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    Track 21: Leaving But Lurking by The Performer

    So, reveal day has come and gone, and guess what? No Team Dwoz.

    Which marks the first time, in 7 attempts at this thing we call CAPE, that Iíve been on a team that hasnít completed a song by the final deadline.

    That sucks, but it was a decision made by our Producer, and itís one that I support. After everything this team went throughÖ or didnít go through, as the case may beÖ a decision was made to submit our tracks to our mixer in the new year. I think this was the right call for Dwoz to make, given the circumstances.

    So, I still need to track my final parts, which Iíll do and submit as soon as possible. I have no doubt that youíll hear the Team Dwoz track before too much longer, even though it hasnít been part of the official reveal.

    And thatís the great thing about CAPEÖ if there was ever a candidate for a team to throw in the towel, itís probably Team Dwoz. We put a brave face on it, but in the grand scheme of things we really didnít get anything done until it was too late to complete it. And while it sucks to be on a team thatís behind the 8 ball like that, in this case itís oddly rewarding, for one big reason:

    No one has given up. Regardless of missed deadlines and crazy schedules, Iím working under the impression that this collection of people will still finish this song. But weíre not doing it to make a deadline, weíre doing it to make music.

    And thatís kind of refreshing.

    But it brings me to an end of this narrative, such as it was. Sorry it wasnít more exciting, but I just report the news, not make itÖ particularly in this case. And, though I toyed briefly with the idea of continuing the unintentional Womb tradition of never actually finishing what Iíve been writing (at least not freely and publicly), Iíve opted for some sort of ending, even if it isnít closure.

    So consider this the sequel teaserÖ the note that indicates thereís still a Team Dwoz out there lurking in the dark. You havenít heard us yet, but one day you will.

    And youíll be impressed. Hopefully by the final product, but at least because itís finally finished.


    Dave The Performer

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    Ducked in here to avoid the paparazzi Has every David Cassidy record!
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    Default Re: Three Sided Story : A CAPE Chronicle

    Track 22: Reflections by The Narrator

    Though things arenít entirely over for me with this project (due to some more tracking for Team Dwoz), itís time to bring this narrative to a close.

    In the end, I hope that youíve enjoyed reading my ramblings about this round of CAPE. For what itís worth, Iíve had a great time writing itÖ when I could get around to doing so, of course.

    This all came down to planning and a lack of time. Frankly, I had expected things to run a bit more smoothly on Team Dwoz, but the lack of activity there freed up to devote the time necessary to Team Azraphael, where I may have underestimated what needed to be done.

    The biggest lesson I learned, therefore, was to be more careful about how much I commit to in the future. I honestly thought I could juggle it all, but now I feel like I really let this journal slide. I take most of the blame for that, but you have to admit that itís kind of hard to write something interesting when one team is gelling perfectly well with no drama, and the other team simply isnít doing much of anything.

    Iíd do all of it again, except the writingÖ at least not on a real-time-ish basis. Iíve had a blast producing, and Iím sure I will have a blast performing for Team Dwoz. Though this was my first CAPE mix, I think I came through it alive, and would probably mix again for CAPE in the future.

    But this writing stuff? Harder, and far more time consuming, than it looks.

    So here we are at the end, and, much like the rest of Three Sided Story, thereís no big bang, no sparkly finish. And you know what? Thatís perfectly okay, and in my mind reflects something great about this place.

    I mean, listen to these songs and really think about it. In most (if not all) cases, what youíre listening to was put together by people that have never met one another, much less played music together in the same room.

    Now consider the fact that everything about this event, from top to bottom, is done on a volunteer basis. So, when you take all the rules, regulations, deadlines, spats and hissy fits out of it, in the end itís always been about the music. Hell, even the fights are typically about specific artistic points.

    Oddly enough, thereís not that many music sites out there on the internet that can really put their proverbial money where their mouths are. The Womb is one of them.

    We donít just talk about music, we create it. And, as always, itís been an honour to be part of that.


    Dave The Narrator

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