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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Well my mix is done in PT HD2.
    Really liked the song!, its been mixed twice, first as a premix to listen to and then the final mix.
    Funny thing happened the day I mixed it, it was this past monday and on my way to work in the morning a deer comes up on the road and stops!, and kinda watches me aproach in the car, just stands there till im pretty close and slowing down, then when im like 10 meters from it, it runs/skips off out over the fields. I just knew that I had to mix the song that day!, so when I came to work lo and behold that days recording session is cancelled. So I went home and mixed it .
    Its all done in the box, I dont consider myself a pro mixer yet as im not living of it, I have been a live sound engineer for 10 years and the last 3-4 years I have worked as an assisant sound engineer for the danish national radio.
    And last years i bought this PT HD2 rig which I love!, cause now I can work at home and have a blast doing it in my own time.

    Hope you like it

    *EDIT* Now whit ZIP file!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    The Setup:
    G5, Digi002, PTLE7.3.1, Oxford, Waves Renn, Digi3 -plugins, Tannoy reveal actives

    so I had about an hour to spare one day so I started by going through the tracks and listening to it faders up. Then I opened up the drums and started adding EQ and Compression.

    Oh yeah, I had Oxford Dyn with the "Warm" -function enabled at probably like 30% as well as the oxford inflator on the Master Bus from the beginning.

    Couple of days went by and I had an afternoon free so I continued to mess around with this song. If I remember correctly, I brought up the vocal fader with the drums, added a little de-essing, compression and EQ. I think I also had some FX for the vocal set up at this poing (verb, delay)

    Then I started opening the other tracks, starting with the bass and the rhodes and so forth. I used all of the the Bass Amp- track but high passed the DI -track and added distortion. Not sure if it worked or not but i didn't have that much time so i had to move on.

    I added delays to the main gtr track and the rhodes track on opposite sides of their respective dry signals. Then I started with automating some things, and adding more FX. then I got tired and went to sleep.

    When i had a little bit of free time again I continued with balances and automation, changed a couple of things and printed a couple of mixes.

    That's the short version of all the travesty.

    I also would like to say, like a million others, that this song kicks ass

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Hey All,

    Thanks to all involved in setting this event up, it's been a great learning experience for me.

    I tried to keep the Bass & Drums tight and consistent, though I changed the Bass in the 500k range when the B3 was wailing. I tried to get the Gtr to be full when by itself and then have the B3 take that place when it came in. I used delay on the Rhodes to give the impression it was a little wider. I also used delay on the Gtr occasionally to help spread it out. On the vocal, well I tried.....

    I mixed ITB .
    Protool 7.4
    Digi002 Console.
    JBL LSR 4326's

    On the master bus:
    McDSP AC1 (console 1)
    Waves RComp (Light, soft squeeze)
    Waves S1-Imager

    For EQ's:
    DigiRack III 1-Band
    DigiRack III 4-Band
    Waves Q4-Parametric EQ

    For Reverbs:
    Waves Trueverb
    Waves Rverb
    Izotope Ozone3

    For Delays:
    DigiRack Mod Delay II

    For Compressors:
    Waves C1-Comp Gate
    DigiRack Gate II

    Amplitube SVX
    Amplitube2 (Distorted bass)
    Waves Stomp2
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Well, my mix is done. Kind of sad to see this one go, if you know what I mean.

    Started out by listening to the tracks and soloing different intstruments to get a feel for what they were doing. I tried to listen for where the "hey look at me!" moments were going to be.

    Then I went through the drum tracks and set up gates where I thought they were needed and tried to get a rough balance. Then I balanced and panned the rest of the instruments in a way I thought was going to work. Much more listening, and then started adding eq and compression.

    Once I felt I had a good balance going, I started on the vocal track. From here on out through the rest of the mix I would say I spent about 90% of the time on automation alone. Since all the tracks were pretty solid tone-wise, I wanted to work in broad strokes. So, tried to just listen and do things fast. Used the Massey vt3(bass, mid, treble only eq) and did a lot of riding on pretty much everything. There were a few things that I hunted down specific frequencies for but I tried to not spend much time doing that. I wanted the mix to sound natural and kind of unpolished.

