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    Default Re: CAPE V -- Team Indigo


    POINT MAN: Leester
    SONGWRITER: Hiltzy
    MIXER: Paulcezanne
    ALL VOX: Hiltzy
    GUITARS: Leester, Hiltzy
    PIANO: Vanblah
    MARIMBA: Paulcezanne
    SAXOPHONES Saxplayerz, Criddlerus
    TROMBONE: Jdier
    ARRANGEMENT: Leester
    ACOUSTIC BASS: Criddlerus
    DRUMS: Paulcezanne

    And Hiltzy's oh man. There's a vulnerability to it that makes it so incredibly beautiful.

    Vulnerability, but with confidence....a great combination, Hiltzy. I wish you all the best with your future in music. (Hey eyrespace...I know you gotta be proud... ).

    Hey Lees.....nice job on those guits, man...

    Everybody did an excellent job on this.

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    Default Re: CAPE V -- Team Indigo

    That's one cool groove there. Much enjoyment!
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    Default Re: CAPE V -- Team Indigo

    Wow, great job by al, involved!

    Reading how Hiltzy arrived at the last minute and just got in under the wire is almost scary.
    Man! You have GOT to try a hit of this RANGE SUNSHINE!

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    Default Re: CAPE V -- Team Indigo

    I keep coming back to this tune.

    Hiltzy, you're the next Rikki Lee Jones or Shawn Colvin. Get this demo in front of someone.

    Its a much better treatment of the song than the "testosterone guitar" treatment you had in the demo (which wasn't bad at all, by any measure!)

    paulcezanne, you are a delight to listen to.

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    Default Re: CAPE V -- Team Indigo

    One of my favorite guitar solos this time around. I will be stealing this tone for future use. Thank You.

    Sweet vox, hiltzy. Organ sounds really nice too.
    The rhythm section is just perfect on this. I also like the nice touch of horns. Great job everybody!
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