5 piece Jazz trombone, Piano, drums, standup bass, and vocals.

Budget is about $50 an hour. this is for pops Don K. You'll get to work some some of the best jazz players in LA and their music is very rewarding. .

Thing is we want to get a good sized place that can accommodate everyone live, run by someone knows what the fuck they're doing, has to be a GREAT sounding room, and not on semi-pro gear. Yes, we need a grand piano. Have to have the hi-end converters. digidesign HD would work but whatever it is needs to be at 48k so I can mix. Yes i want neve pre's, nueman mic's, and I want to hear things live Royer, vintech, GML, AKG.. all the shit. I dont want to hear things like presonus, 888, digi001, mackie, or "built in pre's". If I wanted a basement recording i would honestly do it myself.

12 songs. all done live. thinking 1-2 sessions at 4 hours each. I'll be mixing it. The musicians need little baby sitting. just have your shit ready because making them play it more than once is just a waste.

Yes, I realize it's low balled but we're all hurting. My dad has a pro tools le rig and trying to do playing and recording without all the booms, mics, space, etc is a real destroyer of music. We need to get these dudes in front of mics.

Send me a PM if interested. Probably negotiable a bit on the price depending on what is offered.