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    Default Pounce~ Richard Shack! KILLER!

    I loved that interview man! I am sure I am going to listen to it several more times, too!
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    Default Re: Pounce~ Richard Shack! KILLER!

    thanks a lot. richard is great, and it was fun to do.

    you must be the first to have found this. the graphics announcing this are just about to go up.
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    Default Re: Pounce~ Richard Shack! KILLER!

    This interview is a wonderful peek into reality.
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    Default Re: Pounce~ Richard Shack! KILLER!

    Great job, Pounce! I thought it especially telling when Richard discusses the "artist" spending too much time with all the available "technology" and maybe NOT enought time crafting a great song. Great stuff!

    So, all you songwriters out there need to concentrate on your songs...and hire US to record you.
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