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    Default Great Interview!!

    Hi Liz + Pounce,

    Great interview guys! Very educational.

    Also, great meeting you in Athens, Liz. Thanks for the MiLaR plug. Very kind of you.

    I really like your music. Loved hearing all the stories of your DIY approach.

    Lot's of great questions, Pounce. And tonz of great answers.

    Great job all around!!
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    Default Re: Great Interview!!

    Pounce, you have a serious knack for this. That's one of the best interviews I've ever heard

    I've known from hanging out with you that you're a very personable and engaging speaker, but I was still surprised - in a good way

    And Lizard, you're a great interviewee. I've been carefully studying the indie side of the music biz for years, always looking for any tidbit of new, useful info, and I'm a bit surprised and very pleased to hear strategies, ideas, and angles that I don't recall hearing from other sources.

    I give you both
    Man! You have GOT to try a hit of this RANGE SUNSHINE!

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