I really like the vocals on this track. I like this entire album actually. But I want to throw it out for some discussion.

Since there are many ways to skin a cat, I'd like to hear how you guys would set about achieving the feel they get on this vocal. I'm not really looking to discover how exactly they did it ... but maybe I'll search the interents for that and see what I find on that. I think it'd be more interesting to hear how different people might go about it.

What I hear that I really like is the lo-fidelity quality of the vocal. It's got a little crunch, but not flat out distorted. I called it "vintage" in the title because for me it paints an image of a smokey bar/ballroom of the 40/50's. What tools and techniques would you go for if you were making this song?
(Her song Brooklyn Baby from the same album has this feel too, and maybe even more over the top)