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    Default one more senor mix

    Done in logic 5.
    Waves+sonnox plugins used.

    I tried to follow songs dynamics, drums and vocal first then building around that. Little drum bus compression+parallel compression on the softest parts, eq on snare only.
    Liked doubled vocals just as they are so nothing on them.
    For bass I used all 3 tracks, took some fatness out and
    compressed it little.
    Guitars seemed ok so nothing on them either, same on the synths except panned left-right.
    Main thing was riding the faders on every track from start to end
    and that took a lot of time.
    In the end i added bus compression to even it out somewhat and sonnox inflator for some level as when i started I lowered
    all tracks to -12dB to avoid bus clipping.

    About mix info, it seems no one here has this old logic5 so I will
    leave it out this time.

    Anyway, hope you like it but I`m here to face the truth so comments appreciated
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