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    WTF? Suggestions on Finding a Good AE/Producer Mentor in Nashville?

    I hope this is the correct place to post this message, and hope this is an appropriate topic - if not, I sincerely apologize. I'm just looking for a little direction.
    I'm 28 and am currently in a situation in a studio where I intern and there is nothing going on (I'm not in college). I come in first thing in the morning, do all my cleaning, etc and, once finished with anything they need, I sit around all day (along with the owner and other engineer - though they do attend meetings a few times a week).
    I realize that you have to pay your dues in this business, but I would expect in return for my efforts in helping to keep the studio running efficiently, one would (especially when there is not much going on) endeavor to teach me things so that I can become an asset. I'm not a complete beginner, I have taken some courses, etc and do some of my own home recording and have learned a lot - but I want to learn more and make some kind of career out of AE/Production.....I love this stuff.
    Anyhow - all that said, here's where I'm at:
    I am very interested to find a good mentor. I'm not expecting for someone to give me a job (though that would be nice). I just want an opportunity to truly learn the craft and get my foot in the door. I have no problems doing the normal "intern" duties at all. I'll clean, run errands, etc.
    If anyone happens to have some advice, or perhaps is in the Nashville area and would be interested in speaking with me, I would genuinely appreciate any advice and help.
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    Default Re: Suggestions on Finding a Good AE/Producer Mentor in Nashville?

    Hmmmm....this is a good question. Truth be told I'm not sure that there's as much work going on here as used to be. In fact, I think Bob and I have been working more than most from what I've been told, though we don't have our own studio. My best advice would be to look for more than one mentor. I learned by working with several top names in the biz and even a few non-names. I think I learned more from the non-names actually! They were more willing to spend time with me and share. The top dogs just wanted me to run around (though I did learn stuff by paying CLOSE attention). Meet as many people as you can. Do the hang, spend the time. Show people you're willing to go the extra yard. And ASK QUESTIONS! (when appropriate). I've never been afraid to share if I wasn't in the middle of something.
    Hope that helps a bit.
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