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    Default Silicon Valley is About Business, Not Change

    Many of Silicon Valley’s greatest recent successes are not actually technological innovations, but business ones. Is a company a “tech company” if it uses smartphone apps to distribute, accept payment and organize shipping logistics for, say, its underwear delivery service?

    Technology tools have a tremendous amount to contribute to society, but if all its power remains locked up in a tiny, concentrated (and often rather unimaginative) industry, those social and economic changes, even when positive, will always be primarily in service to private profits for a very few. And that's hardly innovative.
    Well put.
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    Default Re: Silicon Valley is About Business, Not Change

    I dunno -
    I think Silicon Valley is all about change...... to be specific, changing the location of the change that formerly resided in your pocket so that it has changed into change in their pocket. And dollars, too.

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    Default Re: Silicon Valley is About Business, Not Change

    Silly-con man Valley is entirely about playing fast and loose with other people's property and the law. Remember that the Americans are mostly rich kids who grew up watching Richard Nixon get pardoned because he had good connections. The ones from outside the United States grew up under even more extreme political corruption. It's about what you can get away with. They make the worst of the record labels look like saints.
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    Default Re: Silicon Valley is About Business, Not Change

    A lot of that was also taught to them by their parents bob. I remember my Aunt complaining about how the guys using the GI bill would just sit in the back of classes and joke around knowing they were going to be given passing grades ... and this was at NYU grad school!!
    So their examples were often a lot closer to home.
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