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    Default macOS Sierra

    Anyone? Could this be the death of core audio? My lil FireWire Duet works in ElCap according to Apogee although I'm still running Mountain Lion.
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    Default Re: macOS Sierra

    The Firewire Duet works fine here with macOS Sierra.
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    Default Re: macOS Sierra

    CoreAudio is just a framework within the OS. It's not going anywhere as everything audio passes through it. FireWire support and drivers for your Duet are a different story, however.

    Frankly, I wouldn't be updating to Sierra until many of the key manufacturers and developers have given the nod.

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    Default Re: macOS Sierra

    I got an email from Plugin Alliance warning not to update yet, just in case anyone hasn't seen that.
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    Default Re: macOS Sierra

    Most stuff I see works with Sierra - obviously with some questionmarks. But, I see no need in updating yet. Nothing that new, even though Pro Tools is working in it. But it only takes a plugin or driver to screw you over. Best to wait at least till it becomes clear that most have also made the move - helps iron out the initial teething problems. I only just moved up to El Capitan recently, I was on Mountain lion and Mavericks for ages, I never even went to Yosemite.


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