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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Though I did recognize some musical influences, I choose to keep the mix fairly dry rather than use the "I would sing in a cave for your daughter" approach. TL Space, using smaller-room IRs, was used for a little 3D ambience on the guitars and vocals.

    I used the doubled vocals throughout the song, but excessively de-essed the 2nd vocal track so that it would blend better behind the first.

    Added quite a bit of distortion to the cloyingly-clean synths. Did the same with the violin and dissolved it into a delay about halfway through before it started musically competing with the rest of the band.

    No arrangement changes or sample replacement.

    Platform: Pro Tools HD Accel w/ DigiRack EQ3 & Gate, TL Labs Aggro & Space, plus Massey plugins
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Platform: Sonar 6PE/stock sonar plugs & Voxengo analog bundle/laptop & RME multiface/ASP8's..checked mixes with the Mazda...seems relatively close to where I was going

    General mix notes-

    I wasn't aiming at any particular sound, but I was basically just listening to see what it wanted to become & helped it on it's way. So, I didn't mess with the arrangement much. I wound up with a pretty defined/glassy/punchy type of sound, that was reverb shy....sort of a "dry but not boring". Maybe like Duran Duran ..I dunno...listen & see what you think. I also felt that the energy of the song lagged in spots, so I concentrated on keeping the excitement up where I could dream something up to keep the listener drawn into it. The track could probably go farther with the little "ear candies."

    I put a text file with some more detailed mix notes in the if you want to know more...

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Well, that was fun.

    Wasn't in love with how the tune was tracked, but the mix was enjoyable anyway. Didn't approach this with any particular approach other than to not mess things up too much.

    I wanted the vox to be audible and intelligible throughout, without having the vox sit too much on top of the mix, which I hope I accomplished. The second verse has a lo-fi "intercom" type effect on the second vox part that I sneaked in under the lead vox. Tried not to overdo it.

    I wanted more guitars, so I ended up creating faux double tracks for some of the guitar parts using some slight detuning and a bit of delay.

    I almost liked where I ended up with the real snare, but turned to a sampled snare nonetheless (sneaked in underneath the real deal) to provide a bit of what I felt the snare lacked. First time ever using sample reinforcement. It was within the rules this time, so I figured this was as good a time as any to do some experimenting.

    I tried to not swim everything in reverb, which is what I would have done years ago. I think I've kicked that habit, but we'll see.

    I had some new tools to play with on this. This was my first mix using Logic. The main tool of choice that found its way onto many tracks was the URS channel strip pro. Probably too many options for someone like me, but I enjoyed playing around with it. I'm sure I still have a looong way to go before I start to feel that I kinda "know" that tool.

    There's a teency amount of compression on the 2 buss, along with a limiter that's doing next to nothing (just there to catch the occasional over). I'm petrified of buss compression, so tried to take it real easy here.

    Platform: IAB, Logic 8 running on a 2.4 GHz dual core MacBook Pro. Main plug-ins included the aforementioned URS CSP. Reverbs included Sound Designer and IK Multimedia CSR. Delays were mainly SoundToys Echoboy.
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    Montreal Canadiens Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I wanted to keep as much energy throughout the track as possible, so my bass is mixed a bit higher and the drums aren't very wide. In fact, only a few select things got panned past 70 on either side. From some of the others I've already listened to, mine seems a bit narrower than most, but hopefully that helped it push forward a bit more. I felt it would be really easy to just drown this song in reverb and delay (my usual tactic).

    I did just realize that I seem to have some unsightly and embarassing sibilance that I never noticed in the studio... shucks. Maybe its just these headphones at home (hope!) Please forgive me.

    No samples were used. I did re-amp a couple things though:
    The violin and doubled vocals both went through an old drrrrty Bogen PA and then into a Leslie (used just as a speaker, not rotating). Mic'd with a 421 and a 414 EB thru UA 2-610 pre. We jokingly call that amp the TomWaitsifier. Instant TomWaits voice. Figured I'd add a bit of grit here and there... besides, the violin was useless otherwise.


    (pics coming on tuesday)

    I copied my gritty 3pl vox and the regular 3pl vox from the 3rd chorus into the 2nd chorus and swung the panning around so that there's still some differences in how they feel.

    I also reversed that last guitar note and panned it with the reverb return. I didn't like the song ending on such a cheezy lyric/one-liner, so I figured I'd try something out.

    Usually I'd run all my stems out through the console (Soundcraft 6000) for summing, but for some reason never got around to it. Did run the guitars through a couple strips to use the EQ. They also were sent on an insert to a Urei LA-22.

    Mix was run out to my RND Portico pre-amp as a line driver and then into the 2nd Urei LA-22. Relatively fast attack, slow release. (Pics up in a couple days. I can't wait till I've saved up the dough for an API 2500... get my 2nd LA-22 off the MixBuss.)

