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    Default MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    This thread is ONLY for posting a description of what you did, and attaching your mix + project/session files, or hardware settings jpgs. Please do not discuss the mixes further here.

    If you have tech problems posting your files, please post questions in the MiX iT! 3 - Q&A thread. Thx!

    MiX iT! 3 - Post It

    Sponsored by Kagi Media and Auraleo Advanced Learning

    For the final phase of MiX iT! 3 - Mix for Mixerman we need your MIXES. In this thread we want you to upload your mixes, as well as your project/session files +/or jpgs of outboard/hardware settings. Please read the notes/instructions below very carefully before posting.


    Given the number of subscriptions in this round, this thread will be open for approx 4 days, until Monday, May 5, 2008.

    What You Should Post
    1. Tell us about your mix

      Please give us the basics about your mix. Why you made the choices you made + some of the basics of how you did it.

    2. Tell us your Platform

      Please let us know the basics of the platform you mixed the song on.

    3. Attach your MIX

      You must attach your mix of Aren't You Proud (aka "622") by Strange Faces to your post. Please do not imbed it in the post.

      Please provide us with a stereo mix in one of the following formats: MP4 or M4A (aka AAC) @ 192 kbps. (See below for more info on AAC files.)

      The mix should NOT be mastered (i.e. uncrushed). IOW, please NO heavy brickwall limiting. This is not a mastering event. This is a mixing event. The loudest mix will NOT be considered the best sounding. We are all smarter than that.

      We suggest submitting your mix with an approximate Average RMS of no more than -11 dB. (See this thread for more info.)

    4. Attach your session INFO

      Please provide us with a zipped version of your project/session file (if mixed with DAW), or jpgs of hardware settings (if mixed on console + OBG).

    File Labeling

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that you prepare your attachments before uploading them to this thread. Please make sure you name them correctly. We all know by now the name of the song you mixed. But what we need to know now is WHO mixed it, so for convenience sake for everybody participating (200+ participants possibly submitting a mix !!!!) we want you to name your files by your screen name followed by -MIX or -INFO.

    We also want to know which MiX iT! event you did this mix (Like MiX iT! 1, 2 or 3, etc...) so in the future we can tell them apart.

    So, if your name is 'Mixerwoman' for example we want you to name your attachments like this:
    MiXiT3_Mixerwoman-MIX.m4a for your Mix

    and for your zipped info files
    This way we can all easily find the relevant mixes once the discussions start.

    AAC Files (aka MP4 or M4A)

    We prefer AAC (aka MP4) files to MP3. They sound better, use more efficient data compression, + are much better @ handling audio frequencies above 16 kHz. If you care about sound, you should be using AAC files instead of MP3. You can read more about them here.

    AAC Encoding Applications:

    We want ONE post per participant. This post should contain 2 attachments (your mix & your zipped session info... see above).

    In the Advanced Text editor in 'reply' mode, you will see a section called Additional Options and within this section you will find a Manage Attachments button. When you push this button a pop up opens in which you can manage your uploads. Please make sure that all uploads are finished before you submit your post to this thread.

    Discuss It: General + Featured

    We're always trying to make MiX iT! as rich a learning experience as possible. We feel previous rounds have been educational, but we believe there is room for improvement.

    Here are the threads for this phase:

    The difference this time around is that we will move to the featured mixes discussion almost immediately, while the general discussion will continue @ the same time. Instead of being sequential, the discussion threads will run in parallel.

    This will allow everyone to discuss their mixes in the general thread + allow everyone to also participate in the discussion of the mixes highlighted in the featured threads – where we will choose a few mixes to focus on, and dissect + discuss them in much greater detail.

    Since there are potentially 200+ different mixes for us to discuss, please only post your mix + info (see above) in this thread. And please move all additional conversation to this thread:

    Discuss It: General

    We look forward to hearing all your mixes, reading about how you mixed them, + the discussion that will follow.

