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    Zero Amperes Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mixes + Files Only

    Cubase SX 2. latest update
    All in the box on PC:
    Waves plug`s
    VST plug`s (reverb A only)
    EQ on different tracks
    Alesis RA 150 + Monitor One mk2
    RME Hammerfall Multiface

    When I heard it first time, it took me back to the 80`s. in that way I started mixing. Without to much heavy stuff, basically thinking of a live presentation. Having read about the “Turn me up” stuff, I only used a bit of “magneto” and a plugin that gives a wider stereo feel to the mixbus.

    The drums are in balance with a bit of EQ and compression. Heavy reverb on the snare and Tom and heavy EQ cutting on the OV tracks.

    Bass: I used all three tracks and balanced them out, adding a bit low EQ on one of them.

    A bit of panning on the guitartracks, eq to keep them apart on the different parts and a slight difference in volume towards the end for building up more tension.

    Keys: I just added them into the mix, nothing special done on that, but I took the time to find a sound that made a stranger sound from the violin.

    Vox: I took on off the tracks and copied it, that one I used with a heavy EQ and edited it, so it made an extra strange start in the first bit of the song. Later on I used the rest of the track as an addon with a higher EQ for more dubs on the VOX,
    For the other voxtracks: I just added them into some part of the mix for a more exciting and powered total on the vocals.

    Each instrument group has its own grouptrack and that was used for balancing and automation during the different parts of the song.

    I used 3 FX tracks: Convolution reverb, and 2 delays. On for VOX and one for Guitar.
    In the more silent bits the are really THERE. In the more heavy parts they are missed when turned off (by me, for sure) and helping it sound more massive in total. (I love to play with that stuff)

    That`s it. Really looking forward to more different mixes and ideas. Also to get feedback in what I could do differently so I get better results in mixing.

    grtz Peter
    ps: seems my older version of Cubase is no working like it should
    give me corrupt files when i`m not using "update real time".
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mixes + Files Only

    I mixed this song on Cubase SX3 (PC version). The only "outboard" gear I used was Focusrite LiquidMix. I used mainly Waves RComp/REQ/Doubler, Audiodamage Reverence, Silverspike and some free flanger/chorus/saturation/delay etc. plugins. Nothing unusual really. Oh, except for one thing. I used a VERY suble flanger on all guitars to make them softer. The guitars were the hardest part for me. I'm not used to working without doubled guitar parts. I'm a metal guy.

    I used a lot of automation to make the choruses bigger. Didn't use any sample replacement on the drums. I thought they sounded ok for the song. I know samples would have made the song sound more modern, but I wanted to hear how far I could go without using them.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    Here is my mix. Mixed in the box with a little help of Nuendo and diff. plugs. Did some automation and also few changes in arrangement. Used snare samples mixed in with original snare. Thank you Myles Vincentto, nice song.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    I mixed in PTLE on Mbox. I wanted to try my new URS plug so it was my main one, along with AC1+2 and waves stuff. I didn’t edit much just toms then decided to throw a sample over them cause they were hard to hear. I was going for a Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Killers sound. I used heavy distortion on the bass to fatten it up, and lots of volume automation. Fun song, cant wait to hear everyone’s mix!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files


    I mixed on my PC laptop, monitoring with headphones. My software of choice is Sony Acid Pro 6.0. I used the plugins that come with the software, plus a few freeware VST plugins. I didn't do any edits, other than for muting purposes. No samples were used. Only automation used was for vox track's send effects.

    I posted a question in the Q/A thread about the line between mixing and mastering (is mastering on the fly allowed), but got no official reply.

    I had a brickwall in my 2-bus. I usually mix demos, which don't get mastered separately, so i am used to mixing against it.

    So, this is a "mastered" mix. Next time tell me if it's not kosher BEFORE i'm done, dammit!


    I made the audio file based on the instructions in the signup thread, so it's 160kbps. The file was done in Sony Vegas Pro, by rendering out just the audio portion of an mp4 video file and renaming it to m4a. It works fine on my QT player, so i assume it's OK unless proven otherwise.


