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    Thumbs Up! The Dean's List - Music, Copyright & Technology News from a Creators Perspective

    Here is a useful resource that many/most of you will want to subscribe to. It is called "The Dean's List" and is a news aggregate specializing in "Music, Copyright and New Technology in the News From a Creator's Perspective". It is available on the web at http://home.earthlink.net/%7Edeankay...n%27sList.html or as a mailing listserve at deankay1**_AT_**deankay**_DOT_**com

    There are several articles linked through the web version of The Dean's List (dated 5/29/2008) that are quite relevant to what we discuss on the WOMB, including "The rock of aged: Boomer stars are getting old -- who will replace them?" http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08150/885509-42.stm - "Is Sillicon Valley The True Tech Mecca" http://news.cnet.com/8301-10784_3-9954224-7.html - and "Usher's New Album Illegally Downloaded 500,000 Times" - http://www.sowetan.co.za/Entertainme...aspx?id=775496

    The Dean's List is compiled by Dean Kay - http://www.deankay.com - former COO of the Welk Music Group and PolyGram International Publishing Group, and is currently President/CEO of Demi Music Corp.

    Note to moderators. The Dean's List might be worth making into a sticky.
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    Default Re: The Dean's List - Music, Copyright & Technology News from a Creators Perspective

    Looks like a great selection of very relevant articles.

    And I really like his tagline:

    "When consumers AND creators are happy we will have gotten digital distribution right."

    Thanks for the link!
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    Default Re: The Dean's List - Music, Copyright & Technology News from a Creators Perspective

    This really needs a sticky.

    For example today:
    The Dean's List
    Music, Copyright and New Technology in the News
    From a Creator's Perspective
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    When consumers AND creators are happy we will have gotten digital distribution right.

    It's the Beginning of the End for the TV Biz, Says AnalystBy Betsy Schiffman -- The TV and video business is about to face a nasty downturn, and it could happen faster than most people expect -- like, over the next two years. So says Lehman Brothers analyst Anthony DiClemente, who published an alarmingly bearish report on the entertainment sector this morning. "We believe the feature film and TV content businesses are on the verge of structural changes that appear to impact the core revenue and profits of entertainment business models," wrote DiClemente.

    Digital Threat Prompts Movie Industry DowngradeBy Ryan Nakashima -- Lehman Brothers analyst downgraded the entertainment industry Monday and slashed forecasts for its five major companies, saying digital downloads of movies and TV shows posed a huge threat to profits from DVD sales that the companies rely on. The stocks of The Walt Disney Co., News Corp., CBS Corp., Time Warner Inc. and Viacom Inc. fell slightly more than the broader market by the close, with CBS falling the most, by 4.7 percent, or 87 cents, to $17.73. "Shifts from physical to digital will disrupt the marginal economics of the TV and movie businesses, just as it did for music," analyst Anthony DiClemente said during a conference call.

    Uncertainty Aplenty as Web, Media Leaders Convene
    By Jeremy Herron -- When media and technology tycoons convene Tuesday in idyllic southern Idaho for five days of dealmaking and outdoor recreation, the mountain air will carry more than a whiff of uncertainty as most arrive with their businesses in various states of disarray. Powerful moguls come to Allen & Co. investment bank's annual retreat in Sun Valley seeking new acquisitions and alliances and - increasingly in recent years - the opportunity to retool their businesses. But this year both media and online leaders are grappling with the Internet's increasing fragmentation. And they're all looking for more advertising revenue online, where media companies have recouped only a small fraction of what they lost in print and where Web companies want to maximize their investments.

    Google Gets The Evil Eye
    by Paul Sweeting -- This morning's must read: Steve Lohr's news analysis piece in the NYTimes on Google's emerging role as the Microsoft of the Internet age. Not just a dominant company, but a dominant company astride a core technology of the digital economy, in this case search and search-based advertising. Although Media Wonk and others have made similar arguments in the past, Lohr marshals sources with actual credentials to point out the similarities in the market dynamics of operating systems and search.

