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    I'm not saying don't articulate consonants. Just don't cover them up with drums.
    Ha - that gave me an idea for a wildly silly song. In the video, every time the singer tries to sing a heavyweight boxer hits him full on in the face and the sound is replaced by a comedian style bass/cymbal. Time for the medication.
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    slapstick music! i see a movement happening.

    It gets to the point where I'm wondering if there's any reason to pursue loudness at all, given that I'll never do it myself for a real release. I seem spend an inordinate amount of time getting the mix to SLAM after I've already got it sounding good. This probably has to do with growing up listening to the same 90's and early 00's releases and just not feeling like mine are 'big' enough. It's not hard to get out of that mindset, but it's really hard to stay ​out of it.
    im in that camp also, but the only reason i was ever compelled to do it was for clients that were uploading their stuff to myspace/itunes/etc. they complained that their mixes weren't as loud as the next guys, and asked me to 'make it louder'. if its on FM radio, shit gets slammed by broadcast limiters anyways.

    If computer companies weren't so afraid of being sued by idiots making claims that 'their volume went too loud and caused hearing problems', this whole loudness thing would never be an issue at all. Im drawing a parallel with the same idiots who sued mcdonalds because they got fat from eating their food. Either that, or they think people are too stupid to realize when things sound too loud, and that they have the ability to turn shit down. Im guessing it won't be long before they start governing the volume in your own car.

    I see the same phenomenon happening at concerts. Recently, I've seen a few concerts at the air canada centre. Im not sure weather it was the sound guy, or a law, but when i saw RHCP, the only thing i could hear was the drums and the vocal...and even that was low; sounded like a rehearsal. another time, it was muse, and i could literally talk at an 'indoor voice' level to the person beside me.

    its weird because I've seen shows there in the past where it was much louder. its only just recently this has been happening.

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