    All other EQ and compression were Waves & Massey plugs. The Massey ones are just the demo's, so if you open my session file, I've put my settings in the comments box.

    Vocal & synth/violin reverb was the Lexicon 300.
    Drums, bass and riffy guitars were all left dry.
    Plate140 on the Waves IR-L verb for the tremolo guitar and something else that I can't remember right now.


    Vox delay was the Waves 2-Tap. Automated the send to just catch key words and fill out choruses. I did send some of the vocal delay to the Lex300.
    Guitar delay was the Massey, printed and then EQ'd & automated.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mixed on NS-10's inside Logic 8 with stock plugs.

    I don't have a whole lot to say about what I did, since there's not much tom-foolery going on. I had to make some savage twists to get the floor tom and violin to not drive me nuts, but everything else got some simple eq. There's lots of automation going on, some echoes, small verbs for the guitars and drums.

    I've only gotten about 9 mixes deep as I write this, and I'm really surprised to hear that ALL of the mixes have eschewed the doubled vocal. I kept it throughout the entire song, and felt it was an important part of the song. It's also not as loud as any of the mixes I've listened to thus far, so you'll have to turn those speakers up.

    I just did what I think everyone else here is trying to do: serve the song.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mixed on Protools HD 7 Accel,

    Mixed ITB with an TubeTech MMC1 Outboard Comp for Vocals and a VocalPlate from an Lexicon 480L

    I upsampled everything to 88.2 khz for mixing.


    I wanted to go without samples first but i ended up with an kicksample mixed with the original kick.
    lots off EQ!
    Duplicated the Toms and added an Flanger to the Duplicat.


    I duplicated the Di and used The Ampeg Plugin on that Track along withthe original Di Track

    I Duplicated Mikes Git in the Verse and used a heavy effectchain on the Duplicate (ECHOBOY FILTERREAK PHASEMISTRESS etc)
    I used AC2 on some of the Git Tracks along with Waves Neve EQ

    Tryed a lot on the Violin but ended with just a leslie effect..


    i used the second Vocal for character distorted a little with Massey TapeHead blended under the first Voc at different Volums
    I used Compression and an very slight Phaser on the Vocal buss

    Thanks for this event its a lot of fun!!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here is my mix.

    I didn't have time to do a full mix. I have been away on holiday..

    The song was mixed in 3 hours, using Pro Tools M-Powered with Waves, McDsp, URS + some other plugins.

    No samples used, only eq and compression.

    The guitars and keys are all over the place level wise, I didn't have time to do the automation needed to keep them in place.

    I've got some spare time this weekend and I'm looking forward to finish the mix then.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    First of all, thank you Charles for completely missing the first
    deadline, today was the first day I could find some time to mix
    this thing

    My platform: Cubase 3 SX. I actually started with Cubase 4.1, but
    after the second crash I decided that it'd be a better idea to
    switch back to Cubase 3 SX. And most people wouldn't be able to
    open a 4.1 session file anyway.

    My mix: basically I started with all faders up and removed
    everything that did not sound like a record (think Aardvark but
    without the 'redo' part ).
    The guitars haven't much bottom end, so I re-amped the bass to add
    some grid to fill that hole.
    Having not much time to fiddle with the drums I added samples to
    the kick-drum and the snare, around 50% blended with the original
    sound. I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings with that.
    Rhythm guitars, violin and synthesizer were doubled and panned
    hard L/R to give the singer and the bass more room in the center.

    My thoughts: given that fact that this is more a less a bedroom
    recording the recording quality is acceptable. I wish I'd have
    had a bit more time to process the overheads because they have
    the most issues, but even with the more or less raw overheads
    the mix is decent.
    At least my mom likes it, and that counts most

    I have a couple of time constraints right now, but I'll listen
    and comment on the other mixes later this week.



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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Thanks for doing this Charles.

    Mixed in cubase le with all sorts of plugins

    muted a lot of the keyboard parts, copied and moved some guitar and keyboard parts, moved the violin part (almost did not use it, maybe I should have just ditched it haha)

    I did nuthin' fancy, just some volume automation, panning, smashed the fuck out of a few things........I don't even know if I like my mix........maybe I love it......maybe I hate it.....not sure.

    Overall the drums were a bit of a bear, I did not use any samples.
    The keys were playing the same theme all the time, they seemed to clash with the vocal melody at times so I nuked most of them.
    Guitars were sparse in I moved things about.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Platform: Protools 7.4, M-Powered with command 8 control surface on a new iMAC, FW 410 Audio interface, Samson Resolv 65a studio Monitors.