    The BD track had some compression and an EQ with strong but narrow boost at 55Hz and 3,6kHz, and a few dB:s off around 350 kHz, wide band.

    I made a copy of the BD track, gated it, added a very short mono reverb to it and EQ:d this heavily to contain only a quite a narrow band around 55Hz. This sounded a bit like subbass mic. This was added to mix at low level.

    Snare had a low cut around 160Hz, there was also some very narrow band cutoffs and boosts to get the timbre i wanted. Very heavy EQ altogether.

    The snare was also copied to new track and gated, and then ran through an exciter and an eq that was essentially a high pas filter at 5K. The resulting sound was a high frequency crack that simulated a bottom mic track. Mixed in at low level.

    The tom track had a compressor, a narrow boost at 80Hz, to bring out the tone it was tuned to, a midrange cut to take away the boxiness and some HF boost for the splat factor.

    OH:s were EQ:d so that they essentially had a 6dB / oct crossover filter around 1K - no bottom there whatsoever.

    All close mics were parallel compressed heavily.


    I made two low pass filtered (around 100 Hz) copies of the DI:d bass, one that was ran through Helian Bass amp simulator, and the other through dominion signal modeler, which was set to take away the attack.

    The result was a muddy, low frequency bass with a slow attack - this way, the low end kick track had more room.

    The SM57 bass track was high passed, and ran through heavy compression followed with JCM900 amp simulator - this gave the grungy upper range to the bass.

    The drums and the bass were assigned to the same buss - the idea was to further compress them together but it turned out this wasn't needed.


    All guitar tracks were processed pretty similarly to each other - a high pass filter set quite high, around 200-250Hz, followed by some kind of stereo widening plugin - i used STThick and my own Eki_Freqpan (made with SynthEdit):

    The GTR tracks had their own buss too, but no processing on this one either.


    All the rest of the instruments fall to this category...

    Seniorkeys1 had a leslie sim. Seniorsynth had supa phaser. The rest of the tracks were left as is.

    The keyboard buss had a few dB of wide boost around 300Hz, plus some top end boost.


    The lead vocal had some low cut and high end boost, followed by two band endorphin compressor, a regular compressor and a de-esser. Each of these was set to conservativish values. Finally, i added a touch of widening with Eki_Freqpan.

    The vocal double track was EQ:d to a transistor radio like narrow midrangy thingy, and was widened heavily. Brought in at 2nd verse, low level, panned a bit to the right.

    The third vocal track was similar to the above, but panned left.

    No FX in the VOX buss.


    There were only two send effects.

    I used Ambience as my reverb. Otherwise default settings, decay shortened so that it almost sounded like early reflections only. Used mainly for drum close mics, a touch of lead vox.

    The other effect was classic delay, set to roughly 1/8 note, low feedback, low quality tape mode. This was used for vox, some guitar parts, violoin.

    Master buss

    As said, i had a simple mastering setup going at all times. A lot of my level decisions were affected by this. I can keep drums very loud in the raw mix as processing brings up everything that happens between the hits.

    1. EQ: i ended up making a small boost at 36Hz, a similar cut at 100Hz, a wide boost around 700Hz, tiny boost at 20kHz.

    2. Energize master processor plugin - this is a freeware VST multiband compressor limiter that's aimed for automated podcast / internet radio use, but i have made a configuration file that essentially makes the plugin to do nothing unless it's input is driven over digital zero - then it becomes a damn nice sounding "brickwall limiter" (oversimplified a little, heh).

    This time i ran it about 4-7 dB hot. The RMS of the song varies from -12dB to -9dB.

    That's it. Daaayyyuum. This was a long thing to type, i hope i didn't bore you ;-)
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    Here's my mix

    Platform: Cubase SX3 on PC
    Soundcard: Motu HD896
    Plugins: Waves, URS and Antares
    Monitors: Behringer 2031A 1st Gen.

    I tried to mix it like the song "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson sounds. I didn't do any sound replacement. I did minimal automation. I would've like to have done a bit more, but I just didn't have time. I did use mute automation to get rid of some of the noise from the guitars.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    I was too late to sign up but Mr. Dye was gracious enough to invite me to contribute anyway.