    Chris + Charles
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    Zero Amperes Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Well, that was a lot of fun. A pleasure to work with such quality tracks!

    Mixed completely in the box, using Logic 8, on a MacBook Pro. No problems at all with horsepower. Main plug-ins included URS console strip pro for nearly all eq and dynamics, IK Multimedia CSR (pretty nice plate), Sound Designer, and SoundToys EchoBoy for delays and such.

    Main objective was to not mess things up, given the quality of the performances, arrangement, and tracking. On the other hand, this is a great place to try stuff, so I didn't want to be too conservative.

    My treatment of the Rhodes and the top and end of the tune was meant to emphasize the theme of warped, demented thinking. I was going for a sort of effect that would sound "worse" at the end of the tune than at the beginning. I wanted it to sound more "warped", but I ended up with a more polite chorus sound than I wanted, so I bagged the warped idea all together and went with a kind of low-fi thing.

    The "gunshot" is merely a single delayed snare hit, some serious compression and eq, and a healthy dose of reverb (something concocted from Sound Designer). Meant to be mostly felt, rather than heard.

    The bridge was interesting to work on. On the one hand, I wanted to emphasize the passing-to-the-other-side feeling, but that is countered by the anger/frustration evident in the performances and lyrics, reflecting the absurd/inhumane nature of the events. So, hopefully it's mournful, angry, and pleading, while at the same time retaining a bit of hope (light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak). I'm not quite sure how I hoped to achieve all this, but I played with levels until I had what I thought felt right. I also added delay and some moderate doubling/widening to the vox in this section.

    Very little compression on the 2 bus, and there's only a touch of limiting, just enough to catch the occasional over. So, turn it up!

    Also, I must mention chrisj's CabSVT that I used a bit on the DI bass. Worked out real well, I thought, although I'll let everyone else be the judge. Good bass sounds to begin with, of course, but the CabSVT plug added some good stuff.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Ok, here's my mix.

    Mixed on Reaper, mostly using stock plugs, but also plenty from my stockpile. Mackie HR624 monitors in a (currently) very lightly treated room.

    I spent more time on automation on this mix than anything else, mostly making sure the vocal came through right for every part of the song.

    I would upload the project file, but it won't let me attach the zip file.

    Edit: Few more notes.

    I used almost no compression on any of the tracks, except the bass to bring the sustain up.

    I have developed an interesting way of setting up my reverb sends. I use a parent track for the reverb, with no pre-delay, then I use child tracks with 100% wet delays to setup 2 or 3 different pre-delays for the reverb for layering stuff a bit. In this case I setup 3, a near space with a long predelay (150ms or so) and low level, mid space (50ms ish) and a far space (5-10ms I think).

    I loved the sound of the room mics so I made full use of them to make the drums really ambient during the quieter parts of the song. The close mics were brought up during the choruses to give them more focus. EQ was minimal, touch of attach and low end boost on the kick and a bit of upper mid boost and a notch on the snare, all subtle though. The toms were edited to get rid of anything between hits and a little sent to the mid space reverb.

    Some compression for sustain and a little low end boost I think. Other than that I just balanced the two tracks until I was happy.

    Some low end roll off to make room for the bass, but otherwise nothing. Main guitar sent through the far space reverb send to push it back in the mix.

    Subtle mid range boost on the Rhode, sent to the long predelay reverb to give it some space while keeping it up front. Automated send to mid space reverb for the choruses. The B3 was hardly touched apart from automating the level to bring it up during the last chorus.

    The vocal was automated to hell and back to make sure all the words came through clearly without sounding like they were separate to the instruments. A little was sent to the near space reverb to give it some space. I bussed the vocal to another track which was then hi passed leaving just the very highest frequencies, liberally de-essed to keep sibilants under control, and then automated throughout the track to give some clarity to sections that needed it.

