum's sound could have used a bit of reverb. That will be some other time.

    The Platform
    I did this on Samplitude 6 and Scope 4.5. Samplitude 6 was the last version before ASIO drivers where introduced to the program. Scope 4.5 has a limitation of 8 stereo wave drivers (it can go to 64 ASIO drivers). So I had to stack some things on top of each other when going from Samplitude to Scope.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    1. Tell us about your mix

    Oh man, what a clusterfuck. (Probably largely due to my own choices).

    When I got the files 3 or 4 months ago, I first opened them on my "office Mac" which has PT8 on it so I could have more tracks open at once for editing purposes. If I recall correctly I edited the "INTRO" section and the "PROG" section some and then consolidated the files.

    When I imported the files to my "music Mac" and opened them in PT7.3, I realized and/or decided I'd have to try to mix it in three of four different parts/Pt sessions because there were so many tracks that would have to be offline and my pt7 system seems to get more and more tired of all the processing compared to a few years ago.

    Regardless of that choice, I had to do some submixes, I think.

    I think I first started with the "intro" 3 months ago and I could have sworn I did something with the "rock" section as well, but today when I opened the session labeled "rock," it had all the same tracks open and disabled as the "intro" session... hmm...

    So, anyway, I had some time today and opened the "intro" session, applied a couple of minor changes and printed this section of the song. The cut off point being where the drum fill, going into the rock section, comes in. The drum fill didn't get printed on this, but the last "yeah-yeahd-yeah" did.

    Opened the "rock" session, and realized (as I mentioned above) that I either hadn't worked on it at all, or something weird had happened, and that I'd have to do it again. So I start opening things I thought I needed, and closing tracks that I didn't need for the section.

    I must have at least done something to this section because I did have some EQs set on the guitar tracks etc. I also had "mixed" the drums for either the "intro" or the "prog" section, but I ended up fucking with them and ended up trying to make them sound better than where I'd left them.

    I also used the later uploaded Lead Vocal track on the rock section, but didn't use any of them for the other sections.

    I really wanted to do the "prog" -section today as well, but realized I was running out of time and would have to scratch it.

    The last section is something I just did for fun one day in May, I think.

    I wasn't really shooting for anything different than what the tracks already communicated.* Just tried to "mix" it.

    *Except for the last section maybe.

    The last thing I did was quickly joining the different sections in another session and a bounce to disk. All the different sections had bus compression on them already, so what I did in the "joining session" was just adjusting levels.

    2. Tell us your Platform

    G5 Mac, with 2 G's of RAM/Pro Tools LE 7.3 with Digi002/Yamaha HS 50M speakers/

    3. Attach your MIX/Attach your session INFO

    Ok. I'll Try.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Finally got a chance to do a mix today. Spent about 3 hours
    and as such, most of it was spent on "sonics", rather than editing
    up the arrangement. I did some, but not as much as i wanted and
    honestly it was really hard to fight the urge to make it all like
    Mixies version i'm so used to hearing.

    So in essence, i just tried to make it sound good to me in the
    short time i spent on it. I'm also still getting used to the monitors
    and room here. (only been a week or two..)

    PLATFORM: Mixed on a 1974 EMI Neve (1093 eqs) with some
    outboard. Playback from a PTHD rig. Basically everything was flat from
    PT and it was all on the desk/outboard.

    I found the kick to be quite 'clicky', and tried to notch it down a bit
    on the desk. But i still wanted some punch and attack to it so i put
    it into a transient designer, smart compressor, and a SSL eq. The SSL
    i used mainly for the tight bottom end versus the neve's wide-load type
    bottom. I prob would have stuck with the neve eq if it wasn't for the
    "rock" type chorus.

    Snare got the same chain as the kick, transient designer->smart->SSL EQ.
    SSL eq was mostly adding top. Unlike many others, i actually like SSL EQ
    as well as neve. It's just "different" to me, not worse or better.

    OH's got some manley eq and compression. Just a bit of top-end and
    maybe a db or 2 of comp. Not much happening there. HH and ride were
    send to the same channels. Toms just slight eq. Maybe a db notching i think.
    All 4 sent to 2 channels on the neve. I maybe would have used the other 2
    channels of the transient designer to pull a little stick attack out but couldn't
    be bothered pluggin in the leads for it. :P

    Mono room was as recorded. The other rooms got a healthy spanking from
    two TG 12413 limiters (of 4) that sit in the desk. I think some slight notching
    too. All drums were sent to a "kit" group and a "slam" group that got rammed
    by a smart compressor in stereo mode. Maybe 10-15db of compression on em.

    Bass was sent to a Pultec clone and distressor. Think i added a few db of 60hz
    and had the distressor in "opto" mode (which i love).

    Chorus gats got some spanking from two 1176's. The ones at the studio have
    some real gritty bite to them, and i remember from MM's mix that i loved
    the aggressive bitey gats in the chorus so i was after that also.

    Goes lead vocal got some compression from one of the TG's in the desk.
    I never ended up using the fourth and felt a little inadequate about it. :P

    All the vocals got a little eventide H3000 of varying amounts, and different
    amounts of a lexicon 480L plate, and hall verb, plus a delay from a lexicon PCM96.
    I also sent the snare and toms to the fat plate on the 480L.

