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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Well here is my attempt.

    When first hearing the song I thought it was great and the sounds were killer. I wanted to try and add to the atmosphere/vibe I was getting from it. I kept the vocals before the 1st chorus pretty dry and up front to give it that intimate feel... hopefully to draw you in to what was being said. I also used only the mono room mic and filtered it a little to keep the drums back... I brought the kick and snare mic in on what I would call the 2 pre choruses. Once the chorus came in I kinda let the mix get big. I tried to make the bridge vox very dreamy. At the end I brought the vox back to the intimate vibe.

    Here is what I remember using.

    Everything was done ITB with Digital Performer 5.12

    Drums - I used Liquid Mix compressors on the Kick, Snare and Room. I had a compression bus for Kick, Snare and Toms with a PSP Vintage Warmer... I might have gone a little crazy. I hit the Kick and Snare pretty hard. I used DPs Masterworks EQ on all the tracks. I used a Waves IR1 for verb on Snare and Toms. I also gated the Snare and Kick with DPs MAsterworks Gate.

    Bass - I only used the Amp track. Liquid Mix Distressor setting and DP Masterworks EQ. There was a Bass bus with a UA 1176.

    B3 - Didn't do too much to it. Kept the channels hard left and right. I saw it as filling in the whole mix.

    Rhodes - Panned it a little left. For the start and end I sent it to a delay on the right side. Used Masterworks EQ.

    Gtrs - They were panned right. Rake guitar Masterworks EQ, Multimode Filter, and plate verb. The other guitars had a little Masterworks EQ and a send to a reverb that was panned left. Thought it gave it great effect especially on the pre chorus.

    Vox - A little Waves RevVox and Masterworks EQ. A little UA 1176 on the Vox Bus. I did very little Vox Compression. The Vox had 3 send... One to a Waves IR1... one to a PSP84 Delay... one to a Masterworks EQ, Plate, Chorus and PSP84.

    2Bus - Liquid Mix Compressor hitting about 1.5db.

    Thanks to everyone for making this happen. I'm having a great time. Hope you enjoy my mix.

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    Beer Thirty Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    My name is Eric, aka as eclectik, and I'm 28 from SC. I've been mixing semi-professionally for about a year but have been exposed to live and studio sound most of my adult life, primarily from my involvement in churches.

    I mixed this gem of a song in Pro Tools 7.4 LE ITB with mostly Waves (primarily the API, V, and SSL plugs). I also used some stock Digi plugs, moogerfooger plugs for general FX and delays, and Altiverb for my verb.

    What I tried to capture in this mix was charged emotion with a twinge of whimsical, given the rather odd subject. Honestly, and this is going to come across as an excuse, I was rocking in this mix when my computer decided it couldn't handle all the plugs and automation I was throwing at it. I managed to get a (mostly) error free bounce and decided to leave it alone. If I could go back and build upon this even more, I would bring the vocals down and the guitars down down in the chorus. I'd also bring down the ride in spots. When I tried to go back and make the changes, my computer crapped out. Time for more RAM.

    Anyway, I had a blast with the song and hope it deserves a listen. I reviewed a couple mixes before I posted mine to see if I felt mine could compete given the compromised state of where I left it. I feel like my mix can be appreciated, even with it's flaws. If interest sparks, I'll try to fix my computer woes and make some final tweaks.

    I'll post a little about each subgroup below.


    The drums sounded phenomenal as is and I just blended in some samples to kick and snare to avoid gating. I use Drumagog and I love it, although it's a resource hog. A little EQ, compression and verb to taste, and a little dash of parallel compression on the snare and I felt the drums had a modern edge without loosing the character of the raw tracks. I need to bring the kick up probably in some parts.

    I primarily used the mic track with a little Sansamp for some bite and VComp for a dB or two of leveling. The interesting bit, and I hope you can hear it is during the prechorus, I used the DI track with the moogerfooger RingMod plug and some filtering for a neat little effect.

    I struggled with wanting this big wall of sound when the chorus kicked in but realized the song was tracked intentionally with only one main rhythm guitar and tried to keep the integrity of the production. I used a heavy dose of verb and panned it opposite of the guitar to give it some stereo. For effect, I muted the track and just used the reverb return on one of the breaks. Processing was Wave's SSL Channel for a tad of comp and a bit of hi-pass and presence around 3K I believe. In hindsight, I would turn the guitars down a bit in the chorus.

