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    Oh, I only just noticed the $30 off discount code at Waves. I would have used it on DBX160 and got it for $9 if I'd seen it earlier, but instead I got RenBass. Just out of curiosity, more than anything.
    I don't think they'd done the voucher thing till after you got it. That was a sneaky way to get people (like your good self ) to come back for Cyber Monday after buying something on Black Friday.

    Oh, and right on! (where's the fist-in-the-air emoji?)
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    even the free lunch isn't free

    I have one waves plugin which I got cheap last x-mas eve and has worked fine since (vocal rider).

    So, what hoops will waves make me jump through this time?

    After over an hour of trying to download files only to have them fail to download, I call waves and a guy with an Israeli accent has me do the screen sharing thing. After about 40 minutes, he throws in the towel on downloading online and installs an "offline downloader" onto my computer.

    Then he notices that the download will take an hour and a half to complete, so he cancels it and mumbles something about emailing me instructions. Have a great night.

    Well, it's probably still easier than installing the 4 plates at Abbey Road, designing and building the amps and such. And there wasn't any free multi-tap with the deal
    Jonathan "nobby" Boose
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    Default Re: Black Friday weekend plugins

    I like that when you start the download it says something like "downloading with 21 processes in parallel", then just does nothing for absolutely ages. I think 21 processes in parallel is just code for "not even trying".
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    Yeah, with the plates and multitap together it was "32 processes in parallel".

    I guess they say that so you aren't too surprised when the download fails

    I'm currently downloading the "Offline Installer". Just an hour to go

    Please follow the instructions below for the offline installer:

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Quit Central and your host application.
    2. Download the offline installer for Windows.
    3. Unzip the file to your desktop.
    4. Launch Waves Central and click Install Products.
    5. On the left column, choose Select Offline Installer and direct to the Waves folder on your desktop.
    6. On the middle column, select the products you wish to install.
    7. Click on the Install button.

    If after the above procedure, the issue remains:

    To further investigate this issue, I would need to gather some information.

    Please follow these steps in order to create Waves Central's installation logs:

    1. Quit all apps.
    2. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it Logs.
    3. Launch Central and recreate the issue.
    4. Right Click on the Logs folder on your desktop and select Send To > Compressed (zip) fill.

    Next , let's create a System Information report:

    1. Hit the [Win Key] + R, type msinfo32 and hit Enter.
    2. In the window that appears go to File > Save and save this file to your desktop.

    Send me the compressed Logs folder + System info file and I will look into it.

    Let me know how it goes.
    Jonathan "nobby" Boose
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    Default Re: Black Friday weekend plugins

    The first method worked, but the waves folder on desktop was empty. I found the files on the 'archive root directory' and copied it & pasted it to desktop so I could access it. I'll have to give Ron a heads-up about that

    But I guess Waves wanted the plates to be as authentic as possible, and I'm sure the original ones were a bitch to install

    I tried the 1st acoustic guitar preset on acoustic guitar, mono in/ stereo out and I'm impressed already
    Jonathan "nobby" Boose

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