I seriously recommend checking this one out.
And even after the deal ends it's still not very expensive (full price is 50Eur).

What's unique about it is that it literally is a graphic EQ. I.e. on its interface you DRAW EQ curve. Now, there are other plugins like that, but usually they are based on FFT math, and they are linear phase with all associated tradeoffs. This one is based on IIR filters like ones used on usual parametric EQ plugins.
Another objection might be that it really makes you work with your eyes instead of ears. It is true to a point, but after spending some time with it I find that actually it makes the EQing experience in the DAW less visual. What I mean is that if you have to tweak interface with a mouse, you can't really stop focusing on the interface and just listen like you can when you have real knobs under your fingers. And also the process is very linear -- tweak gain, then frequency, then Q etc etc. With this one you draw a curve (the interface is very responsive so it's fast) and listen. It feels very straightforward. The problem is it's hard to make little adjustments when the curve is almost there but not quite. There is a range control which allows to "amplify" or "attenuate" a curve as a whole though.
Also, you can control global Q and number of bands settings to ensure you don't end up with something too edgy and ringy (or to get precisely that if you want to).
Anyway I feel it is a unique EQ plugin. I didn't buy EQ plugins since first round of Slate's VMR, but this one FEELS different, so I bought it.