    BRUSSELS: MEPs Back Contested Telecoms Plan

    European politicians have voted in favour of amendments to telecoms law which campaigners say could be used to curb privacy online and file-sharing. Digital rights groups in Europe have formed a loose coalition to highlight their opposition to the amendments. But MEPs have denied that the amendments are aimed at throwing file-sharers off the net. MEP Malcolm Harbour, who helped oversee the so-called Telecoms Package, said it was "about improving users' rights".

    UK's Ofcom 'Could Play Constructive Role in Solving Illegal File-Sharing'
    Posted by Soulxtc -- Head of the regulatory body for UK communications industries hopes for a "commercial or voluntary agreement," but also suggests that more drastic action could be taken to "resolve these difficult issues."

    Will P2P File Sharing Be Legal By The End Of The Year?
    By Peter Smith -- It seems as though one of the longest running sagas on the internet may well come to a close later in 2008 with news that P2P file sharing may be legalised. The issue of file sharing is one which has affected all areas of the economy, from music to software and everything else in between. So what is happening and what has forced this apparent turnaround?

    ORPHAN WORKS: Artists, Creators Fearing Proposed Copyright Change
    By Melanie Graham -- A bill quietly moving through Congress threatens to change the copyright law in ways that have artists, writers and other creators fighting to keep it from passing. Titled the Orphan Works Act of 2008, the bill, if enacted, would alter the copyright protection of certain intellectual property. Artistic, written, musical, scientific and photographic works without a noted author would be open to free use, providing that the user shows proof of a "diligent effort" to search for the author. Although many artists are passionately fighting to preserve their names and their creations, the legislation seems to be sneaking in under the radar of many local creators. Several artists, writers and musicians contacted for this story were unaware of the proposed law. "We need to fight against this," Jenny Page, an artist and member of the Newburyport Art Association, said. "Everyone needs to fight against this."

    Wii Will Rock You
    Chris Morris -- It's tough being a rock legend these days. As the latest American Idol winners clog airwaves and classic rock FM stations fade in favor of pre-programmed stations that play "anything we want"--usually overproduced glop--superstars of old are getting less and less radio play. Sure, their fortunes are generally secured, but getting in front of new and younger audiences has become increasingly difficult. ITunes helps, but the hit songs of the hour typically dominate its Top 10. Cellphone ring tones? More of the same. Surprisingly, the savior of classic rock may turn out to be the videogame industry.

    Video Games Live Releasing First CD
    In case those packed auditoriums around the world weren't enough proof to convince you that gaming music is being taken seriously, Video Games Live and EMI Classics have announced that a CD compilation of well-know songs will be coming out soon. Video Games Live: Volume One will be available for download and as a CD starting July 24 in North America. "If Beethoven were alive today, he would probably be a video-game composer... he was always ahead of the curve," says co-creator of the touring musical performance Tommy Tallarico. "One of his goals in creating music was to control the emotions of the person listening to it. This is exactly what we as game composers are constantly trying to accomplish."

    Why the Future Is in Your Hands

    By Darren Waters -- Sales of smartphones are expected to overtake those of laptops in the next 12 to 18 months as the mobile phone completes its transition from voice communications device to multimedia computer. Convergence has been the Holy Grail for mobile phone makers, software and hardware partners, as well as consumers, for more than a decade. And for the first time the rhetoric of companies like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, who have boasted of putting a multimedia computer in your pocket, no longer seems far fetched.

    Nokia's Adds Cloud-Based File-Sharing Service to Ovi
    By Tim Conneally -- Nokia has added the beta of Files on Ovi, a service developed by startup Avevnu, which the Finnish phone company acquired at the beginning of 2008. The "digital locker" service allows a user's always-on Windows Vista or XP machine to be remotely accessed via a mobile browser. Content can be marked "anytime" and be hosted on the Files on Ovi servers, allowing access even when the home PC is off.

    Meet Reid Hoffman, Silicon Valley's Big Man
    By Jessica Guynn -- Reid Hoffman is big, in all senses of the word. But many outside Silicon Valley don't know much about his influence because this is definitely not a guy who throws his weight around. An understated and unassuming Internet entrepreneur and investor, Hoffman has backed and advised some of the hottest start-ups. He just earned a billion-dollar valuation for his own start-up, professional networking site LinkedIn. In the words of venture capitalist and LinkedIn investor David Sze: "He's a force of nature." Hoffman is also one of the biggest brains behind social networking, the phenomenon that has revolutionized how people interact online.

