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    Default TC Electronics M350

    Looking for a "poor man's M5000." Does this cheap lil beastie have any of the mojo of the M5000? Similar algorithms?
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    Default Re: TC Electronics M350

    A top choice for budget gear... I would have M300 / C300 in my live rack without any problem.
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    Default Re: TC Electronics M350

    Thanks, T-Bay.
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    Default Re: TC Electronics M350

    It's alright. I don't think there is a lot of competition in that price range as far as rack stuff goes.
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    Default Re: TC Electronics M350

    The M-5000, although a lower resolution unit in terms of the digital conversion and processing, has I/O stages that were pretty much state of the art for its day, tons of headroom, as well as a very hefty power supply (power draw is typically more than three times that of the 350). I suspect that the real "mojo" of that unit comes from that rather than the algorithms used.

    Also, keep in mind that M2000s sometimes go for four or five hundred dollars. That's definitely not a bad unit, and my guess is that the analog I/O stages are substantially better than the 350.

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    Default Re: TC Electronics M350

    Sorry to Dig up an older thread, but I was curious how Overeasy went on his hunt for a poor man's M5000..

    I've been living with a PCM81 which is a cool kinda box as an FX unit, but not a particularly strong reverb box..

    I come across an M5000 recently and was floored at how much it was fetching second hand, I had no idea they went for that kinda money.. Out of curiosity what price did they get brand new? This one was like 4.5k .
    Mainly looking for a nice outboard reverb box for snare and percussive duties..
    I would probably stop thinking about model numbers and sound-alikes, and start thinking about the sonic character I want.


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