    I also multed the guitar over to a new track and processed it with some Sansamp just for effect. At times, I brought it up a little and panned it hard opposite to thicken it out a little.

    I love the Rhodes as a keyboard player and just tried to keep this natural sounding and EQed it ever so graciously. Added a touch of verb to smooth it out. I did manage to get a bit of air into it but that came with it's fair share of noise. If, and when, I go back to the mix, I will try to tame that, hopefully without losing the air. I also processed a section of Rhodes with moogerfooger RingMod for a "spinning out of control" type of effect. Hopefully it's subtle but appropriate. This is the whimsical thing I was touching on earlier.

    I love the B3 and the performance was top notch. Just a dose of Sansamp for a little 122 sim distortion and a touch of verb and some automation here.

    Tons of automation with the normal EQ, comp, de-ess treatments. I used the Waves Neve emulations on the vocal with a left send to delay, right send to verb, special FX send to Sansamp distorted to hell, and a little parallel for edge.

    This is craziness and reading the average preferred RMS of -11, I would have tweaked this but... this is my Master fader in order: AC-1, SSL G-comp, C4, URS Channel Strip Pro, and Wave's Linear Phase Multiband acting as a limiter.

    Can't wait to hear more mixes and get some feedback on mine.

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    Clown Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I've had a really tough week (and day) so my mix is emo and raw as hell. It's exactly the way I want it- today. That's how I'm posting it.

    I mixed on Logic Pro 8.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I've had a really tough week (and day) so my mix is emo and raw as hell. It's exactly the way I want it- today. That's how I'm posting it.
    I know this isn't the discuss thread... BUT I think I've listened to at least 20 seconds of every mix so far and I have to say, after hearing 50 shades of red, it was nice to hear a shade of blue.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's mine. Didn't has much time, but I wanted to be in.
    Mixed in ptle with mptk and stock plugs.
    Tried to keep it simple, used lcr panning. Reverbs made with tlspace, and one room with dverb. Tried to treat the vocal as the king of the song. Did some panning effect and automation for suspense and for crescendos, also for doing some earcandy. Like in the first part of the song the two "breath" get some rev, the first prechorus keys are getting stronger, the second prechorus getting tougher/louder, etc.
    Used eq and compression on drums, little eq with the bass and the guitars.
    I hope you enjoy it, thanks for listening.
    Tamas Dragon
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mixed ITB in PTLE 7.4 on Genelec 1029/1091.

    For the most part I used MDW eq and CT4.
    Guitars are widened with stock digidelay.

    Guitars - TLSpace EMT140

    Other instruments - TLSpace 68000 WarmPlate + CSR Room Ambience

    Vocals - TD5 delay

    Had a real fun distorting vocal choruses with Izotope Trash. I wanted to get a feel where vocals are driven hard.
    I had to brake the rules and pitchshift a new vocal harmony to "goodbye daydream...". I kept hearing it in my head until it had to be there.

    Tape-Head on subgroups for glue and grit. SV315 comp on masterbuss with Pultec EQP-1A for shimmer. I "fixed" my mistakes with Ozone at the end of the chain...
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    So my "deer" here we are.
    I mixed ITB, Nuendo3,
    Drums - EMI limiter and Waves EQs and SSL

    Bass - Oxford EQ

    Guitars - REQ6

    Keys - REQ6

    Vocal - L1, VEQ3

    Sends - Oxford Reverb, EMT 140 emu - 2.4 sec. dec.
    SIR2 rev. - Lexicon 960L - Plate A impuls
    Izotope Trash
    Discord - H910
    Ultrafunk delay

    Master Bus - URS Strip Pro
    Brainworx digital

    And thats it. BTW it was a great fun to mix such a nice and top tracked song.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's mine...
    ITB with Sonar 6.2

    I just finished an album that was pretty much the same instrumentation (down to the squeaking pedal on the piano). The drums were different and that was a change of pace.

    Drums, I did some gating on the kik and snare. Toms too. Used the bundled sonitus gates.
    Most hilariously I used CSP on all the close mic's and OH's with mostly bundled presets. My favorite being Tom L and Tom R. This works out fine because I'm mostly using the room mic's without any eq for the main character of the drums. All the goofy presets worked adequately for positioning. There is some UAD 33609 compression on the drum bus.