    There was also some SSL compression on the mixbuss. Maybe 2-3db.

    Think that was about it. I took photos of most of the gear (forgot the TD4 and
    some others) but didn't bring home the session. Its mostly pointless anyway.
    You'd just see flat faders from PT and that's it, plus the small bit of editing.

    Since the thread is quite small, i may post the photos inline in subsequent
    posts, that way if i piss of the mods, they can delete them off.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    So here's the pics for people too lazy to download the zip..

    I didn't really do much eq on the desk so didn't bother taking pics.
    A db here and there. It actually makes quite a bit of difference sound
    wise but would have made for way too many photos.

    The Neve:


    Pultec Clone:

    Alan Smart Compressors:



    TG 12413's

    Fader Positions:

    Patching it all. :P

    "Art is the expression of imagination, not the reproduction of reality." - Henry Moore

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    Montreal Canadiens Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    So this is how i should do it?!? (looking at Captainhook`s pics)

    What a mess, but your right on one thing. It doesn`t help much by adding them into the mixfiles.

    Grtz Peter
    Love the music, music your love
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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Since it seems there is really nothing going on anymore with the MixIt4 disaster (ha!) I thought perhaps it might be interesting for some to hear a mix totally ITB version. Well actually it's the previous mixing version before I've gone OTB. The balance is slightly different and some automations are not done, well of course it was a kind of work in progress. Anyway I think you get the picture betwin ITB and OTB mix. Kind of reallife comparison as opposite to a lot of internet babble. Keep in mind the ITB version was mixed a bit hotter. I must say looking back at this point I'm not sure anymore which version I'd prefer :-)

    P.S. Dear Mods if you think my post is not cool, well then, just kick it out.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Sorry I'm late

    Phew, I have just finished mixing this beast and I wanted to share and, maybe, get constructive criticism about my effort.

    Thanks for the opportunity to do take part in this here! I was really looking for practice-sessions like this.

    When I opened the session and started listening, I shit my pants. There were so many tracks, I had a very hard time figuring out what each was doing to the piece and for the first hours it all sounded like a gigantic, unfocused mess. Just having finished "Zen & the art of mixing", I had an underdubbing epiphany and I muted lots of parts. This really helped me a lot in understanding the structure of the song. Once I had a feeling of control over the mix, I discarded nearly all of the underdubbing-decisions. I made mental notes of which instruments I think would be the most forward ones in each part. That was the mando & viola in the intro, the twang+chords from 1:20, the B3 (I love it!) in the chorus, well and for the floyd part and ending I really didn't get it at that time. I had the Idea of making the aardvark's wacky scratch vocals more wacky and muted all the other vocals. I fiddled around with the mando sound and viola sound in a similar manner, aka making them wacky. I mean I was desperate! I was trying hard to get a frame that "sings, pops and gels", but my frame was far from it. Also, I didn't know how to integrate the synths in the frame, because it was so crowded. This resulted in experimenting with the bottle, which turned out to provide me with some fun when I put a filter on it. At one point I had the feeling that my frame wouldn't improve, so I started automation in the beginning and decided that it should build up to the rock part. While getting there I also started to "fully" understand the song (and undid the underdubbing, except for the vocals which came into place once I was through the whole song) - I mean, once I was through the whole thing the first time, I had an Idea of how I wanted things to be. So then started tail-chasing, making all the adjustments. This took me very long, as one change required the next

    I remember one point when I thought that I was getting into 3D and that was when adding a plate I think - I have followed the discussion btw. It just felt good adding some dimension. Also, this could be totally due to grass I smoked that night

    Now, I am quite happy with the result. I don't feel I can do better than this for now. It has been by far the biggest session I worked on. I normally range around 24-tracks. Also, this was the best recording I got my hands on up to now, both sound and song. Although you scared the shit out of me I can hear the creativity and fun the players had in making this. Malice's genius was masked for the longest time for me, btw. It was hard saying goodbye - I really hope there will be a new MiXiT! soon! Alone doing this along Mixerman's guidelines provided me with a great learning-effect. Thanks for being so supportive here!

    I mixed in Logic on a "hacintosh" with a 2.66 gHz quad-core, 4 GB RAM system. I used the channel EQ and the effects. Also I used Waves compressors, PSP Vintagewarmer and FabFilter's Volcano. I listened on Dynaudio BM15A. The 2Bus was send out the RME Fireface into a Nightpro EQ3D with 2dB boost on the sub-band, and three dB boost on the 40kHz air-band. I ran into my Joemeek SC4DAD, where I compressed it around 3-5 dB using Slope 1 with very fast attack and fastest realease. Also I had the Image Width pot at around 2 o'clock.

    Again, thanks for the experience!

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    Default Re: MiX iT! #4d : Post It, Mix-File+Description

    Sounds very interesting kind of psychodelic
    Also, this could be totally due to grass I smoked that night
    Yeah, the vocals are perhaps sometimes a bit lost in your smoke


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