I posted this over at LPH but thought Id drop it here too. Thanks for any insights you guys have.

Hello all,

So I Run my shop off Logic 9.1 and as a mix guy I get a lot of sessions in as PT sessions.

No Big Deal. In L8.0 and before I simply used an LE rig with Digitranslator to export an OMF, Flipped it over to Logic and I was off and Running. The problems with this were of course OMF does not include Region Muting, and since properly preparing a PT session for mix seems to be a dying art, almost all session come in Unconsolidated and full of Region Mutes.

Enter SSL PRO Convert.

While Pro Convert has its OWN set of issues, Pro Convert DOES include Region mutes. On a Whole it seems to do a much better job at converting the Sessions over to Logic for me.

Niether include Track name or Panning but whatever Im starting a mix with the faders pulled to Null so I dont really care. Track Names would be nice but half the sessions come in named Audio 1, Audio 2, Audio 2.dup1 and so on so whatever still.

Heres the problem.

Stupid ProTools only works with Multi Mono Files and the production I get is mostly programing (R and B/Hip Hop) and those are Stereo Files. PT splits them but will play them back on a Stereo Fader. When they hit logic thier split onto 2 sepatate objects. I want them on a single fader as they were in PT and the only option seems to be To Fader Up The tracks, Pan and Offline bounce them to interleave them. I know there is a command in the audio bin to reconnect split stereo files but I does not seem to do anything in this case.

So I tried to turn Off UTM to see if I could make the process any easier. As long as the pairs of files are on objects starting with an Odd number this seems to work.. But it feels kind of Kludgy and Logic begins to behave a little oddly in this mode. Little things like I can no longer name multiple objects at the same time while highlighted or when creating Aux Pairs it suddenly wont let me stereo connect them after awhile.. Just in general it feels like this mode is overlooked by the DeBuggers (ie US lol). Not to mention in stereo mode the number of busses is halved..

Anyway. My whole point here is...

Is anyone here REALLY working with UTM off in 9.1?

Im on Leopard... Any Snow Leos using it?

Is your experience different than mine?

Does anyone else feel like in Version 10 the the ability to turn UTM off will vanish (Speculation)

And finally big one.. Is there an easier way to Pair these files onto a stereo track ? Please keep in mind that the pop stuff Im involved in can be huge trackouts.. like over 140 tracks.. (yes I know thats stupid but Im not producing this stuff.. Talk to Sweeds on that one hahaha)

I really appreciate the help Guys