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    Default Infills.

    I've seen (and done) a number of approaches to infills in the standard outdoor festival scenario:

    1. Stacked central cluster in front of stage
    2. On stage either side (or on top of subs either side)
    3. On stage distributed along the downstage edge
    4. Flown central cluster

    What's your preference? And why?

    Obviously it's not a one-size-fits-all, so name your conditions.
    I'm probably talking shit.

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    Default Re: Infills.

    Keep the public far enough away with a fence.

    And barbed wire.

    And dobermans.

    Dobermans with lasers.

    Otherwise, side fills L and R with a time delay.

    But only when I can't get Dobermans.
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    Default Re: Infills.

    I like on the down stage deck, evenly spaced. No sub needed, of course. If they're on the same plane as the array, we don't delay them. We listened and decided it was not needed.

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    Default Re: Infills.

    I like them across the front of the stage, and I'm used to that from theatre sound. We've often rigged them so that they hang off the front of the stage for sight lines as opposed to on the deck. It's in line with the mains, so it's already time aligned and it keeps it so that the sound is localized to where it should becoming from. (as opposed to absolutely hard left and right). We concentrate on just bringing them up loud enough to get that coverage, but not pulling focus. Once you get into the coverage from the main hangs you shouldn't hear the front fills anymore. I've used custom welded hangers to drop the front fills so their top is just even with the top of the deck on tons of gigs.

    Trying to do this with a center cluster will still get too much signal downstage where the performers will undoubdedly go and could cause feedback, so I don't rely on center cluster for proper front fill coverage.

    Left and right on top of subs is ok, but less optimal than across the front. They will still be weak at the center front of the audience therefore missing a big part of what you want them to do if you only have those. However, I have used a combo of hung front fills with side fills for the coverage of the audience too close to be covered by the hang. The side fill boxes can be much bigger than the front fills. Usually two or four a side depending on their coverage. Using both side and front fills is the best answer, and this results in more even coverage, not necessarily louder reinforcement.

    Definitely a situation where a little more is better in terms of boxes and coverage, and them you can use some of it at subtle levels just for nice even coverage.

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