    Rhodes got CSP
    GTRs got API 550b
    Bass got some Oxford eq and API conpression.
    B3 Got some SSL channel strip.

    Vocals have a slight amount of processing from several plugins including C4, UAD 1073 and Oxford EQ but not much from any of it.

    For reverbs.
    CSR and Oxford mostly.

    2bus has CSP doing some glue and API 2500.

    My RMS power in Wavelab 4 is -19 so if I understand correctly that is really -13 in the real world or something like that.

    My prediction for myself came true that I would get very busy with other jobs if I decided to participate in this and I did. Good for me.

    Thanks MM and Ryan and everyone else involved for doing this!

    Cheers, BB
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here's my mix. I'm in a bit of a hurry so I'll save descriptions for later... But it's the same rig I mixed Mixit1 with, ITB+analog outboard and "summing".

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    here's my mix...this song pretty much mixed itself.

    thanks mixerman & ryan

    oh... i used protools with DUY,Massey,Ren...the usual
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Awright, cheezus.

    Here's mine. I posted an MP3 instead of an M4a because I live in PC world and the free M4a encoder I tried actually DELETED my WAV file after making a useless M4a. Thankfully I'm a backup fanatic.

    Aboot my mix:
    First - I completely ripped off the ideas that Mixie employed to move the song along. The emphasis on the snare on the word "crack" some echo on the bridge for the vocal, some verb on the guit in the interlude thing. I figured since the subtext was "mix for Mixerman" I'd take advantage of the fact that not only did he TELL me what he'd have done, he gave me an example to work from and it seemed stupid to stray from that as he'd prolly go apeshit if I went all Kenny on him (hehehe). So I dutifully tried to execute his ideas in a like manner.

    Plus his ideas were spot on (except the snare reverb on "crack" seemed a bit cheezy).

    But I wanted to add some extra "rock" to it. More aggressive drums and bass, some grit to the vocals (that were sung pretty athletically on the track) because it seems that's where the singer was heading.

    Since the song sounded great faders up, I decided to START with automation and got pretty much in the ballpark from there. I've included screenshots in the session zip of some of the things that I did to get there. Here's a quick rundown of those JPGs for anyone who wants to check it out:

    VocalAutomation - mostly to ensure the words show up amidst all the glorious other stuff. Used a trashed vocal to thicken up the voc in parts. Automated that against the regular vocal.

    VocTrashed - CamelCrusher, EQ and a delay setting to stereo-ize this effect. I wanted to be able to spread the vocal out when I employed the trashy voc without screwing with the original track all that much.

    Guit and Bass Automation - Guitar for volume, pan (toward center for interlude) and verb. Bass to dip a couple db off at 100hz during the interlude so it didn't upstage the guitar part.

    Bass Processing - Mostly used the amped track, but also added the DI super-low passed and crushed to shit so I could get it more ringy and new-stringy. Going for a Graham Maby kinda thing. Bass Amp track just notched the fret noise area.

    Bussing and Multiband - how I set up my subs... drums (sans oheads) to a crazy comp and then parallel back to the drums and bass sub. Multiband on the drums to tame the hi-mids that started to show up from all the extra thrashing I did to them. Multiband on the hi-mids for the vocs to keep it sitting in the mix as I automated it. I use the Sonitus multiband as a glorified de-esser like this a LOT cuz it's just easy to use and it doesn't seem to take up much processor power when I bypass bands.

    And THEN, rather than use a plugin on my 2-bus I ran the whole thing back into my mixer and inserted my shiny new FMR Audio RNC. I tried this experiment after I used a plugin... The mixer and RNP let me get the drums much more thumpy - better impact - and I like what it did to the cymbal bloom and pump more than a plugin did.

    Oh - and I did this on Sonar.

    That's it. Thanks Charles, et al for this thing. And Mixerman for the totally bitchin' tracks and StrangeFaces for a great song and performance.

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Mix Notes Created April 21, 2008 After Mixing version 1.2.7

    Ableton Live 6, Macbook, Presonus Firepod, Dynaudio BM5A Speakers, Panasonic portable for checking mix.

    General Philosophies & Elements:

    - Wanted to take advantage of the dynamic content, tension and release.
    - Thought the variuous instrument colors should change, rather than ride through the whole mix. Arrangement wise, this was already established for the most part.