    100% ITB, UAD/Massey/Altiverb/Amplitube/DigiIII/Odds N'Ends. No sample replacement or editing other than clearing noisy sections.

    The mix file should allow you to fully duplicate the submitted mix given you have all the plugins (and 3 UAD cards!). You will need to record enable the Mixdown audio track in order to audition the RTD (Record To Disk) mix.

    Parallel compression is used on drums and the 2 bus, this illustrates how to set that up (and provides a nice preset for the 33609 for you vultures )

    This mix also demonstrates my methods of latency compensation in Pro Tools LE using the included impulse files...I've included what the mixdown of the impulses looks like when compensated on my system. You need to select all the impulse regions by dragging across 5:00 in the timeline and Cmd-M unmute region (I mute them so I don't have to hear the pops). Then select one of them to set your record time and record the should get one big impulse and some reverb/delay.

    Please let me know if I uploaded anything wrong.

    Looking forward to reviewing everyone else's mixes and learning plenty from them!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    Getting late will complete later

    Cheers Normie
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    Will post the info file later when I get the chance to document it a little.

    All mixed ITB with Nuendo. I had problems with the sound of the hats in the OH being quite brittle so it was trying to soften the harshness but also not kill the tops which gave me trouble. I also ended up running quite a lot of the guitar sounds through amp sim plugs and blending those with the originals.

    I too went with a more "80s" sounding snare which was just some ambience triggered underneath. Kick was replaced with a similar sound to the original but with a little more bottom end.

    I don't think I got the vibe of this right when referencing to the original mix but I went with something I'd maybe prefer to hear on the radio. I initially wanted to change the arrangement a bit (remove some of the build up before the last chorus/outro hits) but the original arrangement grew on me after repeated listens.

    All up I'd probably prefer the original mix so nice one knightsy.

    Apologies for the MP3 but I have no AAC software on this computer and iTunes or the latest versions or Nero aren't going anywhere near this box
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    Here is mine...WoW....this one was fun...

    Platform: PC with Sonar 6 Producer

    Main Plugs: Waves, Sonitus:fx, AmpliTube2, and PSP Vintage Warmer.

    Choices: I used the "war" theme as a motivation and worked towards a driving or marching forward kinda feel. Drums and Bass being the elements to support this throughout.

    Bass: Condenser track was run through Amplitube2 on the Bass Fuzz setting and balance against the DI and 57 tracks that were both EQed a little different to add some interest.

    Drums: Snare track was doubled and bright and dark tracks where created. Gate, RComp, SSL-EQ, Vintage Warmer, and FX Tape on each. Kick was Gated with a look-ahead on the same track, RComp, SSL-Channel, Gentle EQ boost from 80 to 300Hz with a peak at 475 and another smaller one at 4500kHz. OHs were sent to a stereo bus with the SSL-Channel in stereo. Toms have Vintage Warmer, RComp, C1 gate, SSL-EQ with a serious cut at 610Hz and 8db boost at 3.6kHz. All of the drums have sends to various plates, gated reverbs, and delays.

    Guitars: Not too much was done with the guitars a little EQ to clean up some of the low end and some tape saturation. Mike2 was sent to a split harmonizer.

    Keys, Synth, Violin: All sent to a hall reverb to various degrees to create some layers and a little compression was added to smooth them out.

    Vox: C4, DeEsser, RVox, REQ on each. Fairly dry in the beginning and then increasing the FX with automation as the song builds.

    Automation: Just about everything was automated to support the drive the drums and bass had going.

    Busses: Setup pretty much as Charles does on MiLaR.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Description, Mixes + Files

    PT M-Powered.
    Various Plugs.
    Mac Platform.
    Mixed ITB.
    Event ASP8 Monitors.

    Didn't change the arrangement. Just tried to mix it decently. Probably didn't succeed though!

    I really tried hard to make it work without a snare replacement but the sound I was going for made it difficult not to use a sampled snare. So there.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    This is the original mix.