    My Mix: First in protools we opened up the workspace browser and found, and highlighted all the tracks then draged them into the tracks list, and then it created 20 audio tracks. Next we removed the silence from the front of all the tracks by highlighting the beginning of all the tracks then clicking delete to remove the unneeded space. Then we ran the strip silence tool on every track to clean things up a bit yes that took some time 1 day. Next day we create all the tracks into groups, example Bass, Keys, Overheads, Drums, Vocals. Then we dropped memory locations to make it more efficient to work with the mix. Then Normalize the drum parts that were to low in volume. we checked with Charles on using the plugin and he said it was ok. Next day we could get started on our mix. First the drums we used Smack, Joemeek VC5, Digi Compressor, on the Kick track. Snare Izotope Ozone 3, and 2 regions Normalized. Tom Izotope Ozone 3, Massenburg EQ. Next day Joe meek VC5 on all the Bass tracks to lower the Bass a little. Next we had to do something with those keys, so here goes senrkeys1 Anlch2, Massenburg EQ. senrkeys2 Anlch1, Joemeek SC2. Next track senorsynth, Massenburg EQ. Ah keys finished sounds suttle. Next the dreaded senor ov1 track G console Anlch1, 1 region Normalized. Fixed that ov1 problem. Then senorov2 G console Anlch1. Now the Instrument part of the mix is starting to come together. Next the Guitars they were to overbearing in the mix at this time. Here goes senorgtz 1&2 Massenburg EQ, seniorgtz3, ah this one had more plugins Smack, Anlch2, Digirack Expander/Gate, Gtrmik1, Mcdsp GChannel EQ, Digi Real Tape Saturation. Gtrmk2, Mc DSP EQ, Realtape saturtion, 2 Regions Meequalized with Audiosuite plugin. Wait a minute what about the violin it was to much the fader could not fix it, so here is the work on that track that took hours to complete. Smack, ML 2000, Smack Audiosuite used because we were running out of processor power. so we installed another gig of ram. Ok Last but not least the vocal tracks, senorvox, & senorvox1 digi Deesser. The hardest vocal track senor vox2, Smack Audiosuite. Last track Master fader RN Inspector to check on all clips, Digi Maxim, Izotope Vinyl to give it that record feel. Then mixed all tracks with the faders, to even out the volume, Last thing to do Automation, we automated the bypass in Izotope to cut off near thee end of the song, and we automated the Master fader to fade out at the end of the song. Well there it is we hope every one enjoys this mix. We meaning Christ and I and my wife, had a lot of fun working with this song, Thank You.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here is mine. I was thinking killers the first time i heard this thats what i had in mind while mixing. i kept putting it off and putting it off and this is what i came up with. still could use work but i think its basically there for what i was going for.

    Mixed in Pro Tools LE on a MacBook Pro running leopard (extremely buggy)
    Plugs: Digi stuff, Massey, Soundtoys, some random free stuff that i cant remember.

    wish i had a little more time, but im still learning. i know the sounds i want just still working on how to get them. anyways...this was a lot of fun!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    i have th nuendo and the uad1 and some other shit.

    i drank alot and didnt work on this much, fun though i must say.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    So....Mix It! started a week before Christmas. I left town the day after the files were posted, was gone two weeks, caught a horrible flu right in time for my return, and had given up on being able to complete a mix. Until I realized that Mix It! was running on a Cape-esque definition of "deadline"!

    Tools used: Samplitude 9.1. All stock plugs except a few freebies. Adam A7 speakers through an RME Fireface 800. I didn't export the project file because, AFAIK, no one else here uses Samplitude 9. If anyone is interested, I can make jpeg's of settings used.

    LOVED the song and the performances, especially vocals and guitars.

    Mix approach: my primary goal was not to make the song suck! I opted for more clarity (esp in low midrange + ambience) than Knightsy's original mix. After finishing, I'm still not sure I made the correct decision but, for someone of my experience level, it's a mix I'm reasonably proud of.

    Violin was (of course) a tricky issue. So I turned it into a French horn.

    I really liked the guitar parts...added some EQ and ambience to a few different parts. Like Knightsy, I made the guitars (not the keyboards) the focus of the song.

    I kept the double-tracked vocals for most parts, weaving them in and out in a (hopefully) artistic way.

    Drums were a mixed bag. I wasn't really crazy about ANY of the sounds given to me, but I think they all had potential. I didn't use any additional samples...just the old "copy track and EQ each differently" trick. I didn't use much compression on individual drums, either...mostly on the drum buss and 2-buss.

    I hated the tom track, but was pleasantly surprised at the workable sound I got (imho). Like the other drums, it involved a whole bunch of radical EQ (I wouldn't cut it if limited to changes of <10dB per band) plus some transient modifier - Samplitude has a nice one.

    Drum buss and instrument buss were widened using Samp's tool. Only kick, bass and vocals occupied dead center. Snare was actually two seperate tracks EQ'd differently and offset.