    - Drums - lots of great mic sounds, decided to take advantage of the good room ambience.

    - Lead Vocal - Looking for a slightly distressed sound, used the 'Vintage Vocal' preset on Blockfish compressor ( along with a rise around 10KHz on a
    DDMF II EQ Pro.

    -Lead Vocal Double - decided to create some tension. Made two dupes of the wet vocal, slowed one 10ms and sped one up 10 ms, panned hard left and right.

    -Bass - while I prefer an amp sound, I used the DI sound to maintain some definition. The DI track is bone dry, and the mic track has a saturation simulator on it. The last bass segment was sent through the Studiodevil Virtual Guitar Amp.

    - Guitar FX Clips - a bump in the high end on the delay clip in particular. reversed the feedback clip, and allowed only midrange to pass. Added a bump at 3KHz to the rakes, as well as some reverb.

    - Ryan Guitar (Main Rhythm Part) - emphasized attacks going into the choruses, pulled back in placed to allow the Rhodes and B3 to speak for variety.

    - Didn't use the Mono Room track. In hindsight, it might have cleared up the hat and cymbal issues a bit, and defined the bigger drum sound in the choruses.

    - Tried to alternate the Room mics in the chorus and the overheads in the verses.

    - Doubled the kick and snare tracks, a parallel compression scheme. Went for a little more slap and low thump, and the compression sustained the decay of the drum somewhat.

    - Mixbus - PSP Vintage Warmer - seems to put the mix on the edge a bit. Shame on me - still experimenting with this stage.

    - Reverb - The big tom thump was sent to a Waves Rennaissance reverb. The rest of the ambience was based on room mics or ambience already tracked.

    Thanks to all involved for the opportunity. A great, well recorded song. See you in the discussion forum.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I'm Alan from Spain this is my first mix of this style, I always work with electronic music :P
    I've been with final exams and had to do it with my macbook and headphones ( Fostex T7 ) instead at the studio.

    It's all done with logic 8 and I used Voxengo Saturator all the rest with logic native plugins.

    Well, I started the mix cleaning all the tracks when I finished I did a pre-mix leveling all the tracks.

    I started with the drums, EQ & COMP sended to 2 buses doing a parallel comp.

    With the bass I did a bus DI for clean and distorsioned a little bit the bass amp track.

    Gtr Ryan I doubled tracks and panned them 15% to left, cutted low and hi end.

    B3 I've panned it to the right, because it was always fighting with the voice and Ryan gtr.

    Rhodes had a lot of automation in the hole track.

    For voice I cutted low end and bringed up a littel bit the middle.
    Did two more tracks that in certain parts of the songs the voice is more distorsioned.

    I used 6 reverbs and some delays.

    Sorry about the short explanation and for my bad english.
    For the next Mix I will do it in the studio and not with my headphones :P

    Best Regards

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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I have really enjoyed this challenge - this is not a genre of music I work in, but it is one which I love listening to. It has also been a pleasure to work on such a great song which has been so well recorded...

    anyway - time for me was a big limit - about 9 hours mix time over 3 days. I got it to a place where for me it worked as a song/mix, although a big part of me knows that it basically is not finished. However I feel it is presentable and complete, I just know it could be taken further and maybe in time I would reverse some decisions.

    It was done in PTLE 7.3.

    Drums - usually I work with a lot of samples, but I didn't feel that was appropriate or necessary here. Started with the room and added the spot mics in. Also duplicated the snare and kick tracks, deleted the sound which wasn't a kick or snare as appropriate, and put some fades in. This seemed a bit easier than gating them, and I used both the unedited and the edited versions of these drums in the mix.

    Bass - ended up using both the mic and the DI (through an amp sim)

    Rhodes - rolled off the top because I don't like tape hiss, and it didn't seem to miss the top when it was gone. Added a phaser to give it some movement and keep it dark.

    Other instruments - generally just added a bit of ambience via delays or verb, and used eq so that the sounds gelled and kept the dark atmosphere

    trem guitar - I wanted this to have more space and spread so I started with a ping-pong delay, this didn't quite do it, so I added a pitch shift down on the delay of -10 cents (I think) - positioned so the pitch shift increases as the delay feeds back. Cheesy or effective? You decide.