    I put a compressor across the 2 with a very low ratio compression setting and a little saturation to help glue the mix together.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    -Mix Notes-

    Mixed on a Mac G5 with Pro Tools 7.4 HD3
    Monitoring through Genelecs with ARC room correction software

    Plug-ins used:
    Ren EQs, Massey and SSL Comp, TC Electronics MD3, S1, Aural Exciter,Pitchblender, Echoboy, Altiverb, Sansamp, Phoenix Cranesong, Antares Tube, Amplitube

    I took one liberty by removing the guitar for a few bars at 2:30. I found the dropout interesting and powerful…plus it unmasked the distorted drum slapback. Added an underlying distorted vocal line at certain points for punch and trailed it off with Echoboy. All Verb on the vox was ducked and
    EQd. Doubled the bass with a gritty wide chorused sound. Occasionally, the vox was doubled by two spread crushed tracks. As for drums, pretty standard…I used the kick to duck the bass here and there and occasionally to duck and pump the whole mix except the vocals.

    So there you have it. Enjoy with a side of depression. Love this tune.


    P.S. I've enclosed just the PT session. I didn't rename anything, so referencing the original files should do the trick.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mixed on a Mac Book running logic 8 with a less than ideal monitoring set up.

    did the majority of the mix at some obscure hour so finer points I can't recall (it was defiantly an unorganized workflow) , but I began by listening through to the parts and figured out what fits where approx according to stereo spread, dynamics and EQ etc etc...... then set about tonally saturating the mix and then applying comps and EQ to everything and sending drums to an aux to do further Saturation and some slight multi band comp and EQ to try and tame the hi hat (this may have actually been done on a seperate OH's and room Aux send)... I started mixing from the loudest most rocking point in the song to get a reference to how the levels should ride.

    nothing on the 2 bus but saturation and a multi meter to try and compare what I was hearing (or seeing) to other mixes done under better conditions.

    I used plenty of reverbs and delays+ some other effects I thought may suit what I was hearing and give life to segments of the song, not to sure if they did anything special to add to the song or just made it muddy and horrible, anyhow.... have a listen and hope you enjoy.

    Plenty of automation going on in the mix... and I loved the B3 Hammond, made this really fun...

    (note:having trouble uploading a zip of my session)/apologies for incorrect labeling of 622.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    First of all thanks to the guys at The Womb for another great song! I really enjoyed working on this one and am glad there is such talent coming out of NC.

    Apple Powermac G5 Dual 2Ghz -2GB Ram
    Pro Tools 7.4 HD3
    Lynx Aurora 16
    Shadow Hills Equinox Summing Mixer
    Adam P33a's / Genelec 7060a Sub

    Drums sounded great(really great room at Echo Mountain!) I used a couple of snare samples blended in because the snare had a little too much high hat bleed for what I was going for. The samples were Steven Slate Snare 21AZ1 and LedSnare Z4. The LedSnareZ4 is a stereo room sample that I used in place of adding reverb to the snare track. URS Channelstrip Pro plug-in all over drums. I also used the 2 Stage Compression setup for my drum buss.

    DI and miced track summed to one aux. URS CS Pro on Gates Sta-Level setting. Also a little Massenburg EQ to boost low end after the CD Pro.

    URS CS Pro - 1176 setting on main guitar riff. A little Massey TD5 and either Waves IR-1 Room reverb or Breverb plate.

    URS CS Pro - Fairchild 2 setting with Pultec EQ. A little Digi De-esser. Effects: Split Harmonizer , Massey TD5 eighth and quarter note delays, Breverb. Since there were no background vocals I automated the effects to really come up in certain parts to give the illusion of more vocals.

    URS CS Pro - SSL Compressor 5 and SSL EQ setting.

    The Organ was awesome and added a lot to the song. URS CS Pro - 1970 Limiter 1 Setting with 1951 EQ. I automated a Breverb Large Hall or certain B3 sections.

