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    Default John Glenn is gone.

    The iconic astronaut, who was as much a face of the '60s era future as any musician, has gone to the great above...

    Originally Posted by Bob Ohlsson
    Everything is some mixture of awesome and suck. We simply want the awesome to be highlighted sufficiently that it distracts listeners from the suck.
    Originally Posted by Bob Ohlsson
    The appropriate role for science is the study of observed phenomena to gain an understanding. It is not dictating what people ought or ought not to be observing.
    Hey, if I'm Grumpy, where the hell is Snow White????
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    Default Re: John Glenn is gone.

    Man! You have GOT to try a hit of this RANGE SUNSHINE!

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    Never underestimate the amount of contempt a failed musician has for those of us who are still trying.
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    Default Re: John Glenn is gone.

    When in doubt, mumble!

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    Default Re: John Glenn is gone.

    Damn. There's a lot of it about.

    Fortunately Buzz Aldrin has recovered:
    "We hear what we see." - Doris Day
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    Default Re: John Glenn is gone.

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    Default Re: John Glenn is gone.

    God Speed, John Glenn.

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