    All tracks recorded in the singer's spare room onto Cool Edit Pro at 16bit via Bear-Ringer converters. I lent the band a Distressor and a Studio Projects mic to record vocals, and a 57 for the snare. Drums recorded with the Samson 7-piece drum mic kit, with the overheads in XY.

    Mixed in PTLE on the Mbox mini. I'd just gotten the Waves SSL plugs at the time, so I thought I'd see what happened if I used them on nearly every track

    When I heard the demo, I thought it should sound huge... so I needed the drums to sound bigger than they did, and I wanted to really bring out the drama in the vocal.


    Kick and snare are gated and compressed pretty hard. Especially the snare, I wanted it to pop out upfront. Then some room samples were added to each, which were then sent to reverbs which got printed. The overheads got some distortion from Blockfish, and then got rolled off down to 8 or 10k.
    Parallel compression courtesy of the BF1176.

    Oh yeah, the dull snare/bright snare thing is definitely going on, in fact I made it really dull in the verse and I don't think anyone noticed!


    After EQing it, I sent it through the WaveArts Panorama spatializer plugin to give it some stereo feel, since I haven't figured out how to do that with chorus yet.


    Got some split harmonizer, plate, quarter delay, eighth delay and a ping-pong delay. And a lot of riding of both the vocal track and fx sends.


    Got a lot of delays just to add size, not really for the delay effect. If I heard any doubling going on, I turned the delay down (I think).
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    My INFO file was corrupt, so here is again...

    The session looks beautiful, at least for me...

    Errata.. It was PT LE 7.1.2.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Hey Everyone!!!

    This was a massive experience for me,the only tracks i've got to mix before was some acoustic tunes i recorded for some friends,so getting the chance to mix a full band was brillant.A Great song too i must add...

    Mixed in Logic 7.2 on a G4 Mac

    Plug-in's used:
    Logic stock
    Digital Fishphones
    SSL Listen Mic Comp
    Colortone Free

    No arrangement fixing or sampling

    I taught there was great energy in the song so i went for what i hope is a slightly aggressive mix..

    Need to go back and get the delays on the vocals a bit tighter.I was experimenting hopefully you's will get what i was going for..
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Ok, I just opened the session file after not viewing it for a week. I planned on uploading this last weekend when things were fresh in memory. Cubase 3

    I first mashed the drums with an array of plugs to get them balanced and to my liking. I learned after the last mixit event that I needed to bring the drums way up to add energy to these rock songs. I think the first bar of the song, the drum roll was recorded as a separate take since it has a different ring compared to the rest of the song. No sample replacement was done.

    Then I hammered the bass. We were provided with 3 bass takes and I used one for energy and the other 2 to hold down the lows. No automation on kick drums or bass guitar.

    I copied and rearranged guitars to fill out the song as much as I could. One thing that could have benefited this song is if they recorded more guitars. There are parts that I just want it to get rocking but I failed to get the full sound I was after with the provided material.

    For vocals I compressed them fairly heavily and added some ambiance, and no EQ. By this time I was running out of CPU so I had to freeze some tracks or apply the effects as offline processes. A combination of techniques freed up enough cycles to finish the mix. There was one part I think during the bridge where I automated almost every word. I can't pull up the automation lanes now since the vocal track is frozen. Good voice and I never got tired of hearing this song.

    That's about all I can recall now. I did have many more things that I wanted to say about this mix but they escape me now after not touching it for a week.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here is my mix and session file. Mixed ITB on protools HD2 system running 7.2.

    Plugs used were Waves, Reverb One, DuY tape and valve, Joemeek, AC1 and a few others.

    Really enjoyed doing this mix. Didn't use any samples just a little bit of editing and a fair amount of automation. Didn't try from the outset to achieve any particular type of sound just went with what I thought as the mix progressed.

    Sorry but file is MP3 (don't have the right conversion softwre and I havn't got the time right at the mo to download and sort - -sorry)

    Looking forward to learing lots from this exercise form everyone elses mixes.


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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I actually didn't upload the song. I got busy, and wound up uploading the tracks and started by listening to the drums, bass, guitars, etc and figured out how I'd like it to sound without hearing the original mix. I trusted you guys to vote for the right song.