    I really love the URS Channel Strip Pro plug-in and used it everywhere on this mix. Just got my Shadow Hills Equinox yesterday so this is my first mixed summed through it. The settings for the Equinox were:
    Transformer: IRON
    Channel Gain: 5db
    I automated effects in this song quite a bit so that played a large part in the emotions I hoped to invoke. Nothing on the 2 buss, I just wasn't feeling it for this particular track so you'll probably need to turn it up when you listen. I totally ripped off mixerman's idea of blasting reverb on the snare when he sings-"I heard a CRACK in the distance." It sounded great so I had to do it as well. I look forward to getting everyone's input and hearing all of your mixes.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Thanks Ryan I REALLY like the song.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    This was a load of fun guys - thanks to Mixerman and Strange Faces!

    This mix is done in Logic Pro - tried to stay away from anything other than what the app comes with just for shits and giggles. The only "cheat" I did was put Ozone on the output bus and Izotope Vinyl for SFX.

    Bass - pretty much bottom end for the DI everything is rolled off on top - the amp track is rolled of on the bottom and there for articulation. Applied a bit of sub-bass to get a subliminal way down there thing going

    Drums - Kick, I rolled off low frequencies and brought out the attack transients, snare: got rid of the ring and lower frequencies - wanted a snap there. Toms - gated the hell out of them. OH - rolled off kick bleed and put a shelf up high. Stereo Room - rolled off highs and lows and is only really slightly in the mix. Mono room - didn't use.

    B3 - panned hard left and about 11 o'clock - rolled off below 250 and put in a slight emph for attack and "flute" sound.

    Rhodes - panned at about 9 o'clock - applied overdrive and ran through Leslie simulator - default was a chorus on the horn and then brought in vibrato when things built up in the song

    Gitters - panned at about 3 o'clock - some overdrive applied on prog track - ran the distorted track through a bit of the Leslie and then a Wah-wah to get some motion in the track as the song builds to climax.

    Vox straight down middle - serial compression not hitting too hard, but bringing it to the front. rolled off bottom end and highlighted around 2 and 4 k for some presence...

    I think that's it - bit o' reverb and delay applied for taste.

    ah crap - didn't name the file right

    Will upload zip of logic file later...
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description


    I've attached my mix. Zips are currently not allowed. Will add it later.

    1. Tell us about your mix

    I tried to enhance the dynamics of the song (and in some places the textual content) by adding appropriate automation and effects.

    2. Tell us your Platform

    Cubase 4 on a PC, with mostly Powercore, UAD and Liquid Mix plugins. Used an outboard compressor on the mix bus (Portico 5043).

    3. Attach your MIX

    See below

    4. Attach your session INFO

    Will do once zips are allowed.

    Looking forward to the discussions and hearing the other mixes.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's my mix. I have had complaints about the level of the tamb but have decided not to lower it.

    My idea was "mix and run". I did not listen to Mixermans version prior to mixing.

    The session info is in the .pdf file. I just found 2 faults in the INFO pdf. The Rhodes is NOT tilted to the left. And on the comments on the RE-201 Cambridge EQ it should say "highpassed".

    It was mixed on a Mac Dual G5 w Cubase 3.11 using LiquidMix, UAD-1, Sonalksis Comp and PSP Vintage Warmer.

    Monitored via Benchmark DAC-1 to Genelec 1029 w 7050B sub in a room that measures superbly.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    So I got in this thing last minute and really wanted to test out my new Mix Room as well as Monitors. Well I was incredibly happy with whole thing.

    THis was mixed on a HD 3 setup summing though a 16 channel API DSM setup, API 2500 Buss compressor and a 7800 going back out. I write it back in through a Benchmark ADC-1 AES back into Pro Tools and was very happy. Mixed on Blue Sky System 1 monitors in a 2.1 setup. Calibrated, etc.

