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    Default We don't defend DAWs here - The RULE

    The purpose of this forum is NOT to pretend that Logic is perfect, and to label anyone that laments a glaringly bad decision made by Apple as some kind of complainer or malcontent. I have found that there are quite a few Logic "help" sites that won't allow you to discuss the negative aspects of Logic. That's not how it's going to work here.

    There are plenty of sites on the web where you can get help with a specific problem in Logic. And if you would like to pose your question here on this community, of course that's fine too. All that I ask, in return, is that when you discover the answer to a problem that many of us might come across, that you tell us about it. Tell us what work-arounds you discovered. Tell us which resources helped you. Where you found your answer for that difficult issue. And most importantly of all, what the answer was!

    If you know someone else who uses Logic, particularly in a professional capacity, please have them sign up to the Womb and introduce themselves as a Logic user here on this forum. I'll start an introduction thread later today.

    We are also interested in providing a Logic Resources Thread, where we can post the URLs of all the Logic help boards, the self-help video-makers, and the book writers. We want to make it super easy for you (and me!) to find any and all Logic Resources.

    We will be providing videos of our own to show you ways to accomplish certain tasks. Particularly as they relate to common questions.

    It is important that everyone be allowed to speak freely about their dislikes and likes of this platform. Therefore, there will not be a heavy handed moderation of topics here. The more people we have expressing what they don't like about the platform, the easier it is for us to get the message to Apple about what is unpopular and why. But the "why" of it, is the most important part. Good presentations make good discussions.

    That's all I have to say for now. I'll let otek step in here when he has a chance.


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    Default Re: We don't defend DAWs here - The RULE

    What Mixerman said about freely criticizing platforms.

    It's all good. Logic is just a tool like all the other platforms out there, and like all of the others, it has some really cool stuff in it and some really fucking stupid stuff, too. The point here is to talk about them, discuss possible solutions, and who knows, maybe even make the right people take notice and make some changes.


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    Default Re: We don't defend DAWs here - The RULE

    I'll be keeping an eye out and I post to the Apple CoreAudio list, which is the easiest way to reach the Logic dev team since their own lists aren't publically reachable even to other developers

    They are in the Black Forest, touching elves in special ways...

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