    I was going to try incorporating outboard compressors this time, but time would not allow, and it would have been awkward, so this is strictly ITB using Sonar 6 PE with it's bundled plugins; sonitus compressors, EQs reverb, VC64 channel strips, Lexicon Pantheon. I also used SSL talkback compressor and MacEffectOne (thanks, McGregor!)

    I didn't sound-replace or add samples, NTTAWWT. There was a high pitched sound at one point on the Tom track which I EQ'd to be less noticeable, as well as violin on the Tom at one point which I auto muted out. The kik was a bit uneven, but not a deal killer. I compressed the kik with sonitus, the snare with SSL talkback, EQ'd everything and gated the spot mics. Sent everything to the drums bus which I compressed with a VC64 and added a touch of reverb with the Lexicon.

    Bass Guitar
    There was some resonant frequency deal going on which was on all 3 tracks so I guess it was the instrument; cut the offending frequencies and did a bit more EQ tweaking, then compressed it. Used mostly the DI track with a bit of the mic'd tracks for reinforcement.


    Big thing to me was finding out how each track came in at which time, then pan and get the levels in the ball park. I EQ'd a couple of them, left a couple alone, no compression.

    These seem to be synth string patches with a substantial amount of hall verb printed to them; This sort of made me want to add a touch ov verb to the vox and drums. Levels, panning, nothing fancy.

    I found it to be a handful, and I wound up EQing, compressing, and riding the fader. I also used the MacEffectOne to breathe a bit more life into it. Also added 'verb.

    I love the "wild eyed" punk attitude of the vox and I wanted them in your face. So I raised the doubled (unison) track fairly high relative to the other lead track. I even left both the count ins up even though they aren't aligned, because to me it's about the shouting, not cuing the other band members when to come in. I wanted it primal. I panned the main vox center, the others close to center, assigned the vox to their own bus which I compressed and de-essed with a VC64, then added a touch of 'verb.


    <edit> Used a VC64 for 2 bus comp. I usually use "master mix" and tweak the parameters to suit the song. Not brick wall, but fairly substantial. There will be an 'L2' type limiter with the upgrade to Sonar 7 PE, but I doubt if I'll ever use it.

    P.S. The attachments thingy chokes on the session file, which is 254 MB zipped. I guess I'll put it on a file hosting site and leave the URL here. If someone has a better idea, please PM me.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I know I will regret this but I started so I have to finish it ...

    My thing is an analog mix - with some outboard. I dunno why I used the Sony Oxford plugs for the guitars - I should kill myself for that ... but anyway.
    I compressed kick and snare with 2 Distressors, squashed the overhads with a 1178 and had a paralell mult of the whole kit going into a SSL clone.
    I used all tracks and compressed one channel pretty hard - one a bit softer and one went without compression into the bass bus - which went summed all bass tracks into a Buzz SOC comp.
    as said - I tried to take out the honkynees with the Oxford plugs - if I'd have more time I'd replace em with the console eq and I'm sure the guitars would sound quite a bit better - all in all I', not that fond of the guitars
    Keys weren't treated that much but all went into the 480 with the tweaked carpark preset for a lot of reverb
    I used all tracks and had fun with em. Main voc got a bit of EQ and I bussed em into the Buzz SOC - I hardly used any reverb unless where it's pretty obvious.

    Delay was the Digi stock plug in - on an aux send of the console

    2Bus: I very slight touch of Smart C2 (set up: pretty fast)

    all in all I'm not very happy with this mix but I don't have more time to spend on this - too much other stuff (priorities - priorities)

    I hope I can learn a shitload from this - as you can hear I need it
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    For my mix I just went with what I felt would rawk! I wanted this puppy to build throughout, and that was simple in some places and more complex in others. I didn’t pursue any particular style, although I did notice a sort of contemporary-pop/rock-band-revisits-the-eighties thing going on.

    Drums are relatively au naturel: no enhancement besides EQ, comp, etc.

    Bass is DI throughout, with the 57 track with all the bottom rolled off for certain sparcer sections. (Made it sound like a Ricky when solo’d.)