    1. Kick and Snare were cut somewhat to get what I wanted. I then used some enhancements with the Steven Slate samples on the Kick and Snare to get more edge that I wanted. As "Organic" as people were calling this tune, I did not hear a G Love thing going on, and that is what I think of when I hear "organic." I like what turned out with this. I went through the snare track and got the snare that I liked the most with no other bleed and when through and made the verse have the same hit. Then did the same for the chorus. The kick was the same. Any excess noise was cut out to allow some room. Really like the roominess of the kit. It still holds punch, but is very open sounding.

    2. Overheads and Rooms were busses to a AUX track that had a pair of distressors and a pair of Trident 80B eq's running on it. Kept the brightness and what not. M2000 for reverb. Warm bright Plate setting.

    3. Toms - Bussed to a pair of 160's for a little more punch.

    4. Vocals were through the X73i eq and a 1176. Rvox on there too for some edge. The effects were layered with a few low level delays, the T.C. Electronics M2000 verb, Lex PCM 90 Verb, some Eventde and some DP4 (Vocal magic) All very low in the send (usually -25 or so)

    Manually faded the breaths as they seemed too much for me, almost like the guy was deep throating the mic. Just did not like the over the top air that he sucked in. Great voice and the song is very dark. I think the growl in the voice that the compressor grab'd sometimes was cool so I tried to enhance that.

    5. Bass - X73i - 1176 and the Eventide Clockworks Omnipressor

    6. Guitars were all in the box URS API eq. Used a slight delay to throw it to the left and add a little fullness to the mix.

    7. The keys at the beggining were eq'd and doubled to get a slight reverse effect that I thought fit the eeriness of the tune.

    In the small break with the keys and tamborine, I cut all other noise (faded) and then automated the two parts up as it grew back to the end. Kinda wanted that "walk up on you feel" with it. Then found a cymbal hit in the song and added that as a transition part with a reverse effect. Seemed to work?

    Mastered in Pro Tools with Massey and some other goods. Kept the dynamics before I gained it up a bit. It is not loud at all, but sits pretty well in my mind. I think we found it to be 11.39 RMS. Has plenty of room to go, but why? Use the volume right?

    Great tones overall and had a blast with this one. Really like the vibe of the tune and I am VERY happy with my room translation. Lots of analog was used on this for eq and compression.

    Thanks, and more to follow...


    HERE os Attached Below - Updated
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Hi everyone!

    Can't upload here...had that problem before, everytime a file is a bit bigger
    I'm gettin' logged out - maybe due to my lowspeed internet-connection. Therefore the external links. Anyway...

    So here is my tiny mix. First I have to say, that it really was an experience
    to work with so well performed and nice recorded tracks. I enjoyed it a lot.
    My goal was to create a dynamic and open sounding mix, similar to the tunes
    we were listening to till the end of the 80s. So turn this one up, please!

    I've used the following gear:

    -Cubase VST/32 + echo layla 3g audio interface
    -Mostly free available plugs, except for the de-essing
    -Pod 2.0 for adding some overdrive to the Rhodes
    -Tannoy Reveal Active Monitors

    The zip-file contains a pdf-file in which I've tried to
    explain deeply what exactly happened to the different tracks and why I chose
    to do it that way. It also includes the session-file.

    I'm looking forward to hear all the other mixes! Great Event - thanx to Chris,Charles, Mixerman and Strange Faces for making this possible!

    All the best,


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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Hi peeps,

    Enjoyed this one. Something kinda went wierd on the bounce and convert to .m4a, the drums level got a lot louder. Don't ask me why. Guess I should've scheduled more time on this mix too as it was rushed unfortunately.

    Anyway, all good in the hood!

    Will discuss mix in the next thread.


    P.s. Unable to upload .zip attachments

    Edit; thanks for fixing zip, added mine
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Just a quick heads up, I had to add the .m4a extension to IntelDoc's as it downloads as an mp3 and wouldn't play in WMP on my PC.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I'm also having trouble with the zip file but here's my mix.

