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    Just FYI...Samizdat's B-side is still in progress. Our drummer fucked up his foot, but that's kind of par for the course with CAPE, isn't it? The best news of all is that Dwoz will likely be throwing down some Stick on this track. Things are progressing and sounding pretty's just going to be a little while longer.
    Not too much longer though...
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    Really!!! It's kind of pointless now. All the songs that were finished - whether it was 1,2 or 5 - by each team should have gone up in the beginning. The original deadline was April. Every team has issues, and the fact that this many teams can actually get one song done is a pretty big accomplishment. No point in waiting around for teams to finish a second song. Hopefully everyone has moved on . . .

    Quarley, you and the rest of the team did a great job on both of my songs. If the second song isn't posted, for some lame reason, then we'll just put it up somewhere else
    You know what?
    Done, posted, up on the radio.
    We'll post the other ones as they come in.
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    Morten DK you misinterpreted what I meant - or I didn't express it clearly. What I meant by "pointless" was the thread. These songs have been done since May and it is now mid-July. If they haven't gone up by now they probably won't at all, so it's time to move on to doing other things, like recording more songs . . .

    Q, it really isn't about my writing the songs. Believe me, the work the team did with a shell of a song I think deserves to be heard - it was impressive to say the least. My chiming in on this thread was to support you, not to find a way to blow my own horn.
    No problem
    Now that Goes211 has come clean and posted up the song.
    And I do understand as we are a little bit late on schedule at the moment, but than again we have 2 songs in the works still ...

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