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    Default Crazy Issues in Logic X

    Hi All,

    Hope you are all good.

    I have been having some issues with Logic X for a while now, and was at a show event yesterday with my set up and they all seemed to happen at once, which really messed up my delivery (I ended up using just the Maschine software as my workaround).

    Basically my set up was :

    Macbook Pro running Mavericks
    MOTU 828MK2
    Line 6 Pod XT Pro
    Maschine Mk 2

    These are the issues i am having :-

    1. Input monitoring has a mind of its own. I set up 2 tracks to monitor (vocals via mic input on MOTU and guitar from Pod). When i armed both tracks so that they could be heard, only the one that was selected last would work (both were highlighted and input monitoring enabled). Sometimes both would work, but when i pressed play to play the drumbeat both would then not work (or sometimes just one of them). The input monitoring button was fully orange on one, and just the letter i was orange on the other. The problem was completely random. I tried bouncing the beat to itunes, but then neither the guitar or mic would work whilst itunes was open.

    I thought it could be the soundcard but it worked fine in the Maschine software.

    2. Recording audio records to random tracks. Sometimes i would record arm an audio track and press record. The audio would record on a random track in the arrangement (even on a MIDI track), none of which were record enabled. I would then have to move it afterwards. Sometimes the track would be record enabled and the red rec enable light wouldn't light up, and it would record what would appear to be an empty audio file, but once i stopped it recording the wav would then appear on the track. As you can guess, i never have any idea if it is recording or not during a take.

    3. Plug ins randomly working. I tried plugging my guitar directly into the souncard using NI Guitar Rig as my amp/effects. This would work fine, but as soon as i pressed play or record the plug in would stop working. Again, this was random, as sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

    4. Maschine latency when used as a plug in. Again another random one, as sometimes there is latency when hitting the maschine pads and sometimes it is fine.

    I have tried multiple audio interfaces and the problems are still there.

    Does any body have any idea why this is all happening?

    Any advice would be great.


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    Default Re: Crazy Issues in Logic X

    Ok, the one thing that comes to mind is the software monitoring buttons and auto-input monitoring.

    Do you have these in the transport area?

    I'm going to assume you don't know stuff, even though you may...?

    You can Ctrl-Click on the top of the arrange window by the transport functions and get a Configure selection.

    In the Right hand column are a bunch of selections. software monitoring and auto-input monitoring are in this list. Select those to have them in the transport.

    Depending on the choices of those it may be part of your issue?

    Now why things are recording to the wrong track, I have no idea.

    Frankly, the whole thing sounds cuhfuddlefucked.

    You could try trashing the preferences that are in your User folder. Just he ones for Logic, lol. Not all of them.


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