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    Hi all,

    Only found this aces forum recently and was even more thrilled when I found this mix post.... it was like I was in thriller I was so ... yeah you get it!

    I decided to use just logic stock plugs, just for fun!

    A quick note about m little effort:

    Not little comp on kick and snare, gated, toms also gated. Little auto to lift the mono room on the chorus.

    Was loving the bridge, great tracks to work with! used the amp for the lows and roll'd off the highs. rolled off lows and highs on the rhodes for placing and also a little med.hall

    Not much auto, just a little on 3 tracks. Used Vox PLate and also a soft hall from SpaceDesigner.

    Used sample delay on the chorus to widen things a little. Very light.

    I know that I'm way late on this one but hey I thought I'd give it a go. Any comments always welcome.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Welcome eire,

    Just as exited as I was - I also missed the event. Good effort. Listen to Mixerman's version - so far the best in my opinion. Yours gets close enough though.

    Here's me wishing for a MiXiT 4 event again...

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