I tell you this only for context.

I'm a commercial composer forced by budget concerns to engineer and mix my own music. I want it to sound the best it can! I mainly work with instrumental underscores and every year or so I get the chance to write original music for kids' albums. I do truly want it to sound the best it can. I don't think kids should be subjected to a lot of the tripe out there that passes for "music" simply because they're kids. On top of that you never know who else is listening. Occasionally I get to work with local artists on their projects. Either mixing and/or tracking. Something I'm finding that I also love.

My boss does the lion's share of writing for picture, but I certainly don't begrudge him that, as songs and albums are what I love to do. And it may work out that this investment can be used to mix this music as well.

I've been doing this stuff for about 16 years.

With that said...

Later this spring I'm thinking of upgrading my room with two Dangerous 2 Busses and 16 extra channels of RME AD converters. This would give me access to 22 channels of analog summing.

I've been using VCC...

...and NLS just came out, which looks very intriguing.

VCC along with MPX really makes a difference (to me) in mixing. You can tell there's something going on that makes it a pleasure to mix with them, and makes it "sound better".

I know this is not hardware, but what I'm wondering is, will an analog setup be $6,500 better? Add in the cost of wiring and this is not something I can really demo to find out. I'm taking it on blind faith that it will indeed be that much better.

My other thought is, will the computer stuff catch up and make the boxes obsolete in two or three years? I know this can't be answered, but I don't think I'd have a return on my investment in that amount of time.

I could use the capital to purchase a (very nice) 2 bus analog compressor. I can also get by with only one 8 channel converter instead of two. And all the wiring is already in place for this stuff.

The amount of knowledge and experience here at The Womb is why I ask the question.

Is it worth the investment?

(Oh, and I've read "Zen and the Art of Mixing". Twice now. And undoubtedly will read it again....)

Thanks folks.