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    Default Leon Russel, RIP

    LR's death hits me harder than most, even though I was sort of expecting it based on the fact that his contemporaries have been dropping like flies.

    I totally wore out a copy of "Joe Cocker/ Mad dogs and Englishmen" trying to learn some of his riffs on piano as a kid.

    I think he played on about half the hits of the 20th century.

    I don't put much stock in the Rock & Roll hall of fame but if you want to see a moving tribute, check out his induction with Elton John.
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    Default Re: Leon Russel, RIP

    Roll away the stone..
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    Default Re: Leon Russel, RIP

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    Default Re: Leon Russel, RIP


    I was fortunate enough to open for him 3 times as a member of different groups. I never got to speak with him but his band was incredibly nice and I remember we had a broken amp and their guitar player was nice enough to let us use his... I don't remember what it was but it was nice and there was no hesitation on their part. Leon would just sort of ride around in his scooter until it was time to play, and he'd sort of hobble up there and then he just came alive behind the keys. I remember how big his keyboard rig was and having to set up around and behind it - but that's what you do when it's Leon Russell. He was a huge influence on me and people around me. Magic Mirror is still one of my favorite songs ever written. I can't believe he was only 74. He seemed to play on everything.

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