    The one instrument that I kind of massacred a bit was the bass. My room sucks and I always kind of end up "mixing deaf" when it comes to bass. Burn a cd, out to the car stereo, come back and adjust. I'll just say my end result involved a heavy compression on the DI track, time slipping, phase flipping, and eventually a limiter being slammed with some pretty heavy low end eq.

    At the very end of the mix I backed off my compressing of the drums a lot. Specifically the snare. I think I was making the whole kit way more aggressive than it needed to be. With the sound of the room they already had plenty of meat.

    So here you go. Mixed on PTLE.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Duplicated the kick and snare tracks and edited out bleed. Added some lows and highs to the kick and kompressed it to get some more attack and meat. Snare eq and compressor to make it crack more. Blended them with the unprocessed original tracks. Used the pultec and distressor emulations from liquidmix.

    Added some highs to OHs and compressed them. The room tracks i just squased with distressor nuke mode from liquidmix.

    No FX on drums otherwise.

    Sent the di and cab to a buss and added lows and 1.6k and compressed them.

    Can't really remember.

    Light LP and HP. Scooped some low mids too. Big reverb with lots of pre-delay and LP.

    Scooped some low mids and boosted 1k I think. Added a delay.

    Added 5k and a delay.

    SSL emulation from liquid mix.

    Cubase SX3, LiquidMix, FabFilter and Altiverb.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    About my mix: Because the raw tracks sounded so good this mix was all about subtle manipulation. My mix consists of mostly automation of levels and a few effect sends. A little reverb on the vocal, Rhodes, guitar, and snare - but not much at all really. Added some delay to the guitar and vocal in the choruses but nothing too drastic. If anything I am afraid of my mix coming off as a little dry or bland, but I think it allows the performance to shine through and come across naturally.

    Platform: Cakewalk Sonar 6 Home Studio, Waves SSL + API plugs, URS CSP. Again, not drastic with these effects, just some subtle bumps and moves.

    Below is a text-only description of what I did with each track and there is a zipped PDF attached that contains these same descriptions along with screenshot images of all* plugin settings used.

    B3: No effects. Only automation of levels. Panned near-hard right. Having the B3 and the guitars on the right allows the Rhodes on the left to stand on its own and come across clearly.

    Bass Amp: For the bass guitar I used the bass amp track for the core of the bass guitar sound, left untreated. I kept it at a steady volume throughout.

    Bass DI: This track's fader is automated throughout. In the chorus and pre-chorus sections I used the Bass DI track to bring the bass level up in the mix. In the softer sections I took it back down. I used URS Console Strip Pro for a little compression, took out some low-mids, and bumped up the lows. I think the bass plays a very important role in driving the song's momentum.

    Guitars: Panned all 3 guitar tracks right, with their reverb panned hard left. A good amount of fader automation on the Ryan track. Treated with reverb using sends to a “Verb” bus. Used the Wave RVerb plug with a setting called “Short warm slap”. Any track that uses reverb on this song is going through this same bus, so only 1 instance of a reverb plug was used in my mix for the whole song, using the send level for more/less effect. Added just a bit of hi-mid and hi's on the Ryan track using Waves SSL EQ. I also inserted a send on the Ryan track to a bus with Waves Doubler inserted and automated the send level so that it was only in effect in the choruses. I wished a doubled guitar part was tracked in the first place as an option, so I guess this was just my attempt to fake it.

    Vox: With the vocal track the first thing I did was clone it to a 2nd track. So I had two tracks, Vocal and VoxDbl. The original Vocal track I just hit with a little Waves SSL EQ to make it stand out a little better, but hardly much EQ at all. I used my VoxDbl track to apply a Waves SuperTap Delay and URS CSP's input gain with its tube emulation to beef it up a bit. The VoxDbl track I used fader automation to bring up in the choruses while leaving the original vocal track static throughout the entire song (similar to how I used the two bass guitar tracks). The original vocal track was treated with the same reverb send as described earlier.

    Rhodes: Automation of levels again. Panned hard left but the reverb panned hard right. Same reveb bus used here too. Waves SSL EQ. I am realizing while I write this that I treated guitars, vox, and the Rhodes with virtually the same EQ settings. I'm not sure what made me do this, it just ended up that way.

    Drums: First of all tracked beautifully! The first time I've worked with room mic tracks and loved it. I'll break it down.

