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    Default Triggered mesh heads

    ...with God's own kick drum, used to bring down the Jericho walls and the most wheezily resonating snare imaginable can in fact get less appealing by adding the fucking cheapest real brass there is.

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    Default Re: Triggered mesh heads

    My name is Joshua, and I was there when we brought down the walls. From memory, the kick drum was some cheap Mapex thing and the snare was miked with a '57.

    We close miked the cymbals and gated them for extra control.
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    Default Re: Triggered mesh heads

    Got brass in pocket - ain't gonna use it.
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    Default Re: Triggered mesh heads

    Gee, I thought this thread was gonna be about good ole boys wearing those baseball/trucker style caps with the adjustable size and net back panels taking target practice!

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    Default Re: Triggered mesh heads

    The best way to avoid triggering meth heads is to just stay away from that part of town.
    Man! You have GOT to try a hit of this RANGE SUNSHINE!

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