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    WTF? Anyone want to talk patchbays

    Curious for thoughts/recommendations on patchbays.

    My main question has to do with connections, then choices in patchbays

    I need 96 points.

    My 2buss and interface are both db25 (each have 16 ins and 16 outs)

    All my other stuff is a mix of XLR and TRS. (none of this stuff is mic routing or power amps stuff, just mono and stereo comps and one stereo eq)

    So I am half db25 and half soldering/making patch cables

    My gut has me buying something that is all db25, then making my own custom db25 breakouts to address all my XLR and TRS needs.

    Any flaw in my thinking?

    Follow up, thoughts on the Redco R196/DB25. Decent gear?
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    Default Re: Anyone want to talk patchbays

    Being lazy myself, I'd tend to go for pre-built where I can. Get 6 db25 to TRS and 6 db 25 to XLR cables. or maybe 11 pre-built ones and 1 you can customize to what you need if your count isn't even between the two types of connectors.
    *edit - Actually, less than 6 each that if 32 of them are db25 to db25.*

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    Default Re: Anyone want to talk patchbays

    I could swear that I answered this last night, but I don't see the post...

    I would buy only Switchcraft , solder contact bays with the long factor open frame jacks. Yes, they're harder to deal with initially but they're far more reliable than the prosumer, mass produced, budget priced bays. 1/4" bays are 48 point, TT bays are 96.

    I've used Switchcraft bays for many years, they've always been super reliable, and not that hard to work on once you get the hang of it. Everybody I've know who have used the typical mass produced "prosumer" grade bays have had some sort of reliability problems.

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