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    Default Logic Recources Thread

    This thread is open for posting. I'd like to put together a comprehensive list of useful Logic Resources. Websites, videos, books, we want to link to anyone offering anything for Logic users. It's okay if some of these resources cost money. But if you purchased a video or a book that's listed here, tell us whether it was any good or not.

    This first post will be the compilation post. That means any and all resources will be copied into this post as a master list.


    Apple Logic 8 Discussion

    Logic Pro Help


    Big Blue Lounge Logic Forum

    Mac Pro Video Logic Forum


    Zoom in online

    Mac Pro Video Tutorials


    There's loads more. If you know of a resource that we should put up, post here.


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    Default Re: Logic Recources Thread

    This is the biggest and oldest logic group. it's been around since '94 and has over 22,000 members
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    Default Re: Logic Recources Thread

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    Default Re: Logic Recources Thread

    I believe this forum has been moved to:

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