    Guitars seemed the most aggressive element, so I focused on them as far as the groundwork of the vibe. Some tight doubling (~20 ms delay type thing) for some, various smidgens of reverbs and other delays for others, and some strategic panning to keep things a bit un/balanced left to right. But very little EQing or compression.

    Keys, to my ear, were mostly background pad. Effects like some big bouncy but (I hope) subtle delays here and there.

    Violin. Uh, do we have to talk about that?

    In the place that seemed crying out for a proper solo I added a step filter to sort of put ‘er into overdrive.

    I sorely wanted to delete the 8 bars before the end, as I think the band have blown their collective cookies by that point, but I didn’t want to change the arrangement in that way, as I assume the band have been hammering that out for a while, and it seemed a bit like trampling on their artistic vision a bit too much.

    The sphincter-burning spice on my mix is the multi-effect channel that I put various things through here and there. Most obviously on the vocal in the “not all heartache and tears” breakdown section. Perhaps not to everybody’s taste, but it gets your attention.

    Myles Vincent: you guys rock! Great song, and a pleasure to mix it.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    1)About the Mix

    Over all
    I wanted to go for musical message over aesthetics. I wanted to keep compression low and only use it, if I found a musical reason to do so. The same applied to equalization. Bob Olhsson once said, that often the volume control is the most powerfull effects processor. So When I did eq or compression, I compared at equal levels, and I almost always found the change unwanted. I got annoyed by the fade-in feel of the drums, so I changed the intro arrangement and found, that I liked the song like that.
    In the final hour, when I was fighting software to get some data-compression going, I listened to the song on my headphones and got a huge bad

    surprice. It appears, that my room has serious bass issues. So I got back and adjusted the Tom, Kick and Bass using headphones.

    I didn't like the drum tracks. I found them to lack bass (go figure with my room!!). I also found them dull. The bleed on the kick was too much for me, so I deleted almost all snare hits by hand. I used PsyQ (psycho-acoustic equalizer) on all drum tracks. This made it possible to get the drums more "out". I didn't use gates, as I didn't like the results I was able to get. On the snare I didn't use it, because the snare mic is an important part of the hat sound. I added some lo eq on the tom. I used the SPL Transiet Designer plug-in to cut add attack to the tom and kick and to cut some of the sustain from the kick.

    I just blended the three tracks, so I got a bit of the character of each. I liked that.

    I cut it up. Some "voices" where spread over the tracks, and some tracks contained more voices. For easyer arrangement, I also let each function of each voice have it's own tracks. This new bunch of tracks where panned to different positions to get some movement to the otherwice quite static mix. I didn't like the out of sync delay on the "theam guitar". To minimise it, I doubled other parts and put them slighly out of sync too. Also, I added delay to the main track. To match the sound of this, I also doubled the "theam support".

    These got reverb. I cut and spread in the same way as the guitars.

    They got reverb. For the most part, I listened to all the tracks at equal level. The sound was fine. The timing is stable enough for this. In the end, I only used the first track. I found that this let the singer bring out his message more. I tried swapping a few better sung bits from other tracks, but the consistency suffered, so I skipped the idea. I tried some eq, but with level compensation, I didn't like it. I tried with Interpoll (a filter bank), and I got some aesthetically pleasing results, but minor details of the singers presentation got lost, so I skipped it. The shout parts have Interpoll, though.

    2)About my tools

    I used Samplitude7 for playback and level automation. Plug-ins and mixing was done in Scope Platform 4.5.

    3)Extra notes
    I did not vote for this song, but I have now listened to it for several hours for days without getting pissed with it. That's actually pretty good It has been an interesting learning experience for a novice like me. For instance, I found that the level of lonely tom hits should not be adjusted to level, and not by ear while listening to the full kit. The full arrangement had to be running to tell, which hits where conflicting with the rest. Especially tom hits landing with snare hits had to be lowered. I never liked PsyQ with tracks which IMO already where fine. But for these drums, it was a pleasant surprice. If I had more time, I would spice it up with reverb and/or delay on more parts.
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