    Vox - limited, de-essed, eq'd to warm it a bit. A delayed verb is the main space, with an added beat delay in the chorus to open it up a bit. There is also a distorted slap echo in the bridges, which helped to structure the song, but might have been too much. I kinda like it though.

    'moose solo' - the guitar lead bit, I wanted this to open out and get washy, so big delay on the guitar. Also boosted the bass here.

    end break - i brought the rhodes up at the start and faded it slightly so the feedback takes over. I augmented the feedback with a feeding back analogue delay and a build of filtered white noise.

    At the end I faded in the pitched ping-pong on the rhodes.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Hello All,

    First off, this was a pleasure to mix. Mixerman and Ryan did a great job on the tracking, arrangement, and production for this song.

    I didn't really load up the tracks with plugins for this one. Instead, I used the EQ to mostly carve out the low end.

    I did add a little bit of reverb and delay to some parts of the song, but I think, compared to others, my mix is fairly dry. I didn't want to crank the reverb too much...just a feeling I got during mixing...a little room felt right...not a huge hall or venue.

    I did a fair amount of automation for the breakout part and also in select spots where some parts needed to be turned down, and others up.

    I made the mistake of leaving the faders a little too high for the mix, so instead of pulling down every single fader I threw on a gain plugin and pulled down the master a little bit.

    If you guys have any questions or anything, feel free to ask in the discussion thread. Thanks again. I had fun.

    I didn't use any outboard gear for this. Just the plugins that are included with Logic 7 and Ozone. For monitoring I used a pair of HS80M's with the matching sub.

    I included the .mp4 and session file for Logic 7 in my post.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    I did this mix in Cubase SX3 using Focusrite LiquidMix and mostly Waves REQ and RComp. I added some multiband distortion to the stereo ambience tracks when the chorus starts. After adding some reverb guitars, I also copied the "GTR Ryan" and delayed it 20-30 ms and panned it to the right. I boosted some highs and lowered the fader on the copied track. I wanted to make the guitar wider. Can't remember anything else worth mentioning. I didn't use any sample replacement.

    Great song with great lyrics!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Hey all,
    First off, unbelievably good faders up, so I was a happy boy.

    Not much to say with my mix. I mixed ITB using REAPER with random freebies I've grown to love. Like others I doubled the guitars. adding about a 20ms delay and pan. For bass i used straight amp, and compressed and eq'd it to get that really nice amp growl it had going for it. I really emphasized the tambourine because....why not?? it sounds great. For Vox i didn't really do much automation, as I wanted the music to swell and fade beneath its straight dynamics. Only thing I did was auto the verb to grow during the verse into the harder bits. Thanks for listening!
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    First off, I want to say that it was a GREAT pleasure to mix a song this solid with tracks that were this well recorded. Top level.

    I heard so many say that “this song mixed itself,” and I found this to be fairly true for me as well. The drums especially pushed a fairly open feel, so I tried to keep to that sort of ethic throughout the whole recording.

    BLA modded 896
    Dynaudio BM6A’s.

    This is one of the first projects I’ve done in Reaper…I’m finding that I really like its feature-set AND its functionality. You can see the plug sets I used in my screenshots.

    MY MIX

    Pretty straightforward in terms of treatment…a few points I’ll single out…

    -I did use a sample on the kick. The sample is a 26” Ludwig that I snagged from a post that had a slew of kick samples…it’s got HUGE bottom octave that I wasn’t getting off the recorded kick…though the punch that kick had at about 100 was AWESOME, I wanted a little more low end extension…and I wanted a little more isolation without resorting to too much gating.

    -I put some “shmear” on the vocal that I rode up and down…you can see my automation envelopes in one of my session shots.

    -I also rode the rooms a fair amount…I really wanted intimacy in the first verse, and those closer mics on the kit sounded great.

    -The top end of the vocal gave me some trouble…I ended up using a pretty heavy limiter on the top 3dB or so and then hit it with 4-6dB of 4:1, and that seemed to smooth out the top enough for me.

    Otherwise…it’s all pretty straightforward.
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    Default Re: MiX iT! 3d - Post It: Mix, File + Description

    Here is my mix. It's mixed in PT 7,3, the majority of inserts are waves ssl and api.

    Unfortunatley I've been suffering from a bad cold this week so my ears are all clogged up, so I have to admit that I have no idea how my mix actually sounds like. I'm looking forward to revisit the mix when I feeling better again.
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