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    Default SSL Duende plug ins going native

    I just got an email asking if I wanted to beta test the new NATIVE SSL plug ins. The Duende plugs were great but the interface used to piss me of. This is a good thing but you will need the power - these 8 core systems wll be more than capable though.
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    Default Re: SSL Duende plug ins going native

    I just applied. Sure, I'll take some free SSL plugins. I just hope the odds of "winning" aren't akin to the lottery.

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    Default Re: SSL Duende plug ins going native

    I apparently got selected. Being one of about 3 guys on the planet having both Duende and Samplitude probably helped. We'll see how it goes.
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    Default Re: SSL Duende plug ins going native

    I probably didn't get selected because of all that shit I said about SSL in the past

    I still stand by all that shit I said.
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    Default Re: SSL Duende plug ins going native

    All signed up and raring to test. Hopefully my experience as a beta tester for many companies over the past decade will help sway them.

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