    Kick: Waves SSL EQ to add a touch of lows at ~100Hz, reduced the low-mids, and again the same hi-mid and hi boost (Why do I keep boosting up there?). I also put a Waves L2 on the kick. Why? Well since I was getting most of my kick sound from the room mics I wanted the kick track to be a uniform level thru the whole track. The room mics provided all the dynamics I needed.

    Snare: URS CSP for EQ and compression. Also used the reverb send, I felt the room mics alone just didn't give me enough of what I wanted there. Again, as with the kick, rooms where giving me most of the snare I wanted.

    OverHeads: I didn't think the overheads were needed for much. I panned them about half-way Left/Right and brought them way down in volume, heavily cut their lows and some mids and boosted the hi-ups. I used Cakewalk's Sonitus EQ for this. I was using the OH tracks just for some cymbal “shimmer.”

    Room Mics: The mono room was left untreated, panned center, and is right up there in the mix. The stereo room mics were panned hard left/right, much wider than the overheads. I sent them to a bus and strapped on the Waves SSL Compressor. I also used the CakeWalk Sonitus EQ and reduced the highs.

    Toms: Gated with Waves C1 Gates, some reverb using the same send as all the other tracks. Both Toms panned 35% to the right (that was an oversight but I don't hear that causing a terrible effect.)

    Tambourine: Panned 40% to the left to impart a “drummers perspective” feel to the mix. Other than that it was left alone.

    Master Bus: Waves AP-2500 Comp 2:1 ratio 1.5 db makeup gain. URS BLT EQ +1.6db of treble.

    *In my PDF I forgot to add description and screenshots for the Waves API Comp and URS BLT EQ I used on the master bus.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I'll be surprised if anyone listens to this.
    Here it is anyway. Most my time spent on automation.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's my effort.

    Pleasure to do - quality track and quality tracks to work with.

    Mixed on a protools HD3 system running 7.2. Mainly used waves plugins.

    Basically just tried not to ruin what is a great track and sounded great before I did anything to it. Used no sample enhancement/ replacement and left everything as it was track wise.

    Looking forward to hearing what everybody else did to it.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    My MIX!!

    PTLE 7.3, KRK Mons, Project Studio, Ren Bundle, DaD tape and valve (demo).

    I can't realize if I'm getting better, but it's great being here!!!!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's mine. I used the REAPER application, splitting the mix out to 16 stems for my analog mixer. Stock plugins only. All console faders at unity so it's like using a simple 2-bus. The ZIP contains the RPP project file.
    Did a touch of limiting after the fact.
    Reduced the overall level 2dB when I made the mp4 to prevent encoding nastiness (I don't have as high an opinion of AAC as do some here).
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Hi All,

    I want to kill my computer.

    I want to kill it dead.

    I remember Aardvark issuing a 'Fuck Punctuated' (TM, Aardvark) missive because his browser ATE a very long post he had painstakingly constructed, where MY browser did exactly that, just now.

    I had gone through my mix, blow by blow, track by track, and laid out what I did and why. AND FIREFOX ATE IT. But it wasn't firefox's fault. QUICKTIME. Steve Jobs, you asshole, you're next. Quicktime tried to play a link I was testing, but the audio device was in use by something else, and quicktime crashed taking firefox with it. OH BOY. Urge to kill is EXTREME.

    ANYWAY, now that I have acute OOS in both wrists (From typing, jackass, not the byproduct of marriage) I am going to type the whole fucking thing out again from memory. My bad, alcohol addled memory. And I'm doing it because I love you.


    So anyway, here we go. I'll try and swallow the bile and re-enter the mood of love, overcoming my inbuilt instinct to put my fist through the fucking screen. motherfucker .

    How I approach a mix

    In order to deliver an appropriate mix, generally a good mix I think (You know, one that doesn't suck ass crack or similar), I need to fall in love with a song, or something about a song.

    In this case, the song was pretty easy to like. To love, in fact. This is great, we're off to an easy start. Of course, being handed tracks that sound like molten dogshit would be disadvantageous and instantly kill any feelings of love, but of course, these tracks sounded like liquid gold. Happiness is!

    I am a very visual person. Most of my internalised emotions and memories are accompanied by a minds-eye picture. In the case of this song, I have a cold, bleak day with bad light. It's cold and misty. The deer has taken on human characteristics like love and despair, of course. How else would a deer plead with you?

