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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2h - XvsY: CaptainHook + Dino

    Sorry for the slow down at the end!
    Got busier than i expected..

    Great work Dino!

    Thanks Chris and Charles!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2h - XvsY: CaptainHook + Dino

    Hey CaptainHook and Dino, great job! I have enjoyed following your posts.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2h - XvsY: CaptainHook + Dino


    just as annex said: Really great job!! Thanks to both of you for the hard work and for letting us participate.

    All the best,

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2h - XvsY: CaptainHook + Dino

    As someone who was rather critical of your mix Dino, it's been great to watch your progress in this thread.

    Great work both Dino and CaptainHook!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2h - XvsY: CaptainHook + Dino

    Anduin ~ Thanks, read my post here, i mention the bass stuff at the
    end but it's prob worth reading the whole post so you know
    what i'm talking about. :P
    Hello? Hello? Anybody still hanging around here?

    Interesting stuff in that post, CaptainHook.

    But after revisiting my mix and focusing on the bass, I still can't get a nice big, wide warmth like you have. I suspect it's the compression more than anything, but I'm not totally sure. Can I prevail upon you to tell us which of the 3 bass tracks you used, and what your compressor settings were?
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 2h - XvsY: CaptainHook + Dino

    I just read through 4 pages of this fantastic thread while downloading MIXIT3 files. Let me repeat the KUDOS to Captain Hook and Dino. I learned a lot, too following the progress posts of Dino. see yall on Mixit3.

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