    YouTube Users Vent Anger In Anti-Viacom VideosBy Thomas Claburn -- Viacom has reassured the YouTube community that it only wants YouTube viewer log data to prove its copyright case against Google, but the YouTube community hasn't gotten the message. Rather, the video-sharing site's users have launched an expletive-laden counterattack, calling for a boycott of the media giant. In the past week, the number of videos associated with the search keyword "Viacom" has increased by 871, more than 28.5%. Already on Monday, 341 new videos associated with the "Viacom" search keyword have been uploaded.

    Here Come the Featuretisements
    By Victoria Barret -- David Koretz admits he is not an adman. Yet in the same breath he says, "I can double Facebook's revenue." Koretz, who is 28, runs a tiny e-mail provider called BlueTie. BlueTie's ads, called "featuretisements," match an event someone types into his calendar or e-mail (such as a trip to Chicago) with, say, a possibly useful ad detailing flights that day. "If you make advertising feel like features, people will use it," Koretz says.

    One Subpoena Is All It Takes to Reveal Your Online Life
    By Saul Hansell -- Whenever questions are raised about privacy, big online companies talk about how benign their plans are for using data about their customers: Much data is anonymous, they say, and even the information that is linked to individuals is only meant to offer users a more personal experience tailored to their interests. They never talk about subpoenas.

    French Court - File-Sharer's IP Addresses Were Illegally Obtained, Conviction Overturned

    By Drew Wilson -- A French Court of Appeals judge looked at the convictions of two file-sharers and canceled the rulings because the IP addresses were illegally obtained. "The Court of Appeal of Rennes found that the sworn officers of the Sacem and the SCPP had collected the IP addresses of Internet users suspected of Piracy in an unlawful manner, because without the prior approval of the Cnil." The news very likely comes as a major blow to the French record labels and employed anti-piracy outfits.

    HD Radio Sends Strong Signal, but Audience Weak

    By Mike Snider -- Radio broadcasters are fine-tuning their pitch for HD Radio, the industry's response to satellite radio. By now, the audience for the free digital signals that piggyback on standard AM/FM broadcasts was expected to be more than 1 million strong. But the format has gained little traction since HD Radio receivers became available more than two years ago. As few as 500,000 listeners have bought the new radios needed to tune in. "Most listeners have heard of it, but there is a very tough row to hoe here in terms of interest," says Dave Van Dyke of research firm Bridge Ratings. "The economy is now affecting the growth of it. Most people just don't see the need. The industry has to show people why they need it."

    The Orchard Takes Control of TVT

    Following its successful bid on June 19 and New York Bankruptcy Court approval on June 26, The Orchard has now acquired most of the assets of TVT Records including TVT's catalog, artist contracts and a N.Y. office. The transaction excludes holdings in TVT's music publishing subsidiary.

    Demographics Forging a New Net Market: It's Not Your Kids' Web

    bY Mitch Ratcliffe -- The demographics of the US are shifting radically to the grey and Web services developers should heed that news and make changes in their products and plans as a result. Old coots, like me, may hold the key to your future.

    Digital Transition Makes Us Bid Farewell to Our Little TVs
    When the power goes out from an earthquake, storm, rolling blackout, faulty electric company equipment or just a mischievous mouse in the wrong place, some of us turn to a trusted little companion: a battery-powered TV. Sure, the screen is too small, the picture can be lousy and the sound is tinny. But it's a connection to the real world, allowing you to watch the news and/or kill some time until the power is restored (like the young lady at the left, during Hurricane Katrina). Well, start saying goodbye to your little friend.
    VIDEO: Machine Music
    Punk-loving robots pogo in the name of science

    Wait a Minute .... What?
    "If Beethoven were alive today, he would probably be a video-game composer..."?
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    Default Re: The Dean's List - Music, Copyright & Technology News from a Creators Perspective


    If you only subscribe to one list, subscribe to Dean Kay's list.

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