    Believe me, when I first wrote this, I was more passionate. It's difficult to be passionate when you can still taste your duodenum in the back of your mouth.

    My faders-up is a fader-by-fader thing. I don't use my forearm or my foot. I try and lay out the peices as I feel they will fit during this process, to give me an idea of where I'm going to start things. I find this especially useful mixing a song of this type that has a clear climactic section in the middle, while starting and finishing much more low-key.

    This isn't the first time I've mixed something Mixerman has tracked, so I had a feeling it was going to be a breeze, and it was. The mark of a true tradesman is in the quality of his work. That I had absolutely no struggle on my hands spoke volumes about the skill of the tracking engineer.

    Obligatory ass nuzzling is now complete. Onwards to the 'what I did'...

    What was the setup?

    I am between studios right now. This is what happens when you build a studio into the house you own, and subsequently move house. Yep. That has another byproduct - making you so incredibly broke you have to wait a few months before beginning studio construction again. This will be studio #3. I don't intend to build studio #4 - I refuse to die in this manner.

    So, I mixed this in a rather acoustically poor room. Very sparse treatment, save for a few corner traps and a bit of absorbtion at sight-line reflection points. Far from ideal, but workable.

    Basically all the good shit is boxed up, and stored at the moment, so this was 100% ITB. I monitored with a pair of Tannoy Reveal's, and Avantones. The DAC was an Apogee Mini-DAC. All this driven by the DAW which is Sonar 7 PE. Only hardware DSP was a pair of UAD-1's.

    An Overview Of The Processing

    Because this song is quite gentle and open, I have been a lot more gentle with my processing. My 2buss compression is gentle, though effective. I opted for less compression on the drums, and no drum buss compression, like I'd typically use. I let the 2buss compressor handle quite a lot of the individual duties. Approaching things this way tends to make a better jello - especially with songs like this.

    The Drums

    Kik - Initially i wasn't too fussed on the tone of the kik. I'd usually track something sharper than this, because I'm a rock guy. However, if the kik was all D6 on my ass then it'd have stuck out like dogs balls on a hot day. Not really in keeping with the context of the song.. So anyway, the kik got a dose of SSL E-Channel. I used no gating on the kit, just EQ and compression. The compressor topped out at 3dB metered GR. Pretty gentle by my standards...
    Snare - Sounded fantastic. Brightened up a bit with the E-Channel, again no gating, very gentle compression.

    Toms - That crazy ol' E-Channel made an appearance again. little expanding this time, but certainly not to infinity and beyond - just enough to take care of any obvious ringing.

    Overheads - You guessed it. EQ and a HPF at about 300. A bit of sizzle added, and GR topping out at about 12dB metered GR. Okay, so maybe I wasn't totally gentle...

    Room - The trend continues. I like to use the same breed of processing on the drums, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and synergistic. I'm sure it's all in my head. Anyway, a bit of shaping to bring out the mids, and to kill any rumblies that might skew the compression. Again about 12dB metered GR at maximum.

    Mono Room - nothing but compression with the G-Master Buss compressor. Blended to taste.

    The Smash Buss - The kik, snare and toms all go here, where they are greeted by a G-Master Buss compressor. This compressor achieves up to 16dB GR with a 30ms attack and 300ms release. Ratio of 10:1.

    Why The Smash Buss - I'm a punch freak. Plain and simple. Blended in parallel with the drum buss.

    So the drums sounded like this.

    The Bass

    The bass was pretty straightforward. I loved the sound of the cabinet, so I gave that some compression with a Sonalksis compressor, followed by some shaping with a RenEQ 6 band.

    The DI, i took into Amplitube2 and roughed it up a bit. I gave it a stereo component with a bog-standard Cakewalk chorus, followed by Mac's MacEffectOne.

    And the bass sounded like this.

    The Guitars

    The guitars all got a tickle from the PSP Vintagewarmer. Individually and to taste, they got compressed with various things from Rencomp to Sonalksis, and EQ'ed with the SSL EQ. Most of the EQ was for penning purposes, ie, LPF and HPF. The tone in tracking was awesome and didn't really benefit from any further brutalizing.

    Ambience was provided by UAD Plate140 and CSR Hall. Some delay added here was Voxengo AFDelay.

    Here and there I used some HRTF to place guitars a little wider than the speakers. Couldn't go too silly with this or the song would start to sound weird.

