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    Default Don't cup the mic

    Don't cup the mic
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    Default Re: Don't cup the mic


    Is this an audio site?

    Or, is it a site to guide our fledgling young male readership in methods of self-appeasement?

    I think a more direct message is needed. "dear Rapper. If you cup the mic it will ejaculate in your mouth, and that will be really awkward, at best."
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    Default Re: Don't cup the mic

    Don't mic the cup

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    Default Re: Don't cup the mic

    When I was working sound a a punk club as my regular gig I'd generally put it to them like this: "You cup the mic, I won't be able to give you any monitors."

    It generally worked on the ones who weren't total idiots and image obsessed posers.

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    Default Re: Don't cup the mic

    Just want to share the Heil PR-35 is preatty good at keeping its voicing even when you cup it. Good to have/know if you are in that situation. From what I gather it's getting popular with the hip hop crowd, got reminded of it when an american band droped by the venue...

    Here's a video that shows it off; The singer is young, nervous, all over the place...

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