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    Default Worldwide fandom

    My name is Ivica Visnjic and I am a really big rock music lover from Croatia, 67 years old.
    Just now I am told the formation called R.MUTT has a new album entitled "THE DASH" and I have a big interest in this CD.
    Mr. Dier, would you be so kind as to send me a free copy of the album (physical copy)?
    IŽd be really very grateful for it.
    Be sure, I will do my best in promoting the album here in Croatia.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and help.

    Best regards,
    Ivica Visnjic

    Also, have you any chance to send an autographed picture of the band?

    Mailing address:

    43500 DARUVAR

    Seems legit, right?
    jdier - home recordist
    my band is R. Mutt
    some Live Videos from shows I have been to
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    Default Re: Worldwide fandom

    Oh my god. I would send that shit out immediately!! Not even joking!! You spend a couple of bucks on what's probably some BS ... BUT... what if!! What if that dude is into you guys. And not that it's going to launch you in Croatia ... just the idea that you've scored a random fan in Bumfuck Croatia. That's freaking awesome.
    Give him a condition that he has to send you a picture of him and the signed copy of the CD. Again... it's 99.999999% BS ... BUT ... what if....what if you get a pic of some old dude rocking you're jamz. That story is worth the price of a CD, man.

    ...dude lives next to a cemetery.

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    Default Re: Worldwide fandom

    Dear Ivica,

    Of course I'll send our CD to you for free.

    Nothing would give the band and I greater pleasure.

    If you'd be so kind as to send $35US to cover postage and handling, I'll get right on it.



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    Default Re: Worldwide fandom

    I've heard that Croatian Metal is the gecko's tits.
    Man! You have GOT to try a hit of this RANGE SUNSHINE!

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