    And the guitars sounded like this.

    The Rhodes

    This really didn't need anything. So, it didn't really get anything. No EQ. No compression. I sent an aux of the rhodes off to an instance of Plate140, and widened that out with S1.

    And the rhodes sounded like this.

    The B3

    I actually forgot to bring these tracks up till last, at which time they blew my mind. I compressed the L & R separately to preserve as much of the stereo difference as I could. They got a little bit of limiting on the stereo buss by a UAD 1176, just to take care of any pedal craziness. Other than that, nothing really happened to the B3..

    And the B3 sounded like this.

    The Tamborine

    Best tamborine track ever. Took nothing, left nothing. Might have squirted a little verb onto it, but that's it.

    And the tamborine sounded like this.

    The Vocal

    The vocal sounded great. If I was spending more time in editing, I may have cleaned up some of the punches, but it was generally pretty good. I really like the Cakewalk Vintage Channel VC1 for vocals, so I used that. Bit of deessing, bit of compression, bit of EQ for air. That's about it. Ambience was Plate140 and Voxengo AFDelay.

    And the vocal sounded like this.

    Those MP3's I posted

    They're all via the SSL on the 2buss. I can't figure out the math in my head, but I suppose if you took all those MP3's and played them back at unity, you'd get my mix, and a bunch of lossy MPEG artefacts. I did use a bit of limiting on the mix I presented to bring up the level a bit, but I was pretty gentle with it.

    I'm not exactly sure what the point of me going to all this trouble and WRIST PAIN to describe what I did here IS.. but I hope it's helped shed a little light into what I did, why, and how. As always I'm happy to address any questions about stuff, so, feel free to question me about stuff.

    As the fearless Mixerman would say, enjoy.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mixed ITB in Logic 8. A couple of tiny arrangement tweaks. UAD-1, Waves, URS, DUY plugins etc..........

    Thanks again to Ryan and Mixerman for sharing.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's mine. Pretty straightforward, nothing fancy. Vox out front as I felt they should be the focus of this tune.

    I mixed it on a Yamaha n12 and automated it by hand so it's pointless to post my Cubase session, it's just the tracks with a few FX returns. Had some trouble with the bass, I found it a little boomy in parts but I think I may of taken it to far the other way. Didn't feel like messing with it anymore. Good tune and pretty easy to mix, lot's of room for different ideas, looking forward to hearing everyone else's.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I love this song... I love the band... I love the Womb's team...
    Thanks for this great project.
    So here's my mix.

    1. My english isn't very good (I'm french), it's not easy to ear the sense of the singer's words in english, sorry.

    For me, this song is a requiem-like... so :

    I've tried to preserve the "vibe" of the song, the emotion. Something who makes me imagine the band playing live in front of me. Tried also to keep the voice "in the mix".
    Lot of automation, I've deleted some hi-hat "tic-tac" in the verses (feel the 6/8 groove), the vox is dry, the drums too. The piano sounds like "bells of hell" in the intro, I've tried to amplify this feeling with a distortion (BF-PSA). Some distortion on certain words to amplify what the guy's saying, even if I don't understand the lyrics... lol

    2. Mixed on PTLE 7.4, genelec 1030, DT770 pro. My room is not treated.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mixed ITB in Logic 8, monitored on tiny KRK monitors in a lousy room. Only built-in plugs except for a little of Massey's TapeHead on the drums, and Airwindows Classic Channel on the 2-bus.

    Many of you will hate the amount of compression on the drums. I liked it; big and nasty. But I'm a rank amateur, so really, what do I know? Hope I didn't completely ruin Mixerman's fantastic work.

    Pretty straightforward mix, really. Doubled the snare for some silly EQ and compression, but it was a bit gratuitous.

    Rock on.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's my mix.

    I'll be posting my mix notes in this thread, where you can also ask questions and discuss it.


    NOTE: This is Mix #6, which is an updated mix to the previous Mix #5.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mixed ITB: PTLE Digi003, XP, Quad Core

    Most tracks were treated with URS Classic Console Pro. Some use of Massey Compressor, Ren Axx, and Roger Nichols EQ

    Guitar Reverb: Waves IR1
    Delays: Digi
    Vocal Effect Chorus: Waves Supertap fed into Waves Doubler

    Verses - somewhat dry (wanted intimacy)
    pre-chorus - added a little effect to vocal
    choruses - increased vocal effect, added reverb to guitar
    bridge - crushed the drums a little

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here is my mix.