    My Mix: I tried not to fuck up what I got and then I tried to play with volumes and pans to make the mix move with the song.
    I started out with 3 Reverbs and a Delay. 1 rev for drums (probably snare only), 1 for GTRs (I think a plate) 1 for vocals (a room... in fact it might have been a courtroom). Dly for a guitar.

    I mixed a few Roughs and the first one told me to ease up on the vocal reverb and I believe the snare was too loud. 2nd Rough had too much lows on everything and I highpassed the bass and maybe some other tracks. 3rd Rough I thought the vocal was too loud so I turned it down on the compressor out since I had automation on the fader.

    Then I lowpassed the Rhodes since it had some nasty shit going on up in the highs.

    Cleaned everything up, made some crossfades and added a few details and that's it.

    Platform was Logic Studio. Plugins were all stock except the Airwindows Classic Channel on the 2bus.

    Gotta run, hope you like it
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I loved this song. Amazing recording all around and a pure pleasure to work with. I went for a wee bit of ambience in (hopefully) the right places and a touch of psychedelia in a couple spots.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Mixed in Cubase 4 on a PC, using a combination of Waves and Voxengo plug-ins mostly. Reverb is from IR1 plate - used sparingly. A treated delay (bandwidth limited and distorted) was used for some ambience as well. Most EQ was from the included Cubase Studio EQ, compressors were mostly Voxengo Marquis and different versions of the Waves Rennaissance compressors. Also, the Voxengo TapeBus plug-in was used on various tracks (vocals, keys, drums, master bus)

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Tried to keep it simple for the most part, wanted it to give a bit of that nick cave vibe. Not sure if I attained that or not.
    I used nuendo with my uad plugs, and some urs eq's.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Well, I decided to keep it simple.
    There is some compression on the drums to limit the dynamic range a bit. Vocal already sounded compressed so I just ridden it along drums.
    Then came the bass( mostly amp), Rhodes paned right, B3 hard left-right, guitars left, everything being automated to previous parts added. No eq on anything except low pass on guitars, B3 low shelf cut+ high shelf boost. Comp on the main bus barely working and limiter to bring level back to zero
    without overload. I had trouble finding the reverb I like so I left everything dry. There is just a little delay
    on vocals on few occasions. Anyway, tracks sounded great to me, it made mixing fun!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    At first I felt Mixerman's slave - fader up mix sounded good right from the start, but later I felt I can and should try to move it further sonically and emotionally, well you all can see the result...
    My mix is simple - I cleaned drums a bit and being kick drum addict EQd it, compressed and added attack with transient designer plugin to get more definition. Other stuff was mostly EQd a bit and panned, well I tried to solve "rhodes+B3+guitar" puzzle and you can see what I came up with. Vocals - a bit EQ, compression, reverb and tiny bit of delay once in the song.

    Well, I think nobody would go completely wrong with such tracks - to me mixing was getting into the song and present it as good as I can.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet since there are so many posts.

    Mixed ITB: MacPro, PT HD Accel 3 w/ ProControl on Genelec 1032s

    I Can upload my ProTools session as soon as zip files start working.

    For most of the tracks I stuck with the Waves RenComp and RenEQ stuff. There are a couple of exceptions:

    Tamborine: TL Aggro - Pultec
    Basses - two trx summed and used RBass on the sum
    Vocal - Fairchild 660; Pultec

    Delays - standard Digi Delay
    Guitar Verb - ReVibe - Roomy Spring setting
    Plate - TL Space on 140 setting
    Big Verb - TC Vss3 on Church setting

    MASTER: AC 1, Impact comp, S1 widener, POWr Dither


    Most of the time I will reference my recordings to something else, but I wanted to see how this came out if I did it completely off the cuff. No referencing of any external material or the original mix.

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    Studio - SmithLee Productions, St. Louis, MO.
    Music - Glitch Factor

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