    I probably worked on the track for a total of 4-5 hours or so. With more time, I might've gotten it to sound a bit better, but I also probably would've second-guessed a lot of my good decisions as well.

    Tons of level automation bits on just about every track.

    In hindsight, I wish I could've made the drums sound a bit bigger/livelier for the intro/choruses. I wish I knew how to mix bass. Look forward to hearing everyone else's mixes!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Okay.. here's mine!
    My second mix with real live material! W00h00!

    Hopefully it sucks much less than my simplebird disaster

    I didn't have nearly enough time to put in on this (things take 10 times longer for us n00bs) but I think I came up with something that's not too sonically distressing..

    I've really gotta credit the band on creating such a dandy tune and executing it so well. There's no waste motion whatsoever anywhere in the performance and it's damned refreshing to behold compared to some of the noodly wankers I've been acquainted with over the years.
    The production (artistic choices-wise) is top-notch.
    I'm really impressed too at the quality of the tracking, too, given the meager resources available.
    It really IS all about the song after all, isn't it?
    Many thanks to Knightsy, also, for arranging this wonderful opportunity for all of us.
    And of course, a big wet kiss for Charles!
    Dudes, you ALL rock!


    I used Reaper in windows emulation on my linux box, with an assortment of free plugz (interestingly, I didn't use any of the Reaper native ones.. go figure)

    Drums were first.. I went for sheer brute force here.
    The OV tracks got treated with JB Broadcast Processor on the LOUD preset , with a few tweaks, as it was the fastest way to get some serious multiband parallel compression going quick.
    The kick got sent through tom's lowpass with the resonance cranked way up to get a little bottom oscillation happening at about 91 hz to bolster the kick from the overheads.
    The snare went thru electri-q and blockfish cuz it sounded a little tubby.
    The Tom got a little Nyquist5.
    The whole lot went thru glaceverb to a stem.

    Bass ..
    I like the sm57 and condenser together quite a bit so they predominate with nyquist again pulling out the highs on the condenser, and the lows on the 57. I brought up the di underneath for some bottom and threw phasebug on 2 of the channels to get a little coloration, with everybody going thru classic compressor.

    The synths really defined the whole verb space so I kicked it up a notch with glaceverb again because it's shimmery idealized sound really suited the piece. I put them a little high in the mix, but I think it works.

    The vocals all got individually squished with blockfish, the sent to freeverbtoo with the gate on to kill the tails. All I wanted to do here was blur the vocals together a bit.. I didn't really want any verb as such.

    The guitars are all over the place.. load up the file if you really care
    I delayed (Gdelay) one of the tracks (seniorguitmike1) and panned it and it's original hard to fill out the space.
    I used JB Ferox on almost all of the high chording guitar tracks as it tamed some of the raspiness.
    I used Classic Reverb on one of the guitars, too, to even out the verb sound with the other guitar that already had verb on it.

    The controversial Violoin (sic) track got some rubytube to add some edge then some chorus.

    I didn't automate *anything* so this is strictly an 'audibility mix'.
    I should have eq'd a bunch of stuff more, too, but I was losing sight of the project from hearing it too much
    Some automation is really needed for drama though.. I know what I want to do, but I don't yet have the chops to do it in a timely fashion, unfortunately.

    Hope y'all like it!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    MiX iT! 2: Pick It

    It is now time for everyone to pick the THREE mixes you would like to discuss in depth.

    Please visit the Pick 3 Mixes thread to nominate your mix picks.

    You can hear the possibly 98 mixes you have to choose between in the Post It thread, + discuss them in the Discuss It: Part 1 thread.

    Please post all non mix discussion questions in the MiX iT! 2 - Q&A thread. Thx!
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    Montreal Canadiens Now with pictures!

    Here's an update of my session info, now with pics. Session file is still included.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description


    Here Is my mix!! I know its a bit late but I got permission by Charles.
    I've been away all weekend. Just got back!!
    Hope somone still reading this thread

    Its mixed in PTLE7.4 using mainly sonnox plugins. Also used digi reel tape suite and some mcdsp...
    Did some editing to remove noise and replaced the tom and snare.
    Ended up not using the original tom at all.

    Will discuss it more in detail in the other thread!
    Have a listen and see what you think!!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I know I'm way late, but here is my mix. I'll amend this post with my info files hopefully tomorrow.

    Almost forgot, mixed in Cubase 4, no sample replacement. I did take the guitar in the first verse and chop it, reverse it into itself.

    Will discuss in more detail in the other thread for any that are interested.

    Thanks for the fun opportunity.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2 - Post It: Mixes + Files Only

    Oh yeah.

    Here's the PT session file.
    I didn't take pictures of outboard settings cause it would have
    been like... 50+ photos. Screw that.
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