    My approach has been "natural" and strictly LCR panning.

    Not Alsihad here, but Nuendo 3 on a PC, ITB mixed with Uad-1s and SSL Duende thru a Sumo analog summing box and a FMR RNLA leveler and Duende Buss Compressor. No mastering. Just a HPF monoizing, a UAD 1073 and a limiter.

    My fake console is a Tascam US 2400.

    The final output is dynamic and quite low, I think.

    No fancy effects, not too much automation except lead vox, it's all pretty dry with big drums, a little bit old school...

    Many thanks to Charles Dye, Ryan and Mixerman for this occasion.

    Many thanks also to my NS10s, as always...

    It's very late night here in Italy, I am quite tired but really enjoyed

    Any feedback is really appreciated, guys !!!

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    Im dumb, I'll be back
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    My Mix

    I mix on PT 7LE 002R with Black Lion Audio Mod. Clocked to an Apogee Rosetta 800. I run my mix through my Vintech 1272 for a bit of Analog love. I also use Imager, Inflator, SSL buss comp on the track I write back into PT.

    My approach was to simply follow the emotion of the tune and not try to do too much.

    Drums - In addition to the kick, snare, tom tracks, i also bussed them to a Drum buss and applied some comp to them using API 2500 (about 6db). I also comp'd the individual tracks all with API 2500 except the Toms which I used the RCOMP. I tend to use all API plugs for Drums in Rock as they seem to have that magic. I created a Kick Tone track with a 52hz sine wav and triggered it off the kick to get a little more low tone (thanks Kenny). I'm using about 15% of the stereo Rooms, and 25% of the Mono. No Verb on the drums (first for me). Oh, almost forgot, I added a snare that just adds a bit if snap. It comes up mostly on the bigger sections so the snare can cut through the mix.

    Bass - I used a 60/40 blend favoring the Amp. Added a bit API EQ, mostly dumping the 50hz, 180hz, and adding a bit of 2.5khz and 800hz. I comp'd these with the BF76 plug.

    Guitars - I didn't do much to the Feedback, Rakes, Dly. A bit of URS CSP. On the main Gtr track, I doubled it, panned it hard left, Right. I added some Split Harmonizer (doubler with one side +9 other side -9) to it to widen it a bit. I also used the URS CSP on it, mostly notching out the 500hz areas and bumping the highs about 1.2db. I comp'd these with the API 2500 as well.

    Rhodes - Used the Split Harmonizer on this as well. Also used the CSP to notch out some of the low mids to clean it up a bit. I added some Flange/Chorus on the little break down section. I also did some pannaing during that section.

    B3 - having grown up playing B3 in Church, I tend to get a little crazy over Hammond tracks. I used the CSP for some minor EQ, added some Imager to widen it a bit. I also did some fast panning on a couple of the "fast leslie" parts, it adds a bit of tension.

    Vocals - had a hard time figuring out what to do with these. I ended up with three vocal tracks. Track 1(main vocals) I used Desser, PSP Vintage Warmer on Mult Band Comp Lim Light. I like using it as it can bring the vocal right in front of you. Also used CSP, Inflator in the loudest section to bring it up in the mix. Last but not least I used Rvox, to really get some immediacy. As you can see, I'm heavily MILAR influenced. Track 2 - I used BF Pultec EQP-1A to crank some of the highs and cut some lows. I sued this track mainly to make sure the vocals didn't get buried in the loud sections. I didn't like the sound of just turning up the main track, so I just tried to bring up the enunciations. I should mention that I have a very small touch of 8th note delay on all the vocals to get a bit of depth/space. Track 3 I just used for some of the echo stuff towards the end. I cut a lot of the meat out of this and only wanted it slightly noticeable. I used Wizoo Verb as my main verb on vocals.

    I found myself sitting on this one till the last minute as I felt the "mix" was already there with the faders at unity. I think this was tracked pretty well and I think the drums sounds are very true and didn't want to crush and spank the life out of them. I tried to use the B3 as the instigator, really pushing the tune and at time making the vocals seem as though the were getting swallowed, hopefully adding to the tension. Thanks
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