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    Default my husband (a song)

    so, my mom fell down a set of steps and broke her hip (she's fine, all things considered)
    So i went up to NY where she was in physical rehab to spend some time with her. In the rehab, there was this beautiful chapel, and i had brought an i rig and a mk102 with me (i often travel with this)
    So i recorded a song in the chapel on my iphone
    Except the piano, the piano was in the lunch room and hadn't been tuned in a literal decade. sooooo and it was a consoule piano.
    anyway, i like the song, hopefully someone else does too.
    the piano melody comes from a thing my mom said, that she kind of sung. so i stole that melody and just made a little thing with it.
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    Default Re: my husband (a song)

    and the string instrument is a little (basically, close enough) it's like a lap dulcimer, but made to be held and played like a dulcimer. I usually travel with it too, because it gives me something to do, and it's pretty small so it travels well.
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    Default Re: my husband (a song)

    It's fun. I like that you took the situation and ran with it.

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