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    Default welcome! let's discuss things

    hey there,

    i had a lot of fun interviewing earwig as the first of hopefully many interviews for this site.

    considering the topics we discussed, i can think of a hundred more discussions we could have to get into more details. earwig is opening up themselves for interactive discussions of any of the topics that might spring from the interview which is available on the mixerman radio right now.

    for starters, please listen to the earwig interview on the mixerman radio and then chime in here. earwig will be here to participate in discussions. i think we talked about many things that any bands would find useful and worth discussing further, and here is where we can discuss those things. also, there are many more questions i could have asked that you can ask earwig now, and we can delve into the details more here and now.

    so lets welcome earwig as our special guest.

    here is some more earwig info...

    i think you'll find that we discuss things that effect all bands, and it's a lot of fun talking to folks who have made a living off of music their whole lives.
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    Default Re: welcome! let's discuss things

    Haha, sorry but what is really funny is that last week I was browsing youtube for some of my proverbial favourite 90's stuff, and behold I came across some doco "Nirvana:the untold Stories" (I knew I was in for a shifty few minutes of my life wasted) and the first thing I heard was that Earwig song "ONCE IN A WHILE!!!!" it what one would call a solid song by itself on its own terms, it was strangley out of place...

    Actually to make a point out of this. If you're in a band making music that is at a stage in which people are wishing to use it for documentries which are most likley going to be a flop or to a greater extent have nothing to do with your music... say no. As the next time some dude hears your song that has merit in its own right but has seen that crud doco... you're in for shit. Association is a bitch.

    for reference: said uber shite doco can be found at

    Peace gents and ladies.
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    Default Nirvana Documentary

    You make a good point.

    Turns out, the DVD documentary is not the best. But the production quality is good and I have read some good reviews of it from Nirvana fans online (along with several bad reviews). While it might seem pretty lame to produce a Nirvana Documentary without using the band’s music, many of the fans that ended up getting the DVD sought out Earwig to let me know that even though they were let down by the DVD, they were excited to find Earwig’s music and really enjoyed it. We sold plenty of CDs through that placement. It also led to other paid placements (in some extreme skiing DVDs) as well as exposing Earwig to a large group of kids that are looking for great, new music to digest. They are now Earwig fans.

    Plus, you would be amazed at the amount of positive press I got locally and regionally for the band during that period. Editors took the story and ran with it in the local media -

    “ After filming much of the documentary in Seattle and interviewing such grunge luminaries as Steve Fisk and Jack Endino, filling out the production with Nirvana’s music seemed like the obvious choice. But when legal and financial issues (thank-you Courtney Love...) threatened to block usage of some Nirvana music and halt production on their new documentary on the band, it’s producers decided to try a fresh approach. “We got turned on to the Earwig record through a contact in Seattle. We basically listened to it all day, it became our soundtrack. The editors ended up really liking it and the music was so strong, we had to include it.” says Pete Money of Focal Point Media. The end result is an intriguing and in-depth documentary on the world’s most famous grunge rock trio that relies on music from another not so famous, underground trio, the Midwest's best kept secret, Earwig.”

    Our fan-base grew considerably from getting numerous write-ups and mentions relating Earwig to Nirvana and we dined well off of the attention for the better part of a year.
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    Default Re: welcome! let's discuss things

    Good interview. No baloney.

    I work doing FOH for several different bands, all summer, at a house gig on a resort island.

    Some of the bands have as many as 9 CD releases out and relentlessly flog merch on breaks and are very much DIY. They seem to be turning a profit.

    You mentioned downloading as overtaking your hard copy sales.

    Do you find that it's easier to sell an actual, corporeal, plastic waffle at gigs than it is online or through retail brick and mortar stores and are you looking at abandoning the expense and going to full downloads?

    Also, I respect the practising at low volumes and filling up the levels to the necessary level to do the room, live, but do you ever find that sound tech at a given gig is aware enough and attuned to the material and the house to really bring something to your show, sonically?

    I get the idea that "the vocal is the thing to worry about" but I find that this is usually the method used by AE's who can't mix a whole band.

    I'm of the "mic everything because then, if we need it, we have it and all of these faders go to 0" school.
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    Default Rock on Sound-man! Rock on Sound-woman!

    It’s a must (obviously) to have physical CDs to sell at gigs. At this stage in the great “Fall Of The Music Biz Empire”, it’s still what people expect. We sell the bulk of our CDs 1.At live gigs and 2. Through our own website. I do have relationships with some smaller distributors, but we just honestly don’t move that many CDs through Mom & Pop record stores (at least not compared with what we sell on our own through the website). But it’s still important enough for me to do the work. I still shop at brick & mortar record shops locally and I like the idea of people being able to go in there and get turned on to Earwig. I did a deal where we were on the listening post for a month at the Wuxtry in Athens, GA. This past year, we also landed a great distribution deal with a large Midwestern retail chain and we sold a bunch there. So I’m not ready to give up on stores, but for the next release, we’ll definitely be tailoring a more thought-out, special “download” aspect to go along with the physical CD release. It seems things are certainly headed in that direction.

    As far as coming into contact with adept sound personnel at the clubs we tour, it’s about half and half these days. We’re not playing the biggest venues. Sometimes they really have no skills beyond the basics of getting it up and running. But it does happen and when we do come across someone who is extra tuned in to what we’re doing, mixes it right and does a good job for us on stage it makes a HUGE difference all around. So I try to go out of my way to thank them from the stage at least once and to go back and let them know face to face that they did a great job and it helped us play better. It’s rare but much appreciated.
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    Default Re: welcome! let's discuss things

    I don't get it.

    Who the Fuck is Earwig?

    Small world you nut.

    I'll listen later.
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    Default Re: welcome! let's discuss things

    i had a lot of fun interviewing earwig as the first of hopefully many interviews for this site.
    Great fucking job, Pounce!
    You've wandered into the online audio equivalent of a Black Panther meeting, dressed like a Yuppie golfer, remarking aloud that you wonder if black people really do like fried chicken, watermelon and grape soda.

    You apparently haven't read 5% of this place and know nothing of the denizens who lurk and teach or you're just begging to have a cinder block pounded up your ass with a shovel.

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    Default Re: welcome! let's discuss things

    Earwig rules........I have been trying to figure how to take their drummer out of commision for a WHILE now.
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    Default Re: welcome! let's discuss things

    Great interview!

    This Kenny Gioia fellow... Has he done anything else I would have heard of or is he just some guy you met in a bar?
    Man! You have GOT to try a hit of this RANGE SUNSHINE!

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