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    Default Re: New Coal Chamber record and modern heavy sound

    Well, I always had soft spot for Coal Chamber. They're kind of strange for me, on one side is pretty straightforward and dumb (the cliche "nu-metal") but lyrical and gothic on the same time. Anyway, that's not what I want to comment on.
    They have a new record out, and while it's definitely them and some songs are cool it left me disappointed sonically.

    Their first record... well just check this:

    a prime example of great raw and ballsy guitar tone for me.

    Their second one is overall great sounding IMO, I like drum tone a lot

    Their third is a bit flat sounding to me, but the guitar tone is brutal

    And now this is new:

    Is it me or guitar just sounds bland? And it's not just them, almost no heavy records left me impressed with the guitar tone. There were some which were aggressive, but they were just noisy. Ones which felt controlled always felt bland. Where did that raw but controlled aggression gone? What's that? Budgetary limitations?
    I've never been a fan of Coal Chamber, but to me the first video has that bloom in the bottom end that makes it sound like a cab pushing air, which is totally lacking from the last one.

    But really, I could forgive that if the last song was interesting at all. For me, it's simply more dull in terms of composition than the first song in your list. Once you factor for when they were released, then the latest stuff becomes even more bland and derivative.
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    Default Re: New Coal Chamber record and modern heavy sound

    The overall sonic presentation reminds me a bit of some of the earlier Korn stuff: Drums are bone dry with that cracky snare, guitars hard panned and sort of sludgy/indistinct, bass clicky, vocals also bone dry and up front.

    [EDIT: I realized I didn't read the OP carefully enough: I was referencing the topmost video. Now I get what Meloco was driving at, and I agree.]

    And regardless of some shortcomings, I think American metal productions still seem to yield the most unique and interesting sounds. European (especially Swedish) current metal releases, by contrast, are often more "fake" sounding. You can sometimes tell exactly which sample library and which modeling amps were used.

    Plastic is definitely the common Swede sound these days it seems. The Norge guys don't seem to be quite as bad, Extol, Benea Reach, Mantric

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